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Global Reach with a Local Touch Offered by OSI

OSI has a clear goal as a company: customers’ success. Some of the world’s leading brands rely heavily on the global food provider to deliver food solutions that are cutting edge and serving the need through product development and processing. What sets OSI apart from other food providers?

OSI has solutions that deliver the quality food products but with a reach that is global. OSI Group has worldwide partners that help the company’s success and also to maintain the competitive advantage in the food provider industry. OSI’s international network of partners is vast and helps the company leverage its global supply chain that allows them to have better financial flexibility and cost savings.

OSI has been around for more than 60 years and the global leader is well known for supplying value-added protein items amongst a variety of other high service food and retails brands. There are more than 60 facilities located throughout 16 countries.

OSI is headquartered in beautiful Aurora, Illinois. Whether your company is selling food products in the U.S. or another country, OSI can help you get out there because OSI partners are deep rooted in their respective communities. OSI can help you get customized solutions to actually work.

OSI is a large company. Its manufacturing facilities, although located worldwide, are operated like OSI is a small company. How it works is OSI is a privately owned company but you, as a client, will know exactly who you are working with and you will learn to trust that person because of assured satisfaction.

OSI is dedicated to your success. In fact, it is the heartbeat of the company and OSI employees are known to be passionate about customer satisfaction.

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So what do customers say about OSI? Customers have described OSI is a global company that is “results oriented” and that also has motivated and very talented people, who operate on a ‘can-do” attitude. OSI hires people who have a passion for others businesses, meaning OSI employees are empowered to act entrepreneurial, while encouraging improvement and innovation.

Who wants their products better developed, produced and distributed? If that is you or your company, you should check into OSI. They have the commitment and passion to turn dreams into reality. Are you having trouble finding the right market to service your food products? OSI can help you with that too.


Using “tenacious persistence” and “delivering on promises,” OSI believes that customer partnership, as well as having deep relationships with suppliers and employees sets the company apart. By partnering with OSI, you are not just entering a business deal. More than that, doing business with OSI is an exchange of resources that will help you reach your goal – a common goal between you and OSI.

By combining your company brand with marketing, OSI maintains a close customer-supplier relationships. Do you need to help your food product business grow? Maybe you should give OSI a try!

IAP Worldwide: Offering Careers That Help You Help Others

At IAP World Wide Service many government career options are available, with catering to United States military service men and woman who have completed their line of duty. IAP understands the difficulties when returning to civilian life and offers transition networks and programs to ease inactive service men and women into less intensive careers.

Before you start your new career, IAP Worlwide recommends you plan your transition with their available programs. Educational courses as well as contacts to potential places of employment are offered through the Transitional Assistance Office. You can also contact the Military Officers Association of America or the Non-Commissioned Officers Association in regards to what career options you may want to pursue and how to enhance your education or trade skills that may be required.

After contacting the Transitional Assistance Office, you are ready to discuss your options with a job agent on Not all available listings are within the United States, and can be found in South Korea, Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, Romania, Kuwait, and Greece. Career listings are available within the the categories Accounting and Finance, Clerical and Administrative, Customer Service, Human Resources, Legal, Manufacturing and Operations, Technology and Computers, and Transportation and Logistics. Currently very few job listings are available in customer service, human resources, and legal categories with the majority of listings in manufacturing and operations as well as tech, and transportation.

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IAP also offers non-government sector career paths that are dedicated to international betterment. With distinct categories to choose from such as Expeditionary Infrastructure where you can be placed on design teams, construction jobs, or disaster relief and Power Solutions where you can help provide renewable energy and manage power plant operations, you can feel good about the work that you do for the world.

With progress being made globally by IAP, progressive thinking and practices have been made internally as well. Feel comfortable in knowing that IAP World Wide Services is an equal opportunity employer, providing women, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities with career paths that suit their needs. When using IAP Worldwide to find your future occupation, variety and support await each and every potential employee.

IAP Worldwide – careers where excitement meets purpose

Since its inception as a space center operator in the 1950s, IAP Worldwide has been on the cutting edge of human accomplishment. Today IAP actively employs over 1700 people worldwide, with even more acting as subcontractors. With job descriptions ranging from war-zone cargo pilot to things so classified they can’t even be named, IAP Worldwide offers some of the most exciting careers in the world.

