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Reputation Management with Wikipedia


Wikipedia is an excellent venue for online reputation management. Social media can be used to destroy your prestige or give your reputation credibility.


How to get on Wikipedia


Many believe they do not have an online presence, so they don’t worry about their online reputation. That may well be the wrong way to look it. If you are not using social media to boost your reputation, are you sure someone with an axe to grind is not using social media to sharpen their blade and cut you down? What about the individual your spouse jilted to marry you? Or, the guy you hired to write an article for your online business that couldn’t spell grammar and you told him so?


Once it is out there online, it is almost impossible to get it removed unless it is one of your pages. Look at all the celebrities that have had someone post nudes or less than appropriate images and videos without permission. Even a lawsuit cannot always solve the problem. The judge can order the original post removed, but what about all the other copies? The best hope, in most cases, is to overpower the negative with positive. You may want to create Wiki page.


That’s where getyourwiki can help you manage your online reputation by helping you make Wikipedia article. Sure you can and should create an awesome LinkedIn professional profile; however, Wikipedia, in almost every case, is in the top five on search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. That’s the kind of overpowering positive information you want to boost your online reputation and push down those negative or outdated posts.


But, Why Hire Wikipedia Editor? Why Not Do it Myself?

Whether you are an individual or an online business owner, Wikipedia has a set of standards or guidelines that have been approved by the Wiki community. A professional Wiki knows the guidelines and how to apply them consistently so you get published on Wikipedia. Most of these writers have written dozens of these Wiki pages and are familiar with the format and where to find the right information to utilize on your page. This is not to say you cannot do-it-yourself (DIY) create Wiki page, but like all DIY projects, it will probably look like a DIY entry and the point is to build a good reputation.

If you decide to DIY, keep in mind that Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, not an advertisement. Some other things you need to be aware of are:



  • Do not use copyrighted material without citing the source, written or images


  • Never create a hoax


  • Never engage in personal attacks


  • Never use threats or slanderous materials


  • Always spell out acronyms the first time you use it, as I did with DIY



Wikipedia can be an excellent method of boosting your online reputation if used correctly.