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Parent Takes Teacher Hostage, Died Hours Later Due To Injury

On Tuesday, SWAT officers had to take control of a school in Riverside, Los Angeles, after they got reports of a parent attempting to hold teachers hostage at the school. The person holding the people hostage was Luvelle Kenon, who is a parent of a child studying in grade one of the school. He was shot when the SWAT team tried to intervene to rescue the hostage and later died at the hospital that he was taken to following the entire incident.

Kenon had entered the school forcefully, and without getting consent at the front desk, which is a mandate for all the parents who are entering the premises. He did not seem to be carrying any weapons on him, nor did he attempt to claim that he had any, witnesses say. He was then first confronted by one of the male teachers at the school, who he then proceeded to punch in the face, leaving him with a bloodied nose. He then walked into the class of Linda Montgomery, who was teaching her class and attempted to hold her hostage. Another teacher who tried to intervene in the situation was punched by Kenon and sustained a few injuries. The perpetrator then went on to keep Montgomery hostage for seven hours.

During these hours, hostage negotiators tried to negotiate with Kenon and Montgomery but got no word of either of them for a considerable amount of time. Not having any communication, the SWAT team realized that it was time to step in and get the hostage to safety, which is when they shot Kenon to get him under control.

Safety has always been one of the major priorities of the school, and safeguarding the students was the first thing that they aimed to do. Because of the incident, the school has decided to remain closed for a minimum of one week to recover. As of right now, the police do not know the motive behind the crime and do not have any leads regarding why Montgomery was the only one to be held hostage. All of the staff and the students of the school are safe and well, and no physical damage seems to have sustained on any of the people involved with the incident.