From history past to that yet unwritten
IAP continues as a world player at the vanguard of current events. They help to shape history alongside the 175,000 troops they serve at bases and forward locations across the globe. Many companies like to boast of their humble beginnings. As a company whose origins trace to the U.S. rocketry on and space program, IAP has no such humility. From its lofty birthplace, IAP has continued to soar intrepidly towards the future.

In the 1950s, Pan Am Services, a subsidiary of its namesake airline, was awarded a contract to operate the launching pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida on LinkedIn. This was, and continues to be, the epicenter of the U.S. space program. Through the ‘60s and ‘70s, Pan Am Services oversaw more than 2500 launches. These included the breakthrough Apollo missions as well as the ascendance of the Space Shuttle program.

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The enormous triumphs of the missions at Cape Canaveral allowed Pan Am Services to branch out into airport logistics nationwide. By the mid ‘80s, Pan Am Services was a leading provider of everything from planeside fueling services to airline catering to baggage handling and security expertise. Even as its parent company faltered under its own weight, Pan Am Services continued to deliver strong cash flow.

It was acquired in 1989 by logistics giant Johnson Controls.

In 1990, IAP was formed to service a government contract in Kuwait. Over the next 15 years, IAP proved itself as a power hitter for the U.S. military, securing nearly $400 million in total contracts. In 2004, IAP acquired Johnson Controls, forming one of the largest logistics contractors in the United States.

Today IAP Worldwide continues as the main contractor at bases in over 20 countries. Many of IAP Worldwide employees are combat veterans. IAP also has contracts for support roles with agencies including the CIA and FEMA. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a typical day’s work for an IAP associate could often serve as stock footage for an action movie. This isn’t Starbucks.

What it is: A highly compensated and crucial part of our country’s military capability. Without contractors like IAP, our modern armed forces could not function. This is excitement with purpose.

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IAP Worldwide Services Goes Beyond the Norm to Provide a Better World

IAP Worldwide have outdone themselves in establishing a niche in natural disaster management and tactical advisory experts in overseeing battlefield situations. They have won lucrative contracts with the US government and international clients seeking their innovative technological solutions. Indeed, they stand firm by their motto ‘making the impossible possible’ and the future could only be brighter.

Their beginning

Since their inception in 1953, IAP worldwide always held on the dream of creating a better future for everyone. They not only give their employees the best in work opportunities and benefits, but they are always on the forefront of helping the surrounding community, especially when disaster strikes. Mention any flooding incident in the USA and most like you will find an IAP expert was involved, somehow, especially in the mitigation process.

Quick Response to Natural Disasters

As a firm blessed with the technical know-how to respond promptly to natural disasters, IAP has always been called upon to offer a helping hand in hurricane strikes on They sent a rapid response team during the gruesome strikes of hurricane Katrina, Katia, Sandy, and the most recent, Hurricane Matthew. IAP’s empathetic actions come in the form of emergency power supplies, erecting communication systems, or restoring existing ones, providing food supply, and other commodities to victims and sending expert personnel to solve other immediate needs beside power and communication.

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US Navy Contract

IAP Worldwide Services also believe in a safer world to live in, which is why they participate immensely in providing imperative infrastructural support to the US army and Navy. Since 1996, they have won countless tenders to supply the four arms of the Air Force Program with required equipment to aid in warfare. Currently, IAP is partnering with ECC to provide adequate naval infrastructure for the US marines.

This project is already underway and is expected to be complete by 2024. IAP Worldwide will be charged with the sole task of providing incidental-construction which will help the Marines respond efficiently and professionally to natural disasters, military actions, humanitarian support or unforeseen outbreaks in locations of deployment.

Working at IAP

IAP has successfully employed over 2000 employed stationed at all of their 25 branches globally. To be a part of this great franchise requires an individual with a passion for their life, future and the ingrained desire to help people on IAP recruits the best talent in the field that is in line with their vision and ready to work harmoniously with everyone to promote this great image that is IAP.