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Barbara Stokes Leads GSH of Alabama to a $28.5 Million Contract with the U.S Government and FEMA

Green Structure Houses announced the signing of a contract with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. The contract required the Huntsville-based contractor to build state-of-the-art modular homes for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. It’s valued at $28,516, 300 and the terms require the disaster relief construction contractor to have met the March 2018 deadline. According to Barbara J. Stokes, the CEO of the company, they were proud to contribute to the work of FEMA aimed at providing relief to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Also, she added that the institution commits to the provision of high-value and quality houses to their customers. Follow Barbara Stokes on

The company adopts the latest safety technology while developing new houses. Barbara adds that the safety features are designed and engineered in Huntsville. Part of the safety package is an automatic fire suppression system for every home. Over the years, they have provided construction services and skills to both the government and the private sector. Part of their goals is to develop structures while utilizing proprietary state of the art designs and manufacturing skills. As a result, the result is a structure that meets the eye and comes equipped with advanced safety technology.

Since its inception in 2008, GSH has continued to expand and penetrate the market. Part of its success is as a result of the dedication of its workers and most importantly, the experience of Barbara Stokes, Scott Stokes, and its management team. Combined, they bring to the industry over thirty years of experience in disaster relief. Barbara Stokes has a base in structures from Mercer University. There, she studied Biomedical Engineering and physics. Additionally, Stokes took up manufacturing, management, the property of materials, thermodynamics, and technical communication from the University. Before joining GSH of Alabama, she worked at Pisces Corporations and Boeing. Barbara has extensive knowledge in government contracting and prides herself in providing support to FEMA and the U.S government. She takes active roles in the community and is a proud mother of three.


GSH of Alabama specializes in the development of wood frame and steel homes. They adopt modern technology to provide an energy efficient and environmentally friendly house. In hurricane-prone areas, the structural integrity remains uncompromised up to the speed of 130 mph. The architecture of the structures is executive. Additionally, the designs of the homes allow for energy saving and reduce the life-cycle cost. During the construction, quality assurance checks are made to ensure the structure conforms to the standard regulations. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.