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Wes Edens Began His Illustrious Career at Lehman Brothers

The successful investor and businessman Wes Edens began his illustrious career as Managing Director and Partner at Lehman Brothers in 1987. Wes Edens gained valuable experience and intellectual knowledge in investment management and the nuances of running investment firms from Lehman Brothers. He progressively transitioned the skills gained at Lehman Brothers into another opportunity at BlackRock Private Equity Division. The experience gathered at BlackRock Asset Investors provided another level of expertise and knowledge that established Wes Edens as one of the more respected investment minds within the investing industry. The foundation for Wes Edens education was a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Oregon State University. He also received a Business Administration Degree from Oregon State University as well. Wes Edens has shown a knack for building businesses and investment portfolios through creative financing techniques which allowed him to build upon the foundation of innovative investment positions.

After a successful career at BlackRock Asset Investors, Wes Edens founded the Fortress Investment Group where he currently serves as Chief Investment Officer and head of Private Equity and Co-Chief Executive Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens has created an incredibly large portfolio that generates huge returns on investment within the alternative asset industry. Fortress Investment Group specializes in alternative assets through private equity funds, real estate, and other intangible assets. They specialize in distressed assets, undervalued assets, and illiquid credit Investments. At Lehman Brothers, Wes Edens began his illustrious career as a managing director and partner and became one of the more successful and profitable managing partners within the firm. He showed true leadership abilities by creating avenues to create profitable returns on investment through innovative and creative approaches to investing that were both exceptional and profound.

Lehman Brothers are one of the more respected investment firms in the history of Wall Street by creating trillions of dollars of returns on investment for it clients and creating a reputation as one of the leading Investment firms on Wall Street. In fact, most of the highest levels of most investment firms have executive leadership that began their career at Lehman Brothers. Wes Edens has established himself as a leader in business and investment and also other areas of investment including co-ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks. He also has invested in various sports arena development projects, particularly in Miami and Oakland. Wes Edens does not just invest in the stock markets but he generated portfolios that veer off into other areas of investment including becoming one of the most respected investors in the subprime lending industry. The experience and knowledge gained from his first job at Lehman Brothers where he served as Partner and Managing Director, Wes Edens has created a very successful and rewarding investment career.

Matt Badialis Freedom Checks; the Hidden Treasures

Since Matt Badiali was first spotted on news media, waving a fat check he called freedom, news has been rife regarding the checks and whether they are authentic. To address public concerns, it is important to first address the reasons why the investor decided to pull such a stunt, and why he would want people to follow him for what he seems to suggest is an easier way to access such fat checks. The advertisement that appeared in a video posted on various channels, including social media, was a classic ad that sought to convince the viewer to buy a product because of some inherent advantages they will derive from such a product. What was even more intriguing about Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks is that they are similar to the checks issued by the National Treasury of the US government. While there have been similar stunts in the past that proved to be a hoax, a closer examination of Matt Badiali’s Freedom checks reveals that there is more than meets the eye. The idea of Freedom Checks is tucked away somewhere in law. Indeed, if you took your time to examine the reactions from major industry players including established media houses such as Forbes you would stop to reconsider.

What are Freedom Checks?

It would be prudent to approach the subject of Freedom checks from the background of the existence of something referred to as Master Limited Partnerships. These are private companies that are given special tax exemption for their role in making America energy sufficient. The companies are given the exemption if they direct their profits towards the exploration of natural resources for energy production. Master Limited Partnerships operate on the premise that such companies invest their returns in the exploration of oil and gas and transportation of the same. Freedom checks are not like some government-sponsored government social welfare program such as 401(k).

Freedom Checks aren’t some of form of government payouts. The program has 568 companies that are given the tax exemption because of reinvesting in the exploration of natural energy resources. Freedom Checks are so called because they offer financial freedom to the companies that access them, and the companies choose to join the Master Limited Partnerships. Companies that invest in freedom checks get a lot more than most other investment programs; whether in government or private sector. So are freedom checks real? Yes, they are but there is a catch. Are they an investment? Absolutely. Companies that qualify to be regarded as Master Limited Partnerships stand to gain from their ventures a great deal. To put it in perspective, the 58 companies in the Master Limited Partnerships are expected to pay over $ 3.6 billion. Watch Matt Badiali Freedom Checks on Youtube.

Who Qualifies for Freedom Checks?

