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Alpine Home Decorated With Almost Two Dozen Christmas Trees

Rhonda Lamar has one of the most festive homes in the Alpine area of California. She has at least 23 trees in her home with more decorations outside. She believes that homes should have plenty of decorations for the holiday season. Rhonda started collecting trees and other decorations about 15 years ago, not expecting that her supply would be as large as it is today. She tries to add more to her collection every year. Rhonda has everything from garland to candles and figurines that she puts on her tables and shelves. Perhaps the one thing that Rhonda is the proudest of is her collection of 23 trees.

Even though there isn’t much room in her home for all of them, Rhonda doesn’t let a year go by when she doesn’t set up the 23 trees that she has stored. Each tree is decorated with a different theme, such as apple pie, candy or gingerbread. Rhonda strings the lights and decorates each tree one at a time in her home for Christmas. It takes about a week for her to finish setting up the trees along with the other decorations inside and outside her home. Rhonda tries to stay as organized as possible as she has at least 30 different containers for all of the decorations that she uses each year.

When guests enter her home, they arrive at a winter wonderland that features lights and sounds for the holiday season. Rhonda’s home is one of the few that are a part of the “Christmas in Alpine” tour of homes in the area. There is a $30 ticket charge to take the tour with all of the money going to local high school seniors who need help paying for college. Rhonda is able to keep her home in pristine condition and her trees from being demolished because she doesn’t have children. She does enjoy giving back to local children so that they can have a better future.