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The Midas Legacy is Holding Its 2016 Annual Wealth Summit in December

Jim Sampson, publisher at The Midas Legacy will be revealing his secrets of possessing wealth at the 2016 Annual Wealth Summit in December. He said in a Midas Legacy Blog on October 17th that people who are wealthy let someone else make them rich. He said affluent individuals know the secrets to increasing wealth, in which he learned during his times of financial struggles. Sampson explained that he discovered how to use the secrets and earn over $70,000 on a monthly basis. It wasn’t easy for him in the beginning, but with dedication and past experiences he learned the truth and is sharing his experiences with attendees invited to the summit.

The Midas Legacy’s 2016 Annual Wealth Summit will be giving away the Midas Royalty, a product worth $2,000 to all attendees. Jim Sampson describes Midas Royalty as an efficient money-making machine and blueprint to help people accomplish wealth. Members of Midas Legacy should check their emails for an exclusive invitation to attend this year’s event in Florida. Join other members and reserve a seat to learn how the product works to make tens of thousands of dollars every month absolutely free. After the summit, the Midas Royalty product will be available online for $2,000.

The Midas Legacy is a consultant firm headquartered in Winter Garden, FL offering wealth management advice in the form of valuable resources to business owners, net worth individuals, and investors. The mission of the firm is to help their members and clients discover financial success and better their lives. Expert Jim Samson is an experienced entrepreneur and investor with expertise in real estate and international trading markets. He is publisher of the Retirement Calculator, Best Business Blueprints, and Real East Riches columns.

Become a member of The Midas Legacy and receive a free code guide of business sector of choice as a bonus absolutely free. Midas resources are provided by experts including Jim Sampson, Mark Edwards and Sean Bower. The professional team are stock market traders, bestselling authors, leaders, mentors, and business owners. They provide resources pertaining to natural health, natural cures, real estate, entrepreneurship, retirement, and finance.

Join The Midas Legacy’s 2016 Annual Wealth Summit in December to learn Jim Sampson’s strategic methods of successfully gaining wealth. He used The Midas Royalty product, an effective system to increase his monthly earnings to $79,000. Reserve a seat today to receive the system free and learn how it worked for Sampson and Midas members.

Seattle Passes New Worker’s Rights Law

The Seattle city council and mayor have once again passed worker’s rights laws designed to give hourly employees more dependability when it comes to their schedules. The council hopes this move will benefit those workers making them feel more empowered. You may remember that last year, Seattle became the second city in the United States to mandate a $15 an hour minimum wage.
Under the new law, according to the AP,workers who are employed by food industry and retail establishments that have 500 employees globally and to full-service restaurants with 500 employees and 40 establishments. Under the new law, employees would have to be given their schedules a minimum of 14 days in advance, be given more than 10 hours off between shifts and be paid extra if they come in at short notice. Additionally, companies cannot hire new employees until all their current employees have a full schedule. Additionally, employees who show up for work and are not needed or employees who are called and told not to come to work will have to be compensated. Employees would also receive an estimate of their total hours needed from their employer.
Starting in July, Walmart already had taken steps to allow employees more control over their schedules. These employees can enter a computer system and tell Walmart when they want to work and for how long.
A person has to wonder about this new law. Many franchisers are actually small businessmen who own very few establishments so this law would not apply to them. Additionally, it does not cover other industries that may require employees to work long hours such as those in health care. Many business owners say this new law will force them to leave Seattle. While one has to applaud the city council for trying to look out for employees, driving these employers out of Seattle does not seem like a good business principle. For the most part, these are jobs taken by the city’s youngest workers or its poorest so residents need to prepare for an impact in the social service sector as these people may no longer be able to find jobs.

Understanding the Judicial System in Brazil

Brazil is teeming with lawyers due to a large number of law schools in the country. Brazil has more law schools compared to the world’s total law schools combined. The country has 800,000 lawyers implying that there are more lawyers per capita in Brazil compared to the United States. Unlike other countries whose judicial system faces a massive blockage of cases and loads of paperwork, Brazil has sufficient workforce to handle its cases.

When Brazil changed its Constitution in 1988, it created many rights and people realized that they could litigate to get them. Today, this has become easy thanks to a large number of lawyers in the country. As a former Portuguese colony, Brazil largely derives its law from Portuguese civil law as well as the Roman-Germanic legal tradition. The 2001 constitutional amendment introduced a system similar to the stare decisis known as Súmula Vinculante. According to a section of the amended Brazilian Constitution, only the Supreme Court can publish rules, and it is the obligation of the inferior courts and judges to abide by the interpretations of the Supreme Court.

The Brazilian Constitution demands that anyone who wishes to practice the legal profession should have a degree of Bachelors of Law and approval of Examination of Order. Law graduates who want to act on behalf of a client in a Court of Law need to register at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. Only duly registered candidates can offer legal consultation and represent a client before the Court. The exam ensures that legal professionals who practice law have a high level of legal knowledge and understanding.

Ricardo Tosto Carvalho de Oliveira is a stellar example of a knowledgeable legal expert. He is a prominent lawyer in Brazil and is considered a market leader in the field of law. According to, Ricardo Tosto has practiced law for more than 15 years especially in the areas of business, international and electoral law. In the business law area, Mr. Tosto majors in bank contracts, credit recovery, bankruptcy, corporate restructuring, and acquisition review. Ricardo runs his law firm, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados which is one of the most distinguished offices in Brazil.