Well, as mentioned earlier, for a company to qualify for freedom checks it must join the Master Limited Partnerships. Such a company is required to have directed 90% of its investments towards oil and gas exploration and transportation of the same. So in many ways, Freedom Checks are real but not an easy venture. However, joining a company that is listed as a Master Limited Partnership is a great idea because it reaps a lot from the huge tax exemptions and rebates. Check:



Stream Energy helps build stronger communities across Dallas area

Stream Energy is quickly gaining recognition as one of the most important alternative energy firms operating in the Southwestern United States today. The company has been in existence for nearly 15 years. But it has only been recently that Stream Energy has begun receiving the attention it deserves for its revolutionary role in the promotion of green energy sources as a commercially viable means of energy provision.

As one of the first energy companies working on a multi-level-marketing paradigm, Stream Energy has been a surprise success. The highly flexible model that it offers consumers has proven to be an enormously successful means of supplying energy. Stream Energy gives customers, who may not have otherwise had the opportunity, the chance to obtain 100 percent of their energy from clean sources. The ability to allow customers in rural and other out-of-the-way areas to go with wind and solar-derived energy plans has been a strong selling point for the company, which often dumbfounds customers when it informs them that they can help save the planet while their air conditioner saves them from heat stroke.

But the company is making even bigger waves around its hometown of Dallas, Texas. It is there that Stream Energy has become one of the city’s most important drivers of charity and philanthropic giving. Stream first came on most Texas residents’ radar during the unfolding of the Hurricane Harvey disaster. The company was able to immediately donate tens of thousands of dollars to its neighbors in need in the Houston area. The company also sent an army of its own employees to the area to help in the rescue, cleanup and rebuilding efforts. When all was said and done, Stream employees had collectively donated thousands of hours of their personal time helping to rebuild the communities of their neighbors.

Stream has also been an active participant in local children’s charities. One of the most heartwarming stories is the company’s underwriting of local trips for homeless kids to zoos, waterparks and other entertainment venues. For many of these children, the Stream-sponsored junkets are the first time they have ever been able to enjoy an afternoon of carefree fun. These are just a few of the examples of Stream’s magnanimity.



Financial advice is very vital and sensitive to every business. Madison street capital understands the sensitivity of the advice and it offers advisory services for both public and private organization. It has an excellent record of helping the companies out with complex contracts and , developing various strategies. It also has highly skilled experts with great integrity building it reputation. The headquarters of the firm are in Chicago. Bedsides its Chicago headquarters it has offices in other countries such as Ghana and India. Let’s take a look at some of the achievements of this firm.

Madison Street Capital Achievement

Madison street capital has made tremendous achievement which made it win the annual M&A advisor awards. It has offered financial advice services to various companies one been the DCG software. Through the Madison Street Capital advice the company has emerged as the leading software analytic firm. It was also able to successfully have a merger with Spitfire Group enhancing its productivity. The merger between the two companies has significantly enhanced the two firms value. The spear heads of these firms have highly praised madison for the insight and analysis they offered which made them embrace this merger which has brought them a lot of success.

Madison has also successfully played its role in Dowco Group acquisition making it win the top honors position. Another company, which has benefited from its advice, is ARES Security Corporation. ARES is a security risk management firm in Virginia. It has worked with madison to enhance the business productivity by asking for advice on the perfect financing partner. Through Madison advice they were able to get the ideal partner and understand the valuation analysis. Its reputation has also grown because of its high praises of helping WLR automotive group in the sale and lease back transactions of about 13 million dollars. Through Madison the company was able to close the deal quickly and easily. Randall the CEO of WLR has applauded the company for this smooth and quick deal. The main goal of the company is giving companies advice to achieve their set objectives. Madison also gave Heart sync exceptional advice on how it could secure its growth capital. The growth capital is of great help to the firms vision of expanding its services and customer base. Most of the leading corporate figures head to madison street capital for its viewpoint on the hedge fund landscape. The views of the firm are important to the financial executives in tracking cash flow , returns and fee structures.

The success of Madison Street Capital has made its employees receive honors from other trade organizations. You can learn more about this incredible financial advisory company on Learn more:

Paul Mampilly Uncovers the Secrets behind His Investment Success to Profits Unlimited Subscribers

Paul Mampilly is the writer of Profits Unlimited, a top newsletter focusing on the investment industry. The newsletter recently surpassed 60,000 subscribers and Mampilly got a major boost to keep on offering investment recommendations every month. The eight-page newsletters he writes usually highlight a specific investment and the reasons why he commends it.

Reasons for Profits Unlimited Success

Profits Unlimited enjoys massive success due to the fact that a lot of seasoned and amateur investors are so eager to follow Mampilly’s advice owing to his proven success record. Paul Mampilly scooped an award in a 2009 investment competition organized by Templeton Foundation. He invested $50 million and managed to get $88 million, a gain of over 75%. This shrewd investment caught the attention of industry experts and investors since Paul Mampilly managed to pull it off during a recession and without sacrificing his stocks.

