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2 Benefits of Dropout Options and Why Jeremy Goldstein Recommends this Alternative

Some law firms specialize in certain fields so they are normally good and delving in to get to the actual details of the matter. Therefore, these law firms may be well known in the legal field as those that provide the best useful advice and services. Just like Jeremy Goldstein and the services that his firm offers, the advice that they give is related to a specialty area that may be known as compensation. Therefore, when any corporate issue arises in this area, Jeremy Goldstein and his team of lawyers play the role of helping companies with a variety of different situations. Therefore, whenever a company or a corporation would like to know more about the primary differences between the traditional stock options and the Knockout options, his firm can explain what the benefits are as well as any of the drawbacks of implementing these programs in their company’s employee incentive programs.


Additionally, to make sure each company is well versed in what this alternative incentive program provides, their main goal is to identify the financial benefits of making this type of incentive transition. Typically, one of the first things that Jeremy Goldstein and his team will explain to the companies that are considering these big changes usually relate to the following factors.


All Employees that Qualify — Take Advantage of the Same Provisions


Unlike the knockout options that people have access to in their companies today, the traditional stock option participation will vary from one to another. This is because each individual can elect to choose how many stock options that they want to take advantage of based on their finances and their preferences. So, their stock option portfolio worth can be significantly different than the other employees, especially when they are compared to the added amounts that they can include in their annual salaries.


On the other hand, when the company offers the Knockout options to their employees, each employee can take advantage of the same types of investment compensation opportunities. So, employees can take advantage of the same amount of investment benefits. This, however, is the case when employees are eligible to participate by based on the rules and guidelines of Knockout options. Therefore, based on the differences that Jeremy Goldstein explains, everybody’s financial status are affected the same across the board. Specifically, as it relates to both the profits and the potential financial losses that they can expect.


Provides an Alternative for Stock Option Programs


Another huge advantage to the knockout option incentives involves the fact that companies now have an alternative that they can consider to continue to reward their employees extraordinarily. So, for those businesses who may have been thinking about eliminating stock options altogether, they can scrap these ideas by replacing traditional stock options with another viable solution like Knockout options. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein Finds an Easy Solution for EPS in Employee Incentives

Earnings per Share, which is also known as EPS, is one of the critical parameters to evaluate the performance of a company, the popularity of the share, and more. The investors find the metric as a useful factor to make a decision on whether to buy or sell the shares. Though it is an excellent option to judge a company, many people think that the metric should not be included as a performance factor in deciding employee incentives as well as salary structure. Another set of people think that including EPS in the salary structure and incentives is a brilliant idea. Even pay structure experts are confused on whether to include EPS as a metric or not.

Jeremy Goldstein, an expert in executive pay structuring with decades of experience, recently elaborated EPS and provided a solution that could address all the current concerns. He thinks that EPS is a good parameter to be included in the pay structure. Several recent studies have shown that adding EPS into overall pay structure helped a large majority of companies to perform greater in the market. It looked like a beneficial system that must be included in the business strategy of every company. But, the nature of competitive stock market trading and shares helps management to take unfair advantage of the metric. Learn more:

Some critics of EPS dispute that it gives an advantage to the management for making favoritism, and instead of collective leadership, it gives tremendous power to the executives. Another set of people think that such metrics are only assuring short-term profitability with no focus on sustainable growth with long-term vision. This is where Jeremy Goldstein advises a beneficial method that contains all the concerns of EPS in the current condition. He asks the executives and stakeholders to take a moderate stand on the metric. While including EPS in the pay structure, it should be redesigned to focus on the long-term growth goals of the firm. It means that executives of every firm that includes the metric should be made responsible for their actions to ensure sustainable growth for the companies.

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the leading attorneys with a few decades of service in New York City area. He is also a legal entrepreneur as the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Interestingly, his boutique law firm offers a wide range of services including advisory services on compensation committees, corporate governance matters, executive compensation structures for corporate companies, and more.

Jeremy Goldstein also collaborated with numerous acquisition teams as an expert in legal matters, compensation structures, and corporate governance. Some of the major companies he associated include Duke Enegery, Phillips Petroleum Company, United Technologies, South African Breweries plc., The Dow Chemical Company, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., The Dow Chemical Company, Bank of America Corporation, and more.