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Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe met her match after helping others find theirs

Whitney Wolfe is the savvy entrepreneur and business mind who brought the popular dating app called Bumble to life. The app, which allows females to make the first move after matching with a prospective mate, had 20-million users as of late 2017. Today it only continues to grow in popularity. She now is not only the founder of Bumble but also acts as the CEO. Her attempt to help many people find love was also rewarded within the past year thanks to a beautiful life-changing event of her own.Prior to launching her successful new ventures, Whitney Wolfe attended Southern Methodist University. While her college major involved international studies, she picked up early experience in business and marketing. At just age 19, she developed bamboo tote bags with sales proceeds donated to areas affected by the BP oil spill. That business effort resulted because a success with national press coverage thanks to several celebrities seen out and about with the bags.

When she started working with Tinder in 2012, Whitney Wolfe gained even more marketing experience. She became the vice president of marketing and it was said she helped to inspire the dating app’s name based on it being a fire created by small sticks known as “tinder.” That particular app continues to rank as the most popular amongst dating apps today, although Wolfe’s newer dating app, Bumble, is among the top four. The Bumble app works similar to Tinder in that users will swipe right for those individuals they like or are interested in, and swipe left for those individuals they’re not interested in. Once a match occurs, the female must initiate the conversation within 24 hours to keep things going. The company headquarters are located in Austin, Texas with the purpose of the app to help its users find more pleasant dating experiences than on other dating sites or apps.In 2016, the Bumble app added the ability to find friends as well using the Bumble BFF mode. Users can connect with other individuals looking for friends by swiping.

There was also the later addition of the Bumble Bizz feature which gives Bumble a sort of “Twitter” aspect where people can expand their professional network using the app.That basically means Bumble can be used for dating, finding friends, and networking, all in one app thanks to Whitney Wolfe’s brilliant creation.Speaking of successful matches, Witney Wolfe also found her own. In 2017 she married Michael Herd after two years of dating and a lot of phone conversation during those years. The couple wed in Southern Italy at the Villa Treville hotel just near the gorgeous Sirenusa islands. The opulent hotel location came highly recommended by friends and the weekend involved one of the top wedding stylists around, Cynthia Cook. Whitney referred to Cook bringing her visions to life as “the most majestic, special ceremony ever” indicating there were no dry eyes around.It seems only fitting that the creator of an app which helps others to find love, was able to celebrate hers in such a beautiful way.

Fortress Investment group Alias FIG, The Asset Management and Finance Powerhouse

Effective asset management calls for top notch organization and detailed planning and these are qualities Fortress investment is all familiar with, thus the firm’s success does not come as a surprise. Fortress investment group, popularly referred to with its acronym Fig, is a global investment management company headquartered in New York. The company invests in a long string of profitable areas such as private equity and credit funds but excels most in traditional asset management and liquid market funds.

A brief overview of Fortress investment group

The firm has been around for quite some time now as it was established in 1998 by a group of financial experts led by Wes Edens. Thanks to their knowledge in how the finance industry works, the company amassed a tremendous rate of growth and by the time it was eight years old, FIG had increased its asset base by 40%. It was however publicly traded in 2007 after it held its first initial public offering and became part of the NYSE.

Major drawbacks

Even with all the success, no one knew what lied ahead and it would not be long because, in 2008, FIG suffered its first major drawback. Nevertheless, that does not come as a surprise because business is quite dynamic and even the slightest changes have the power to break a firm. In respect to that, FIG’s journey to success has not been always a smooth ride because it was affected by the 2008 financial crisis too that led to one of its founders being cites as one of the biggest financial losers. This crisis crippled the firm’s ability to finance the 2010 winter Olympics and the city of Vancouver had to take over the project.

Impressive comeback

Nevertheless, with such a strong management team, the world was certain that it would get back to its feet and true to that it was again on the rise and since then it has never looked back. Since then, Fortress investment group has seen massive success and has even be recognized by various prominent business publications such as the Institutional investor magazine which recognized FIG as the hedge fund manager of the year in 2014.
Today, Fortress investment group prides itself on a wide clientele base as it serves over a thousand institutional, corporate and private investors in the various sectors it operates. It also boasts assets worth over $36.1 billion under its management and currently has affiliate offices spread out across the globe in major cities such as Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Singapore, Italy and various others.

Other ventures

For the company, the sky doesn’t seem to be the limit because it continues to strategic financial moves. For instance, it acquired CW capital in 2010 so it can expand its horizon to the commercial real estate market spectrum. It also sets the pace for all the other companies in the liquid market by investing in unwanted assets and bad debts. Additionally, FIG recently accepted its $3.3 billion acquisition by Softbank group a global technology giant looking to expand its operations into the world of asset management.By accepting the merger, Fortress investment group in conjunction with Softbank will now be able to take over Wall Street as both of them boast a solid market base. FIG is already seeing its benefits by accepting the merger because as soon as It announced its acquisition, its share price in the stock market shot up. We look forward to seeing more and more of FIG’s growth in the future because at this rate there is no denying that it is indeed a powerhouse of the finance arena.