Paul Mampilly’s newsletter is also successful due to the fact that it is well detailed making it useful to investors. He writes his newsletter in a style that is easily understandable even to new investors. Every issue demonstrates his immense passion to assist investors. The newsletter, which is published by the Banyan Hill Publishing has only been in circulation for a year. After his subscribers get each newsletter, they go to his website in order to track stocks. He usually picks one or two stocks from a recommended portfolio and offers weekly updates. Around 85% of all the stocks he regularly updates on have remained profitable and there is one that grew by more than 150%.

How is the Newsletter Different?

Most traditional brokers are guilty of doing almost everything for the customers, but Paul Mampilly opts to empower his subscribers instead of doing everything on their behalf. Mampilly strives to make his followers smart investors by ensuring they set up and use their brokerage accounts. He ensures that they trade using their stocks, update their own portfolios as well as track information while learning more from his website and newsletter. The site is well encrypted in order to protect the privacy of his customers. Most subscribers commend PaulMampilly for his method as well as offering unswerving stock information.

About Paul Mampilly

Mampilly migrated from India into the U.S. as a young man. He has enjoyed massive success at Wall Street for more than 20 years. His illustrious career started off in 1991 at the Deutsche Bank. He attended the Fordham University, New York and received his MBA in 1996. He worked for a number of banks and hedge funds before retiring at the age of 42 years.Read more:



Adrian Jose Offers His Insights On Buying Rental Property In Panama

Before buying any property, one should have a clear understanding of the real estate. In case one is not well versed with the industry, it is always prudent to seek the help of a professional regarding the entire purchase process. The demand for real estate in Panama is high. This situation has increased the cost of property in the region. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa points out that it is necessary for one to have adequate knowledge about market trends regarding Panama’s real estate. This way, one will be able to buy the right property. Below are Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa’s tips for finding a property in Panama.

I.Buy below market values
In order to make profits, one should purchase rental properties that are sold below their market values on Tumblr. To this end, you are required to undertake a comprehensive research and consult a reliable broker in order to gain knowledge on Panama’s real estate. Learn about the rental charges for different properties so that you buy the ideal property below market values.

II.Consider the location
Due to high demand for real estate in Panama City, some neighborhoods are too expensive. It is prudent to compare different properties before purchasing them.

III.Be informed about Panama rental laws
It is wise to read about the Rental Laws in Panama. This way, you will be aware of the requirements for real estate in Panama City.

IV.Reliability of the property’s services
Look at the availability of services like parking, gym, social areas, security and pool since most clients prefer properties that are close to different social amenities.

V.Inspection of the property
The quality of most condominiums in Panama varies due to the way that they are constructed. It is advisable to inspect the construction quality by talking to different experts and reviewing the history of the developer according to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. One should also look at the construction materials used and whether the condominium needs remodeling.

VI.Property management
If you plan to live far from your property, get an administrator to look after your property in order to avoid unnecessary problems according to Figueroa.

VII.Analyze the market
Analyze the market to ensure that the money you are investing in the property is proportional to the size of the same.

VIII.Management of public services
Tenants should pay for services like electricity and water. This way, if the costs increase, you will still get your income. In addition, the tenants will be cautious of their usage of these services.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan professional executive. Currently, he holds three senior positions. Adrian is a president, treasurer and director in five companies based in Panama. As an active contributor in the business community of Panama, Adrian mentors young leaders. In addition, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa regularly offers his expertise on business development. Adrian is highly knowledgeable on market trends, particularly in Panama. He uses this knowledge to offer guidelines on how people can start and run successful business.

Is Laidlaw & Company A Legitimate Investment Firm? Or One Large Ponzi Scheme?

In today’s volatile markets, nobody wants to be the victim of bad investment advice, or find out that they misplaced their trust in advisors or brokers who sounded like they had all the right knowledge. According to Dan Solin of the Huffington Post, he believes about 1 in 10 so-called financial experts offer what would qualify as good financial advice. Solin mentions that brokers as well as journalists often care about their own profits gained from looking financially savvy, as opposed to really actually helping investors gain the inside track in Wall Street. He goes on to say sometimes even the most reputable news sources allow for some error in their financial columns. But just who are these financial firms that have given such advice?


Meet Laidlaw & Company, a UK-based investment bank that has overseas offices in New York City and other locations. On the outside, this investment bank would seem to have all the right things established. Their company is registered with the FCA and FINRA, and according to their website, they claim to have been in business for nearly 170 years, and they would seem to have it all for investors, from portfolio management, wealth management, and alternative investments. If that wasn’t enough, the company leaders Matthew Eitner and James Ahern seem to have the resumes to run everything, with Eitner being a registered FINRA broker with 16 years experience, and Ahern having former executive positions at Aegis Capital and Casimir Capital. But Laidlaw has found itself under scrutiny lately by various fortune 500 companies.


