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Equities First Holdings Transforming the Loan System

Equities First Holdings is a worldwide leader and lender in alternative shareholder financing solutions. As financial institutions such as banks continue to tighten their lending criteria, an alternative attractive way to raise capital based on stock loans is being offered to investors. They are starting to discover more traction in stock-based loans in an economic situation where other competitors are tightening up. Debtors who need quick capital or do not qualify for credit based loans are turning to the system. Such people have options at margin based loans but have the disadvantage of increased interest rates.

Al Christy, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Equities First Holdings, says that collateralized loans by stocks are an innovative and inventive way of people and institutions seeking working capital. This system has a greater loan to value ratio compared to margin loans but offers a fixed interest rate hence a calming certainty throughout the transaction.

Christy continued that in a typical two-year-old loan term, although there will be a lot of market fluctuations, stock-based loans is a better solution since it reduces the investment risk. The investor can also activate the non-recourse feature which allows him/her to walk away from the loan at any instant.

Many people think that stock-based loans and margin loans are the same since they use securities like collaterals but there are a lot of differences. Margin loans require the creditor to be pre-qualified and need the money for a certain purpose. The interest range of the loan varies between ten to fifteen percent of most banks and they can easily liquidate the collateral without prior warning. Stock-based loans have a fixed rate of between three to four percent and a loan to value ratio of around sixty percent. Stock-based loans have no restrictions on the purpose of the loan and are non-recourse hence the borrower can go with the money with no obligation.

Equities First Holdings was created in 2002 and offers capital which goes against shares operated on public exchanges platforms all over the world. The company has so far done in excess of six hundred and fifty transactions.

The Midas Legacy Wants You to Fire Your Boss

A lot of people have dreams and desires of being their own boss. They have worked for a number of companies in the past and they have not enjoyed working for other people that can be cruel, mean, and treat them poorly. It is not a very good experience. It can cause a great deal of anger inside of them and they bottle it up. Sometimes it causes them to not sleep at night, stress for long periods of time, and even take work home with them. They might not be at work at the present moment, but they know that work is around the corner, and that is scary to them.

When it reaches that point, people need to figure out what they can do next and what their next move is in terms of employment. Yes, they could always go to another company and start over, but who is to say that this boss won’t be worse? Maybe they are just tired of working for someone else. They want to work for themselves. They might talk about it, think about it, and dream about it, but it just does not seem like a reality to them. Maybe they are doubting themselves or worrying about it not getting off the ground.

That is why they call on The Midas Legacy, as they have helped many entrepreneurs. The great thing about entrepreneurs is they open up jobs for other people. This way, they can be the kind of boss they always wish they had in the past. They can be the kind of boss that people feel comfortable talking to and the kind of boss that has an open door policy. If someone wants to express themselves or has something to say, they know they will be listened to by the entrepreneur. That is a big change of pace.

The Midas Legacy helps with hiring employees and answers questions they have in terms of how to do it and if it is possible. These days, however, it is more possible than ever. More and more people are working from home and they love it! They get to spend time with family members and get the most out of the experience. They have a life where they are comfortable and all of the stress just washes away from their body. That is a tremendous feeling and the Midas Legacy can provide that.

Geoffrey Cone Corrects a Media Release that Termed New Zealand as a Tax Haven

Geoffrey Cone is an international Tax and Trust Attorney based in New Zealand. He holds LLB honors from the University of Otago and a postgraduate diploma in tax and law. Cone began his practice in 1980 in Auckland, New Zealand and then became a partner at Christchurch. He later served as a Chairman of Partners at a law firm in the commercial litigation sector, tax, and trust advisory as well as making appearances in courts.

After this, he worked in British West Indies for two years as a litigator and then went back to his law practice in 1997. In 1999, he founded the Cone Marshall Limited and later New Zealand Trust Corporation. The later business was recently registered and recorded as the NZ Limited Company in June with Karen Marshall as the co-principal in the firm in the April 2016.

Geoffrey Cone has vast knowledge on Trust and Tax Law, International & Domestic t Corporate Law, Banking Law, and Commercial Litigation. Additionally, he is a publisher of several articles including Rothschild Trust Review, New Zealand Law Journal, Trust, and Trustees among others. Cone has also contributed on the Oxford University Press in the World Trust Survey and the International Trust Disputes release. Other articles where he was a contributing author include the Law of Offshore Jurisdictions, Trident Guide to International Trusts, and the International Trusts Guide.

Geoffrey Cone terms New Zealand as a country characterized by high levels of tax transparency. Media has portrayed it as a country with exotic lands, wealthy individuals and a complicated financial system founded on corruption. Additionally, the media term it as one of the tax havens. However, Cone disagrees with the information referring to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) list where New Zealand does not appear. A tax haven is any institution that does not involve transparency, and there are no taxes on the citizens, and if any, it is only the nominal fee.

The 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters included New Zealand on their white list. The list consists of the countries that have implemented the internationally agreed tax standards. To ensure the high levels of Tax transparency, every resident trustee of a foreign trust should submit a form of Foreign Trust Disclosure and keep her financial and other records that would aid in taxations. Other information needed includes the trust deed, settlement details, money received or spent by the trustee among others.

Cuddles For Change: Today’s Interesting Must Read

A Portland, Oregon businessperson is making news for doing what she does for a living: professional cuddling. Samantha Hess’s a professional cuddler who looks to engage and connect with clients looking for relief, support, and connection with others.

I know. When I first heard this, it sounded weird. Then, it sounded ridiculous. Then, I started to think two things. First, it’s really cool that this businessperson has found a way to make money with no inventory, no product, and a relatively low-impact deliverable to the consumer. I certainly appreciate this person for having the creativity to make money however she could and wonder how much one of your hugs would go far.

Then, the second thing I thought was how meaningful this must be to the niche community in Portland who benefit from this. Sometimes, we don’t feel a connection with people in our lives, and some folks don’t have people in their lives at all. So, very basic desires like human touch and connection become unattainable for them and life can sometimes start to feel more and more isolating. Having someone like Samantha Hess provides one outlet for these people to connect with another person in a safe, emotional environment, but not for free.

What can I say? This is Portland, and crazier things have happened in Portland. What do you think about the professional cuddler, and would you give her business a try?