How Martin Lustgarten Invests Successfully by Distributing Assets.

Martin Lustgarten is an accomplished investment banker who can be trusted by anyone who wants to be successful. He has been in the sector for a couple of years and is currently based in the United States. The finance specialists hold citizenship of both Austria and Venezuela. Mr. Lustharten highly trusts diversity when it comes to making investments. He understands that investing in different parts of the world reduces the risk of losses and also enables one to benefit whenever different localities grow. The adequate experience that he has gained in the sector allows him to monitor markets efficiently, and therefore, he makes fast action whenever opportunities arise. His skills in forecasting the future state of various industries enable him to serve the clients competently.


The aptitude and success of Mr. Lustgarten have made him be referred to as a role model for many investors. He has been keen on studying the finance industry and his knowledge of the new trends enables him to make excellent investments. His wealth has grown rapidly because of his hard work and brilliance. Anyone who wants to be successful in the investment sector should follow his steps. Diversifying a portfolio to cover different parts of the world is helpful in the accumulation of wealth. It is necessary for people to make wise moves for them to be great investment bankers like Martin.


Investment banking is a discipline that deals with offering financial guidance and support in a business transaction. Various clients may require the services, and they include governments, corporations, and personal investors. Institutions that offer the services have specialized in merger and acquisitions, market development, FICC, and trading equity securities. Investment bankers are involved in the strategizing and administration of significantly large programs. Their services assist the clients in saving time and money since they can note risks before an investment is made. The professionals in the sector have a sufficient understanding of the markets, and they can offer clients exemplary methods of planning and funding a business. The investment banks can at times be described as middlemen in transactions that involve the trading of bonds and stocks. They assist their customers enhancing their revenue and also abiding by regulatory requirement.

Investment Banking for the Wise Investor

If you are someone who wants to make it big, than you need to ignore what most people do. Why? Because most people do not make it big. The simple fact of financial success is avoiding the failures around you. And they are many. The financial crisis revealed that many in even the highest levels of power do not have a clue about what they are doing. If you want to set yourself apart from the herd, it is necessary to be a dynamic influence in the financial scene. Warren Buffett, the mogul who built Berkshire Hathaway into a giant billion dollar company, emphasizes that following the experts is a highway to disaster. The experts have a conflict of interest. They want to keep getting customers. Therefore, they must continue to offer advice that does not work in order to get your business.


The basic rule of growing business, based on Buffett’s wisdom, is to avoid what others love, and love what others avoid. How does this work in reality? Make a list of the things that the people around you are avoiding. This could be suffering, hard, expensive, saving, sad, working hard, examining multiple options, risk, trial and error, failure, etc. These are the characteristics that you should be eagerly pursuing.


Martin Lustgarten is a financial professional who likes to help others grow their business quickly. You might be puzzled at all the options out there. Martin wants to make sure that you are not intimidated as you make important financial decisions.


Growing a business is Martin Lustgarten’s specialty. Feel free to contact Martin at his LinkedIn account. Martin can help you plan your financial future.

Corrupt New York Investment Bank Under Fire

One Huffington Post Columnist recently observed,”I suspect the ratio of bad investment advice to sound advice is around 10:1.” This sad phenomena was earlier corrected by Warren Buffett, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” A wise investor knows that what the crowd is doing is going to inflate the price for the particular asset that is being bought. Buying high and selling low is not the path to wealth, though that faulty investment philosophy is practiced by many.

Matthew Eitner and James Ahern were recently called to task by a Federal Judge, who placed a restraining order on them for their deceptive behavior toward clients including Relmada Therapeutics. In the suit, Relmada insinuated that Laidlaw was taking revenge for a previous buy out attempt. Laidlaw partners with wealthy retail investors, but it has come into the spotlight because of its dark corporate culture.

One anonymous Laidlaw employee groaned, “The most unprofessional group of people ever assembled on one place.” Laidlaw seems to treat its employees like dumb sheep. “Very Long Hours, terrible pay, not given a real direction,” said another insider. This poisonous culture than bred out into its interaction with clients on the outside.

Fitapelli Kurta, a securities law firm, has heard from several disenchanted investors who were hurt by Laidlaw’s corporate machine. “In 2013 a customer alleged Leonard V. Gallick, Jr, while employed at Laidlaw & Company, executed unsuitable trades,” cites

Laidlaw must be held to account for its poor treatment of customers and employees. Such investment institutions like Laidlaw and Company cannot operate with impunity, immune from regulator pressure. It is necessary that all banks operate with an unimpeachable code of ethics and integrity, or risk facing confiscatory penalties. Financial CEO‘s such as Eitner and Ahern are particularly responsible in making sure that their public image matches their personal practice in the company.