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Greg Secker Helps Others Become Their Own Boss With Forex Trading

Greg Secker is definitely one of the most well known entrepreneurs and forex traders in the world. He is also a great philanthropist and a world renowned motivational speaker.

Greg Secker said in an interview that he started Learn To Trade when he realized that there were not a lot of resources and training materials out there for people to learn how to become successful at forex trading. Forex trading can be confusing, especially since it involves so many different currencies from around the world. Greg wanted to provide help for those who were struggling with forex trading so that they can achieve their dreams.

Greg Secker said that while he used to work for other people, he now works for himself. This was only possible because of the business he built, which involved forex trading. He wanted to help others quit their jobs and become their own boss like he was. That was his motivation for starting Learn To Trade.

Greg said that after he got started with forex, he became successful pretty quickly. It took just three to six months before he was making more money than what he was making at his job. He quit his job and started to do forex full time. He would invest a lot of the money that he made into trading so that he would be able to make even more money.

At the same time, Greg said that it did not come to him on a silver platter. There were times at the beginning where he just wanted to give up. However, he preserved. After he became successful, knowing how hard you need to work to make it happen, he started Learn To Trade to ease the journey of others like him.

Greg Secker is the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation, which focuses on youth projects and education around the world.

Greg Secker is the founder of Knowledge To Action, which is the parent company of his companies, including the Smart Charts Software and FX Capital.