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Houston Astros player helps homeless pets find new homes

Lance McCullers Jr. is famous as pitcher for the baseball team the Houston Astros. Currently, he’s leading the Astros in a potential World Series win against the LA Dodgers. While McCullers is making strides on the field, away from the stadium he’s passionate about helping animals.

As an animal lover, McCullers wanted to do more to help pets. That’s why he created the Lance McCullers Jr. Foundation, whose main goal is to find homes for shelter dogs. Lance’s foundation has partnered with dozens of animal charities in Houston, including Houston Pets Alive to raise money to help with pet adoptions. Through their partnership, the two groups have not only raised awareness for animals, but they’ve also rescued dogs from shelters.

In recent weeks, Lance’s foundation and other Houston charities have been busy with their animal rescue. Hurricane Harvey ripped through the Texas area, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. The aftermath of the hurricane caused many pets to be left homeless. Many pets were kept in shelters until they were reunited with their families or found a new home.

The pets that weren’t reunited with their owners were left in the shelters, not knowing their fate. But Lance’s foundation worked aimlessly to find new homes for the dogs. Their hard work and dedication was a success as the dogs are now set to go to their new homes in California. Not only was the foundation able to handle the pet’s adoption, but they also had enough funds to provide comfortable travel accommodations for the pets.

Earlier in the week, the foundation began the journey to bring the pets to their new homes in California. It’ll be a big adjustment for the pets, but thanks to the foundation and the kind hearts of families, they were rescued from shelter life. It’s moments like these that makes the work that Lance McCullers and his foundation do special. With their help, they’re giving many dogs a second chance.