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Bees Kill a Man in Arizona

A man was bitten hundreds of times by bees in a park near Phoenix, Arizona. This attack led to death of Alex Bestler who was on trail in Usery Mountain Park in Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix. His female companion was able to escape and call for help, CBS News announced.

When the park employees arrived at the scene, the man was already lying on the ground, entirely covered by bees. Later, the 23-year-old died at a hospital. Prior to his death, Mr. Bestler resided in Elton, La.

“These attacks are becoming more frequent and I urge the public to be aware of their surroundings when out in these areas,” claimed well-known Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

Another man was also attacked by bees in the area, and suffered respiratory distress as a result. However, this 51-year-old man seems to have to survive the attack.

These attacks are not as uncommon as many think. In fact, it is more likely to die from bee bites than shark attacks. What makes it worse for many are the allergic reactions from bee stings, which can cause death.

Usery Mountain Park has nearly 30 miles of trails. The park is located on over 3,600 acres and offers camping and archery. Many visitors go there to see scenic wind caves. For now, some of the trails have been closed following this deadly attack.

Specifically Merkle Trail, Vista Trail, Area 6 bathrooms, and the parking lot are shot down until further notice.