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Wikipedia Can Be An Awesome Promotional And Marketing Tool

Wikipedia is a reliable source of information on virtually every topic under the sun. Even when inaccuracies appear, the huge staff of volunteer editors work hard to fix the text. For many contributors, their goals are to create a living and changing encyclopedia that makes research and learning very easy. And then there are those who contribute to Wikipedia in order to market themselves, a business, or a brand.

Yes, Wikipedia can be used as part of a strong marketing campaign. Entrepreneurs may wrongly assume Wikipedia cannot be used for promotional reasons.

True, rules do exist that bar certain marketing and promotional tactics. Using Wikipedia page creation to act as information support to a marketing campaign — a page with no direct advertising in the text — is one example of how to weave Wikipedia work into a promotional strategy.

There is one caveat in learning how to make a Wikipedia page. The subject must be “notable”, a term open to broad interpretation. As long as the text gets across information that supports the “notable” rule, then the prose should pass Wikipedia’s standards. The page is then up and running.

As long as there are references to the subject available online and in print, then the “notability test” is passed.

At this point, it bears mentioning that working with a Wikipedia writing and editing service to craft the text would be a good move. Attempting to write the text on one’s own without the necessary experience may lead to constant rejections and Wikipedia revisions. Contacting Get Your Wiki, on of the top services in the industry, eliminates these issues and increases the chances of smoothly using the Wikipedia page in a marketing campaign.

In addition to using the text for informational marketing strategies, the Wikipedia page may be utilized for backlinks. Honestly, the backlinks strategy may not work out well for everyone. The links must be “no follow”, and other restrictive rules are in play.

What is suggested is for everyone publishing content on Wikipedia is to monitor their material. Wikipedia is an open-source entity. Therefore, third parties could alter a page and not always with good intentions. Relying on automated monitoring programs might not be the best strategy. Get Your Wiki, however, does offer solid monitoring services courtesy of their Wikipedia editors. With these services, a quick fix to any altered page can be done.

Once the page is in good order, marketing benefits are sure to become apparent.