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Talos Energy Completes Strategic Merger Despite Dire Circumstances

Tim Duncan could only watch helplessly a year ago when his Kingwood, Texas neighborhood was completely flooded by the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. Once night approached, and with no power, Duncan was forced to travel on foot through waist-high flood waters to make sure his wife Christy, the couple’s six-year-old son, and the two family dogs reached the safety of a waiting FEMA boat. Duncan is the chief executive officer of Talos Energy and had just spent the last four months of his working life in negotiations to orchestrate a $2.5 billion merger with the publicly traded Stone Energy. Many in the industry thought the attempted move by Tim Duncan to be a risky play for his privately held company as Stone Energy was nearly as large as Talos and more and at the time bankrupt.

The move made perfect sense to Duncan as the merger would allow Talos to go public while foregoing the need to execute a public offering. He was determined that not even an act of nature would get in the way of his goals for the company. Tim Duncan was able to travel along with his family to Alabama due to a favor owed to him by an associate with a private plane. He then returned to the home of his parents home in Houston, which was on higher ground than his own and had fared better in the storm, and set up business operations in their kitchen.The efforts of Tim Duncan proved successful and the completed merger resulted in the business executive now ruling over a natural oil company that boasts of $900 million a year in revenue. The majority of assets owned by Talos are located in the Gulf of Mexico and the promising balance sheet possessed by the company includes $2.3 billion in assets to go along with only $700 million in debt.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy is an oil and gas company operating independently in the Gulf region that benefits from a team of skilled managers with many years of experience in the exploration and production of offshore oil sources.

Paul Mampilly Uncovers the Secrets behind His Investment Success to Profits Unlimited Subscribers

Paul Mampilly is the writer of Profits Unlimited, a top newsletter focusing on the investment industry. The newsletter recently surpassed 60,000 subscribers and Mampilly got a major boost to keep on offering investment recommendations every month. The eight-page newsletters he writes usually highlight a specific investment and the reasons why he commends it.

Reasons for Profits Unlimited Success

Profits Unlimited enjoys massive success due to the fact that a lot of seasoned and amateur investors are so eager to follow Mampilly’s advice owing to his proven success record. Paul Mampilly scooped an award in a 2009 investment competition organized by Templeton Foundation. He invested $50 million and managed to get $88 million, a gain of over 75%. This shrewd investment caught the attention of industry experts and investors since Paul Mampilly managed to pull it off during a recession and without sacrificing his stocks.

Paul Mampilly’s newsletter is also successful due to the fact that it is well detailed making it useful to investors. He writes his newsletter in a style that is easily understandable even to new investors. Every issue demonstrates his immense passion to assist investors. The newsletter, which is published by the Banyan Hill Publishing has only been in circulation for a year. After his subscribers get each newsletter, they go to his website in order to track stocks. He usually picks one or two stocks from a recommended portfolio and offers weekly updates. Around 85% of all the stocks he regularly updates on have remained profitable and there is one that grew by more than 150%.

How is the Newsletter Different?

Most traditional brokers are guilty of doing almost everything for the customers, but Paul Mampilly opts to empower his subscribers instead of doing everything on their behalf. Mampilly strives to make his followers smart investors by ensuring they set up and use their brokerage accounts. He ensures that they trade using their stocks, update their own portfolios as well as track information while learning more from his website and newsletter. The site is well encrypted in order to protect the privacy of his customers. Most subscribers commend PaulMampilly for his method as well as offering unswerving stock information.

About Paul Mampilly

Mampilly migrated from India into the U.S. as a young man. He has enjoyed massive success at Wall Street for more than 20 years. His illustrious career started off in 1991 at the Deutsche Bank. He attended the Fordham University, New York and received his MBA in 1996. He worked for a number of banks and hedge funds before retiring at the age of 42 years.Read more:



Tony Petrello uses unique expertise to lead Nabors Industries to profitability

Tony Petrello is one of the most qualified CEOs in the history of the United States. With a MS in mathematics from Yale as well as a Juris Doctor degree from Havard Law School, he has one of the most impressive credentials of any CEO currently working in the country. He also led a highly successful career with law firm Baker McKenzie prior to becoming CEO of Nabors Industries.

In the case of Petrello, his credentials were a good indication of his raw talent. He has proven to be an immense asset to Nabors Industries leading the company through a period of dysfunction and near insolvency to become one of the nation’s leading energy firms.

