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How Does InnovaCare Health Do It

Medical articles and reports on what’s going on in the healthcare environment are difficult for most people to understand. There are supposed to be news sources that explain these things to people, but they usually only tell people what they want them to know.

That undermining mentality has created a bad relationship between healthcare providers and their patients. There are also too many stories about healthcare companies cutting people’s healthcare or not giving people quality medical care they need. Again, this is caused by deliberate reports that only want people to know specific things and specific times.


Luckily, there are companies trying to improve patient-provider relationships for positive reasons. Most of the time companies say they care about their patients; they’re just trying to attract new patients. InnovaCare is not one of those companies. They always put their patients first and providing quality medical care is their number one priority. InnovaCare, Inc. operates two Medicare Advantage plans: MMM Healthcare, LLC and PMC Medicare Choice, LLC – in addition to a medical service organization.


In order to provide the best quality medical care, InnovaCare Health only hires professions who are dedicated to bettering their patients’ quality of life. Among those professions is Dr. Richard A. Shinto, a 20-plus-year veteran who specializes in clinical studies and operational healthcare.

Since joining InnovaCare Health, he’s excelled at leading many of the enterprise’s subsidiaries. Dr. Shinto is no novice when it comes to leading healthcare companies. Over his 20-year career, he’s headed several prestigious healthcare institutions. It’s a miracle that InnovaCare landed him as their new CEO and President. He was made CEO and President of the entire company after leading InnovaCare Health Plans to the number one spot as Puerto Rico’s top managed care provider.

The other side of InnovaCare’s success comes from Penelope Kokkinides, its current Chief Administrative Officer. She worked for InnovaCare years ago but left to pursue other career options. During her time away, she worked for a number of companies, where she improved efficiency and infrastructure. Click Here for more information.


Like Dr. Shinto, Kokkinides also has over 20 years experience in the medical field; she specializes in working with government programs. She’s also adept at developing clinical programs and overseeing healthcare processes.

Where she differs from Dr. Shinto is her primary focus: she’s more focused on the ins and outs of business and programs. All of her university degrees gives her an advantage over practicing physicians.



California Doesn’t Have To Abide By Healthcare Deadline

While most people are worrying about what insurance company they are going to select and the insurance deductibles that they are going to pay with their new policies, residents in California are breathing a sigh of relief because the December 15 deadline does not apply to them. Many residents in the state have been worried that they have missed the deadline or that something will happen if they don’t enroll, but officials in the state have tried to reassure everyone that there is no need to worry at the moment. Residents who live in California have another six weeks to make a decision about the kind of policy that they want.

People who live in the other 39 states in the country that depend on the federally funded insurance program had to make a decision by December 15. California residents have until January 31. Many people in the states with the December deadline feel that this isn’t fair and don’t understand why California doesn’t have to follow the same rules. The original date was later than December 15 until it was changed this year. California lawmakers didn’t want to make residents have to make hasty decisions about health insurance, so they decided not to change the open enrollment deadline date. The goal of the date change by the Trump administration is to decrease confusion and to try to get the healthcare program to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

There are other states that don’t fully rely on the federal program that have also offered extensions past December 15. New York has given residents until January 31, and Washington state is giving residents until January 15 to make a final decision. Residents in California who want their health plans to start on January 1 do need to make a decision by December 22. If they wait until December 23 or until January 31, then the coverage will begin at a later date. Because of the lack of pressure to sign up for a plan by a certain date, California has seen an increase in the number of people opting for the healthcare program.

Why You Should Choose Sussex Healthcare For Your Medical Services

Sussex Health Care Centre is an award-winning and independently-owned group of health care facilities that have been providing the state-of-the-art health care services to the residents of Sussex for close to 25 years. The healthcare center has a total of 20 homes evenly spread across Sussex and its environs. These homes are used to offer a wide range of services to different patients depending on their needs and urgenzies. The healthcare center has over 580 beds spread across the 20 facilities, making it the largest healthcare provider of nursing care in Sussex and its environs.

