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Chargers Focusing on Defense in Draft

During the 2017 NFL season the Los Angeles Chargers were one of the most interesting teams in the league. In their first season in Los Angeles after moving north from San Diego, the Chargers ended up surprising a lot of people by finishing with 9 wins and 7 losses and finishing second in the very competitive AFC West division. The Chargers started off the year very rough by losing their first four games and three of their first nine. However, the team bounced back very well and won six of their last seven games.


While the Chargers finished the season well, the season was considered a disappointment, as the team did not advance to the playoffs. However, there were many bright points on the roster during the year. Despite getting older than the average QB, Philip Rivers once again looked like a top talent. He ended up finishing the year with over 4,500 yards passing and 28 touchdowns. His top target was once again Keenan Allen, who made the Pro Bowl and had nearly 1,400 yards receiving with over 100 catches. The team also relied on young running back Melvin Gordon who had over 1100 yards.


While the Chargers finished the year well and have plenty of reason for optimism, the team knows that they will have a lot to contend with next year. The Kansas City Chiefs, who won the division last year, will once again be a formidable opponent. Also, the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders are both expected to bounce back next year. Due to the increased competition, the team will need to find ways to build and improve. One of the best ways that they can do this is through the draft and the team has many plans that could help bring in some young talent (


Most people expect that the Chargers will go after defense early in the draft. One of the most likely picks for the team, which drafts number 17 overall, will be to grab Da’Ron Payne, who was a DT at Alabama last year. Payne will help the team improve its defense and run stopping. In some of the later rounds the team may look for a backup quarterback and possible long-term replacement for Rivers who may retire in a few years. .