One of the key steps that Petrello took as chief operating officer was the reincorporation of Nabors Industries in the tax haven of Bermuda. Using his vast expertise in the field of mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate restructuring, Tony Petrello was able to create a special tax entity within the Bermuda jurisdiction. This has allowed it to save billions of dollars in tax liabilities that would have otherwise been owed to the U.S. government. At the time, the move was not popular with shareholders, who worried about being marginalized in the restructuring of the company. They were concerned that Bermuda law would not extend them the same protections that they enjoyed when the company was incorporated within the United States. But these fears turned out to be unfounded. The move ultimately would save the company billions of dollars and reinforce Petrello’s reputation as being one of the most innovative and effective CEOs in the country today.

Nabors Industries was also largely responsible for the company’s shift away from older and less profitable business models into the high-tech industry of manufacturing and selling high-tech directional drilling equipment. This is proving to be one of the company’s best moves, as it has become the main provider of directional drilling equipment to all of North America’s many lucrative land-based extraction sites, including the Bakken Shale formation in North Dakota as well as the tar sands Alberta.


The Award Winning Wealth Management Advisors – Midas Legacy

About Midas Legacy

With its Headquarters in Winter Garden, Florida, Midas Legacy is a research firm that offers services for individuals looking to be more successful in life including those who want to manage their money in a better way. They give advice to aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs who want to better the situations of their life.

Through the different facets and elements of success, Midas Legacy is guided by one mission which is to guide people towards the life they seek. To successfully do so, the firm provides resources to the members that have been proven to have positive impacts on people’s lives in the disciplines of finance, entrepreneurship, real estate, retirement and natural health.

The Mission

The mission begins on the first day where one gets a Midas Code book as the bonus as soon as one becomes the Midas Legacy member for free. The firm has product contributors and experts who bring vast experience with them from the multimillionaire entrepreneurs to the best-selling authors, to the successful stock market investors and much more.

The main aim of each of the people mentioned is to help one achieve the success that one is looking for through them. Those interested in getting their retirement very fast can also meet their needs in Midas Legacy. Here, illnesses are also healed using the nature. Another thing about Midas Legacy is that they believe in a self-initiative. The individual should be confident, happy, believe in himself/herself before they can start the assistance.

Charity Work

Midas Legacy is always proud to give regular donations to different charities. Recently, they were recognized as the Gold Business Member for the donations to Florida Sheriffs Association. Jim Samson, one of the members, was awarded by the County Sheriff to acknowledge the firm’s outstanding support. Give Hope Foundation, a local non-profit charity that provides support to the Florida families who are battling with cancer is one of the organizations that Midas holds very near to their hearts. They make sure that they provide donations to the organizations as they assist the families emotionally, financially and medically.

Jim Samson is one of the experts in Midas Legacy. He is an International Business Times expert who brags over his success in entrepreneurship, real estate and trading with over twenty years of experience in each of them. He goes down on record for calling a financial bubble ten years ago and consequently recommending gold to the subscribers.

The Midas Legacy is Holding Its 2016 Annual Wealth Summit in December

Jim Sampson, publisher at The Midas Legacy will be revealing his secrets of possessing wealth at the 2016 Annual Wealth Summit in December. He said in a Midas Legacy Blog on October 17th that people who are wealthy let someone else make them rich. He said affluent individuals know the secrets to increasing wealth, in which he learned during his times of financial struggles. Sampson explained that he discovered how to use the secrets and earn over $70,000 on a monthly basis. It wasn’t easy for him in the beginning, but with dedication and past experiences he learned the truth and is sharing his experiences with attendees invited to the summit.

The Midas Legacy’s 2016 Annual Wealth Summit will be giving away the Midas Royalty, a product worth $2,000 to all attendees. Jim Sampson describes Midas Royalty as an efficient money-making machine and blueprint to help people accomplish wealth. Members of Midas Legacy should check their emails for an exclusive invitation to attend this year’s event in Florida. Join other members and reserve a seat to learn how the product works to make tens of thousands of dollars every month absolutely free. After the summit, the Midas Royalty product will be available online for $2,000.

The Midas Legacy is a consultant firm headquartered in Winter Garden, FL offering wealth management advice in the form of valuable resources to business owners, net worth individuals, and investors. The mission of the firm is to help their members and clients discover financial success and better their lives. Expert Jim Samson is an experienced entrepreneur and investor with expertise in real estate and international trading markets. He is publisher of the Retirement Calculator, Best Business Blueprints, and Real East Riches columns.

Become a member of The Midas Legacy and receive a free code guide of business sector of choice as a bonus absolutely free. Midas resources are provided by experts including Jim Sampson, Mark Edwards and Sean Bower. The professional team are stock market traders, bestselling authors, leaders, mentors, and business owners. They provide resources pertaining to natural health, natural cures, real estate, entrepreneurship, retirement, and finance.

