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How Equities First Inc. Supports Small Businesses

The recession might have subsided but the aftermath continues lingering on. One of the fronts still reeling in the doldrums happens to be the capital markets. Businesses are unable to access the necessary finance to both sustain their operations and to expand and diversify their portfolios.Conventional lenders have made life difficult for small to mid-sized entrepreneurs. The tighter regulations by banks continues to starve businesses off the desperately needed cash. For them to survive they need to find new sources of financing. This is where companies like Equities First comes in to save the day.Ideally, the firm specializes on securities-based lending. Investopedia defines this lending as a practice of issuing loans using securities as the main collateral.

The capital advanced can be used to purchase real estate, personal property, personal investments or in business. The borrower is, however, restricted from acquiring other securities for instance shares or even repaying margin loans.Consumers prefer securities-based lending’s for a number of reasons. First, they are easy to come by and secondly, the terms and conditions are very flexible. The risk factor is also another outstanding perk. Here are the five simple steps one follows when seeking a loan with Equities First Inc.

  1. Contacting them.

Reach out to the firm and express your intentions. How much money do you need and what collateral do you have?

  1. Valuation step

The staff at the firm calculate the repayment loan-to-value (LTV) ratio and the fixed rates payable on your loan.

  1. Terms and Condition

It’s now time for you to sign the agreement and receive your money.

  1. Funding stage

The experts at the firm utilize the delivery-versus-payment method to fund your loans. The amount gets transferred into your holding account while the collateral changes ownership, temporary.

  1. Collateral Swap

Upon repaying the loan advanced plus interest, the collateral’s ownership reverts back to you.

About Equities First

Equities First is UK registered company which lends businesses and high-net worth individuals capital. Their lending is hedged against stocks as opposed to conventional securities required by the other typical lenders. For the past 14 years, this firm has made life simple for thousands of people the world over. Their success is quite evident from the well over 650+ transactions at the 9 global offices they currently operate from.

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