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Lakers May Be Considering A Younger And Perhaps Less Talented Ball

LiAngelo Ball, younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball has been conspicuously present in Lakers circles recently. LiAngelo was seen Tuesday wearing Lakers gear and taking part in drills along with five other players invited by the organization to take place in pre-draft workouts with the team.


A night earlier, the younger Ball was allowed to gain entrance to the Lakers headquarters for an individual practice session. LiAngelo, perhaps displaying the marketing skills picked up from his father, took advantage of the opportunity to put on an impromptu slam dunk show. The performance was caught on tape and was aired shortly after by TMZ.


LiAngelo is not considered to be anywhere close to becoming an NBA prospect in the near future but is getting the privileges as such with them. One theory regarding this is that the organization may be planning to make him a member of one of the team’s summer league teams.


Detractors of the team’s actions regarding LiAngelo feel that the team is making a big mistake by placating to an NBA dad that has past threatened to pull his oldest son Lonzo from the court if his two younger brothers do not become Lakers when eligible. These detractors also feel that the Lakers have appeased dad LaVar Ball much too much since making his son the second pick in the NBA draft. This as LaVar, tore the organization and coaching staff down in the media time and time again.


Lakers President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson defended the invitation extended to LiAngelo by saying that as an organization the Lakers are willing to take a look at all prospective players. Johnson added that you never truly know where the talent is until a player is given a chance.


Many with an opposing view feel that the team is sending the wrong message to employees who have suffered verbal batterings from the elder Ball already.


Head Coach Luke Walton, who in fact worked directly with LiAngelo Ball during the practice session, was himself the object of criticism for LaVar Ball in January when Ball said that the team did not want to play for Walton.


A similar situation was observed with the team’s training staff who made themselves available to LiAngelo during the recent session after being scapegoated for the injuries sustained by Lonzo.


Role of the Kabbalah Center in the Society

About Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre International is a registered non-profit organization with over 50 branches globally. They provide courses on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings online and through study group at regional and city-based centers. Their approach to Kabbalistic teachings does not require students to have prior knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish teachings. Kabbalah Center International was founded in 1965 by Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda TzviBrandwein as the United States’ National Research Center. Brandwein was named the dean of YeshivahKol Yehuda in Israel, a predecessor of the Kabbalah Centers founded in 1922. Later on, Philip Berg together with his wife, Karen, re-established the Kabbalah Centre in the USA. Following Rav Berg’s death, Karen and Michael became the administrators and spiritual teachers of the Kabbalah Center International.

Teachings of the Kabbalah Center

The teachings of the Kabbalah Centre uses the Zohar to decode the mysteries described in the Torah. Their teachings help one to navigate any form of chaos, pain, and suffering. They also explain the complexities of the material and the nonmaterial universe. Furthermore, Kabbalistic teachings describe physical and spiritual nature of humanity. Besides, the facility offers supportive teachings that promote spiritual growth, exchange of ideas, and development of relationships in the society. Kabbalah’s learning resources can be accessed in all its branches and online sites. You can find them in the form of journals, lectures, and downloads. Some of the online sites that provide these resources are Eventbrite and Amazon and more information click here.

The Kabbalah Centre encourages volunteer work to serve the society while gaining industrial experience. Karen Berg, one of Kabbalah Center’s directors, said that one must contribute towards community initiatives to improve the quality of life. According to Karen Berg, lasting fulfillment comes when one’s soul is fed through unconditional sharing. Sharing forms the cornerstone of the volunteer programs at the Kabbalah Centre. As such, volunteering allows one to be part of the society and advance light in the world. Volunteer opportunities are available locally and internationally through the Kabbalah Center’s website.

Lucas Museum to be Built in LA

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has finally found a home in Los Angeles. Billionaire film creator George Lucas has been looking for a city to accommodate the proposed museum that will house his extensive personal art collection, and many cities have been vying for the opportunity. Both San Francisco’s Treasure Island and Los Angeles’ Exposition Park had proposals on the table for the extensive art museum, but the museum board made their final decision for the city of Los Angeles.


The museum is expected to be a celebration of the art of storytelling, with exhibits ranging from vintage pieces of Americana like Norman Rockwell paintings to well-loved pieces of cinema history like film props and production sketches. In addition to contributing the major bulk of exhibits from his personal art collection, Lucas is also expected to fund the entire $1.1 billion project himself, including an additional $400 million endowment.


Although their search for a suitable home has led them previously to Chicago and San Francisco, the board ultimately made their decision to go with Exposition Park in LA. The museum will join several other museums and cultural facilities, as well as the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The area is easily accessible by over 100 elementary and high schools, as well as being nearby the University of Southern California.


Despite a disappointing loss after a concerted effort to woo the museum, the residents and officials of San Francisco were gracious about the board’s decision. The board commended San Francisco mayor Ed Lee and his staff on the amicable process, saying “We have been humbled by the overwhelmingly positive support we received from both San Francisco and Los Angeles during our selection process.”


George Lucas to Build Museum in LA

George Lucas, the man responsible for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series, will now be the driving force behind a new museum set to be built in Los Angeles. The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is projected to bring in thousands of tourists, and millions of Angelinos will soon have a very cool place to explore in their own backyard.


The intended spot was originally San Francisco, but many local residents were opposed to the construction of such a massive museum in the historic Presidio Park. Lucas’s wife, Melody Hobson, is from Chicago, and the couple also considered the Windy City. They faced legal challenges there from those concerned about how the museum would affect the neighborhood.


People in Southern California were quite pleased to hear that the museum was going to be built in LA. The announcement was made on Tuesday, January 10. The site of the museum is in Exposition Park, and the expected date of opening is 2021.


The famous director is planning on donating his personal collection of artwork to the museum. He’s also the main source of funds. He will provide about $1 billion to make sure he can achieve all of his goals with this project.


The museum will consist of approximately 275,000 square feet of space. Lucas and his wife have accumulated about 10,000 painting and illustrations. These include works by well-known names such as Normal Rockwell. Of course, Lucas also has a vast collection of film memorabilia like items used in Star Wars and The Ten Commandments. He plans on putting these on display, and movie buffs will certainly be drawn to the museum to get a glimpse of these pieces.


4-Day Festival in Los Angeles Gets the Attention of City Officials

October 20th of 2016 marked the official debut of the 1st Annual Trans National Festival, which was co-hosted by Amazon Prime. This celebration lasted for four days and paid tribute to individuals in the trans community through art, film and beauty.


The festival started with a film festival, guest-curated by trans performance artist and producer Zackary Drucker. The festival included a collection of the best new short films, along with rare footage that reflects that trans experience in movies. Both actors and filmmakers presented the pieces, and films included “Diane from the Moon,” which stars Mya Taylor.


There was also a Queen USA Transgender Beauty Pageant, emceed by Curly Velasquez and Candis Cayne. The pageant has been going on for 15 years, and was created at a way to celebrate the transgender beauty culture while making contestants and the audience more aware of transgender issues. Celebrities judges for the pageant includes Caitlyn Jenner, Geena Rocero, Kelly Osbourne and Alexandra Billings.


Contestants competed in the areas of cocktail, swimsuit, and evening wear and also participated in a Q&A session to enable contestants to talk about issues and concerns in the transgender community. One of the issues discussed was the Affordable Care Act, which included trans health care in several places and was a significant step for trans people.



The proceeds from the four-day festival went to the Imperial Court of Los Angeles, which is a private nonprofit 501 (3) California Public Benefit Corporation. The primary goal of the organization is to further and foster relationships with businesses and corporations in the Los Angeles LGBT community.