As a healthcare institution, Sussex Healthcare understands the need to have a qualified team of doctors and experts among its staff members. The health center works on a 24-hour schedule which allows it to cater for a wide range of patients regardless of the time or day. As a way of providing guidance and robust leadership, the institution is commandeered by a qualified dental surgeon.

The 20 healthcare facilities are fully-equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment which are used to monitor the progress of the patients receiving medical treatment. Apart from this, the specialists working in the facility have been trained to ensure that the equipment is fully functional according to the set guidelines.

A great deal of attention is paid to the overall quality of care offered at the institution. For instance, meals offered to the patients are sourced from local distributors and prepared using some of the best locally prepared ingredients. As a way of promoting prompt healing, the institution offers on-site and out-site educational opportunities to the patients.

Some of the services offered by the institution to the patients are as follows.

Elderly Care Services

Sussex Health Centre provides person-centered services to elderly patients who are not in a position to take care of themselves. The center provides round the clock meals, accommodation, and a 24-hour medical supervision to the elderly patients. Therapies such as occupational, physiotherapy, and reflexology are offered at the facilities. However, these forms of therapies are available upon request.

Specialized Adult Care

Sussex homes have been designed in such a manner that they can offer a wide range of specialized medical care to the patients. These services are specifically designed for the physically and mentally disabled patients. Just like the elderly care services, specialized services are offered on a 24-hour basis.

Palliative Medical Care

Palliative care services have been designed for patients suffering from chronic and terminal medical conditions. The homes that offer these services work with local specialists who support the Gold Standard Framework meant to provide End of Life Care. With this in mind, a compassionate and specialist approach is offered to the patients to ensure that they live comfortably during their last days.

USHEALTH Group; Your Optimal Insurance Cover Provider

USHEALTH Group is an insurance firm that has served for over five decades. USHEALTH has become quite popular over the years. One thing that makes them famous is their ability to customize solutions for their clients. They usually design a winning gameplanthat enables them to take care of every individual who visits their premises. Execution is also done excellently by their well-trained sales leaders and agents. As at now, USHEALTH Group has grown to become a dominant player within the insurance market segment in US. It is also worth noting that the Texas-based company focuses on development of innovative health coverage solutions. Their comprehensive package coupled with superior customer service has catapulted the firm’s growth to amazingly high heights.

Aspects That Facilitate USHEALTH Group’s Sustained Growth

As said, USHEALTH Group has seen decades and remains relevant till date. You understand that having been in the industry for more than fifty years, they must have experienced highs and lows in business. However, how they handle their setbacks helps them a great deal in remaining relevant. For instance, USHEALTH Group seeks to combine talents of their staff from different departments. Apart from marketing their competitive insurance products, they also focus their attention more on customer service. Regardless of the aspect of the organization operations, you can be assured of world-class customer service. This is because USHEALTH Group considers delivering unmatched value and care depending on what you believe. Having prominent authorities in the administration also influences the company’s growth significantly.

USHEALTH Group Out to Help Families in Local Communities

USHEALTH Group operates under the guidance of an organizational commitment that helps them to impact the lives of others positively. The company’s advisory crew has a HOPE mission that influences the role they play in other people’s lives. Troy McQuagge serves as the president and chief executive officer, something that has exponentially impacted the company’s development. Since assuming office in the organization, Mr. McQuagge has seen USHEALTH Group grow ten times larger. Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) has been in existence since 2010, where they have been assisting deserving communities. In 2011, the administration supported a Phoenix-based non-profit children’s shelter called The Crisis Nursery. USHEALTH Group purchased apparels, shoes, and baby formula for them.

Benefits You Enjoy by Signing Up with USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH has a responsive team that supplies their clients with what they require. The enterprise trains their employees on how to handle their customers. You will enjoy hiring services from a company that highly values you, as they employ a culture that drives them to greatness.

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