Join The Midas Legacy’s 2016 Annual Wealth Summit in December to learn Jim Sampson’s strategic methods of successfully gaining wealth. He used The Midas Royalty product, an effective system to increase his monthly earnings to $79,000. Reserve a seat today to receive the system free and learn how it worked for Sampson and Midas members.

How Can An Investor Learn A Lot From Martin Lustgarten?

There are people who can learn a lot investing if they are going to start working with Martin Lustgarten. There are many people who go with investment banks because they want it to be simple, but they do not have to do that when they pick an investor like Martin Lustgarten to help them. He is a private investor who knows how to help turn his clients into international investors, and he can point them to things around the world that are most fun for them to use.
Someone who is already very interested in what they are doing is going to make more money, and he wants to explain to people that they are going to have chances to have fun while investing. The investors that learn about world markets can pick out things that really work for them like French gold or British stocks. They can invest in Japan, or they can invest in a place in Africa that has great commodities.

There are many people who are going to be able to make a lot more money with the plans that come from Martin Lustgarten, and then they can start to operate the way that he is. That means that someone can be truly prepared to have more money coming in, and they can be a more laid back investor because they do not have to push so hard. That is why people need to diversify with help from Martin Lustgarten.

He is a very good investor who knows how to make the most money, and he is someone who is going to be able to get help for everyone who has questions. He knows what to do, and he can make a plan for anyone. He also knows how to make the process simpler for everyone.

Protecting Wealth for the Golden Years with the Midas Legacy

Unfortunately, the Golden Years, for those who have followed that motto of working hard and storing away those earnings for the autumn of life, are now threatened by economic collapse, governmental instability and identity theft, to name a few. What can one do to make sure all that wealth that was created by youthful dedication to career and the future, is not at risk of being lost, stolen or confiscated? What if the dollar collapses and the United States government is forced to take measures as Cypress did by draining bank accounts with ‘too much’ money in them?

These ideas have been walked about by this very government, which has not been a good steward of its wealth and the safety of its citizens over the past decade. These are factors that may seem beyond the control of many, however, there are those who are ready to help. The Midas Legacy has the solution for those who wish to achieve and maintain their lifetime nest egg. Located in Winter Garden in the Sunshine State of Florida, these are folks who know how to invest and strengthen the power of the individual to manage their wealth while reaping the benefits of entrepreneurial rewards from their life’s work.

The successful entrepreneur can benefit from The Midas Legacy with consultations for well informed business decision making along with a clear and focussed financial plan. The results of this kind of input can be highly beneficial with the profit margins expanding, jobs being created and a general positive feeling of success can be had by all involved.

Read more: @themidaslegacy

Some of the most popular consultations of The Midas Legacy with clients involve retirement planning. Those who are young and entrepreneurial find that time may be abundant, however, the keen ones who wish to guard their wealth are attracted to planning the financial road to lasting success, even in those years that come faster than anyone realizes. Keeping the goal of living the good life in those golden years in mind today when they seem far way, will assure that those days will come. Those who think only a little bit about retirement mainly to put off those thoughts, avoid planning because of the fear of never being able to retire. This inaction only makes certain that this actually does come true.

The Midas Legacy will shine the light on the best planning methods for a great life in the days of autumn so that the gold will glow from the peace of mind that proper retirement planning can bring.


Who Benefits When Martin Lustgarten Plans The Investments?

Martin Lustgarten is a very good investor who actually makes his home in Miami, and he wants to make sure that he is going to be able to help every one of his clients with the things that he can do for them. He knows that he can help people make the best kinds of investment decisions that they can, and he also knows that it is going to be much easier for people to make money because they have to be able to get assistance. He knows his clients are not professionals, but he can make it easy for people to learn where the most money to be made is.

Martin Lustgarten is also someone who wants to show people that they will be able to save money based on certain kinds of things that he thinks will work for them. He leads a laid back lifestyle that is fun for him and his family, and he is even committed to helping stray animals. He wants to teach his clients that there are a lot of things that can be done with their money, and he wants to show them that there are a lot of people who do interesting things when they are making money.

There are other people who are going to be able to make a lot of money from a small amount of money, and that is why Martin Lustgarten is interested in helping people who do not have much money to spend. He will help them turn it into something that is worth having, and he can help them become very strong investors. It makes a lot more sense for people to invest with someone who is comfortable in all investing channels, and that is why Martin Lustgarten has been so successful in his career.