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Layoffs At The LA Weekly Signal A Change In Local Restaurant Reviewing

The Food sections that are often featured in various newspapers are great sources of recipes, food facts, and information about local restaurants. According to a recent Eater article, however, the LA Weekly newspaper has decided to lay off most of its editorial staff, including the paper’s food editor.

The Eater article states that the LA Weekly newspaper was sold by Voice Media Group to an organization known as Semanal Media in October 2017. In late November, the new ownership of the newspaper took over and the layoffs were announced shortly thereafter.

Foodies throughout the LA region are disheartened to learn that Katherine Spiers, the food editor at the LA Weekly was one of the nine staff members who were laid off.

The LA Weekly is a well-respected paper that has been in operation since 1978. The food section in the LA Weekly has long been a particularly popular and influential source of useful information. The restaurant reviews at the paper have been favorite reading material for people of all ages for decades, and have even garnered a Pulitzer Prize for one critic.

Very little is being said about the layoffs from Semanal Media. Evidently, the top editor at the paper was the person who informed the staffers that their services were no longer required. The new owners of the paper did not speak at all to the employees who were being laid-off, but they did also lay-off the paper’s top editor.

For the time being, the future status of food news and restaurant reviews in Los Angeles is uncertain. In addition to its large presence in the print version of the LA Weekly, the food section also produced several stories each week for the paper’s online edition.

Only time will tell how the new owners of the LA Weekly will handle restaurant reviews and food news. For lots of food lovers in Los Angeles, it just won’t be the same without the paper’s interesting reviews.