New York law firm, Fitapelli Kurta has recently brought complaints to the forefront of bad investment advice given to investors by Laidlaw broker Leonard V. Gallick Jr., some of which his clients have been compensated for. In the last year, Remalda Therapeutics filed an injunction against Laidlaw for giving out bad investment information. More so, several employees have given reviews at GlassDoor detailing their work experience with Laidlaw, and needless to say it’s not been pretty for the investment bank.

Laidlaw & Company Helped Us Pay For Our Fleet

The people at Laidlaw & Company were not fazed at all when I told them that we needed to raise the money that was needed to pay for a while fleet of vehicles. It was important for us to have cash to buy these vehicles, but it was something that we did not know how to do on our own. We talked to Matthew Eitner and James Ahern about how this works, and then we just followed their plan with our broker. We were sure to learn about Laidlaw & Company to find out what would work for us, and we already had some investment accounts with them.

We decided to be sure that we were going to raise the money for the fleet, and that is why we started on our new plan. We were able to get the cash that we needed to start our fleet, and then we actually kept up the accounts to make sure that we were able to have more money that was going to help us. That meant that we could plan to buy more vehicles if we needed to, and we were able to make money from the money that we were investing.

I have been able to create a new fleet for our company using just the money that came form our accounts at Laidlaw & Company. We know that we are doing very well because we have paid for our fleet using this money, and I am going to keep using them as much as I can. It makes my life a lot easier, and it prevents me from feeling like I am going to have problems that are related to vehicles. Every vehicle that we bought came from a good fund, and that is why we trust our money with Laidlaw & Company.

Learn more about Matthew Eitner and James Ahern

Personal Finance Basics

The world of personal finance is full of people who try and get people to spend less and earn more. However, there are few people who ever really achieve success in this area of their life. Brian Bonar is a great example of the impact that one person can make on an industry. He has done a great job of turning around the industry to help other people achieve success. Over the course of his career, he has helped thousands of people with their personal finances. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

This is a great testament to his work ethic and passion for the business. If you are someone who needs help in this area of your life, he is a great person to work with. He knows the tricks and techniques needed to get people focused and concentrated on getting their finances in order. With his easy system, you will be able to figure out a way to get your finances to a new level. There are few people who know how to do this over the long term.  Read more: Brian Bonar | LinkedIn
Paying Off Debt

One of the things that Brian Bonar always recommends is paying off debt. Having too much debt in your life can restrict a lot of things. For example, if you are trying to save money or invest, it is really difficult to do with a fixed monthly payment on something that is brining no value into your life. It does not matter what the debt is for, this restricts your finances and you should do what you can to get rid of it.


Investing is the key to building wealth over the long term. There are few people who have the ability to get wealthy simply by living off of their salary that they make from their job. Investing is the fuel that you need to take your personal finances to the next level. Over time, it has been proven that investing is worth the risk in the market. If you want to get over the financial hump, start investing today. If you are nervous about investing, working with Brian is a great option for you. He has a great track record of success in helping people get to the next level in this area.

Final Thoughts

Brian Bonar has had a great career in the world of investing. He truly cares about helping people reach their financial goals. If you want to take your finances to the next level, paying off debt and investing for the future are both important. There are a lot of people who struggle in this area of their business. Start working with Brian Bonar today to get positive results in this area of your life.

We Created Our Own Daycare Using Funds Raised At Laidlaw & Company

We are very committed to the work that we do, and we wanted to make sure that we could build a daycare that would be good for the people in the community. We actually needed more money so that we could build an addition that would help us start the daycare, and we wanted to make sure that we were going to have the money outright so that we could start building.

We came to Laidlaw & Company to make sure that we could start investing, and we talked to James Ahern and Matthew Eitner about what we could do just to earn the money to expand. It made sense for us to come to Laidlaw & Company to get help, and they showed us what kinds of accounts we should use to raise the money. They also explained to us what could be done if we wanted to expand a second or a third time. They told us to think about the future.

We started working on something that was going to help us earn the money, and we always got updates from our broker to show us what could be done with the money that we had raised. It helped us make sure that we were going to have the money we needed, and we planned with our broker for the exact amount of money we wanted to pull out.

We also wanted to be sure that we could save for the future if we ever wanted to change houses, and we had a special rainy day fund for moving that our broker set up. We have been with a great broker who helps us, and we are happy to talk to her every day. I am glad that our daycare got built, and I know that it will thrive with Laidlaw & Company’s help.