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Information On Mark Mofid

A doctor dealing with plastic surgery, Mark Mofid went to study his medical degree from the University of California. After he received his undergraduate degree of medical, he had specialized with general and plastic surgeries. He also advanced his education in Hopkins University. In his career, he has been working in different hospitals as a staff surgeon. He has been owning a clinic that is located in San Diego which has been offering plastic surgeries together with dermatological services. The wife is the one dealing with the patients who require dermatology patients while Mark Mofid deals with the plastic surgery patients. He has also been certified by surgeries boards.

Mark Mofid attended an interview and talked about his career and the services his clinic is offering. When he was asked whether he was looking for a nonsurgical optional method, Mark Mofid said that they can be treated at a cheap cost where there is a busy practice of surgery and have the hope of converting most of the patients to take surgical practices. These chemodenervation and nonsurgical fillers agents have been natural extensions that are in any of the cosmetic surgical practice. Many of the patients have become facial rejuvenation candidates and all they want is dig the big toe first in the swimming pool so that they can be able to know whether its a pleasant experience.

Being a physician, you make mistakes and poor decision. According to Mark Mofid, they made a mistake about the last six years where they hired a bookkeeper who had a criminal record. What the wise people say is that leopards never change their spots, so all they had to do was to deal with aftermath which leads to the same person having another criminal conviction. What he has been doing is a background check for all his employees as a way to make wise decisions.

As a physician, Mark Mofid received an advice where he was told not to ever put a wagon in front of the horse. By this way, you will not worry about the unsustainable overhead. He is a member of clinical Faculty at California University. He has made breast and facial surgeries publications and his journals have become recognized nationwide by surgeons.

First Confirmed Death in California from E. Coli Bacteria

At the End of April, reports were coming in of E. coli due to consumption of contaminated romaine lettuce. This is passing quite the panic across the nation and is a hot topic and concern at this time. Reports began in Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Utah as the first to confirm the E. coli 0157: H7 bacteria. This is one of the worst bacteria to cause E. coli. It has been confirmed of hospitalizing 51% of the 121 total cases up to this point. Fourteen cases have been confirmed with hemolytic uremic syndrome. This is a kidney failure that affects five to ten percent of those diagnosed with the E. coli bacteria. It is also known to spike high blood pressure and cause neurological damage to those that have been contaminated with E. coli. Now just recently in California there is confirmation of its first death due to the E. coli bacteria. California Department of Health is not releasing any information on the death of the person at this time.
The reported romaine lettuce with the contaminated E. coli bacteria appears to be coming from a farm in Yuma, Arizona. The public is warned f they do not know where the romaine lettuce comes from, then they must get rid of it immediately! As well over half of the states in the US have been affected by this outbreak and more cases are still coming in. All these cases have been confirmed in a short amount of time and only in its second week. As this epidemic still continues to spread, everyone is advised to take note of the symptoms of this deadly bacteria and seek medical attention as soon as possible. The symptoms normally begin to show three to four days after consumption of the lettuce, so if anyone has the following symptoms please be very aware and cautious. These are the symptoms; fatigue, fever, bloody diarrhea, severe stomach cramps, decline in urination, out of the ordinary bruises and or bleeding and vomiting. If caught in time, hopefully the death toll will remain just one. One is still too many.

Hepatitis A Outbreak Hits San Diego

California was one of the first states in the nation to be hit with a huge hepatitis A outbreak, starting in September the state saw a huge spread of the preventable but potentially deadly disease. Now it seems they were just the beginning as similar outbreaks have begun popping up around the nation.

San Diego was the home of the original outbreak, hitting in fall of 2017 it came hard and swift. The city began washing streets that it believed were aiding to the spread with bleach and also began community initiatives to help spread the word about vaccinations that were available. Similar outbreaks have been popping up around the nation now, mostly in the homeless and drug using populations, but there seem to be few national headlines discussing the topic. In California alone it appears that from 2016 to 2017 there was a 48.7 percent spike in hepatitis A cases, a number that is unprecedented.

Hepatitis A is spread through contact with human feces as well as sexual transmission, and it is believed that the rise in the homeless population as well as the rise in illegal drug use has led to the uptick in the number of cases. Often times, homeless communities do not have access to public bathrooms, this leads to the rapid spread of the disease. In San Diego alone in the past year there were over 580 cases reported, 20 of those cases resulted in death. Not only are those numbers staggeringly high, but it has cost the San Diego County health department over $9.5 million. Michigan and Kansas are also seeing high numbers of hepatitis A cases being reported.

In the past, the United States saw an outbreak of hepatitis A from contaminated from strawberries in 2016 and another from pomegranate seeds in 2013. Europe has seen a surge in sexually transmitted hepatitis A recently, but the type that is popping up in the US, the type that is transmitted through fecal matter, is most often only seen in developing countries where the majority of the people do not have access to proper sanitation services. Cases like this haven’t been seen in the United States in the modern era until now.

It is important to note that hepatitis A can be spread as simply as touching a bathroom door handle after an infected person touched it then eating without washing your hands. Symptoms include nausea, yellow eyes and fatigue, but often these symptoms take weeks to appear. This illness can generally take a healthy person out of work or school for up to six or seven weeks as they recover. The good news is that there is a vaccine, which was approved in 1995, and is available to everyone. It is also required for school aged children before they begin public school. For more information on this topic, click here.

How Does InnovaCare Health Do It

Medical articles and reports on what’s going on in the healthcare environment are difficult for most people to understand. There are supposed to be news sources that explain these things to people, but they usually only tell people what they want them to know.

That undermining mentality has created a bad relationship between healthcare providers and their patients. There are also too many stories about healthcare companies cutting people’s healthcare or not giving people quality medical care they need. Again, this is caused by deliberate reports that only want people to know specific things and specific times.


Luckily, there are companies trying to improve patient-provider relationships for positive reasons. Most of the time companies say they care about their patients; they’re just trying to attract new patients. InnovaCare is not one of those companies. They always put their patients first and providing quality medical care is their number one priority. InnovaCare, Inc. operates two Medicare Advantage plans: MMM Healthcare, LLC and PMC Medicare Choice, LLC – in addition to a medical service organization.


In order to provide the best quality medical care, InnovaCare Health only hires professions who are dedicated to bettering their patients’ quality of life. Among those professions is Dr. Richard A. Shinto, a 20-plus-year veteran who specializes in clinical studies and operational healthcare.

Since joining InnovaCare Health, he’s excelled at leading many of the enterprise’s subsidiaries. Dr. Shinto is no novice when it comes to leading healthcare companies. Over his 20-year career, he’s headed several prestigious healthcare institutions. It’s a miracle that InnovaCare landed him as their new CEO and President. He was made CEO and President of the entire company after leading InnovaCare Health Plans to the number one spot as Puerto Rico’s top managed care provider.

The other side of InnovaCare’s success comes from Penelope Kokkinides, its current Chief Administrative Officer. She worked for InnovaCare years ago but left to pursue other career options. During her time away, she worked for a number of companies, where she improved efficiency and infrastructure. Click Here for more information.


Like Dr. Shinto, Kokkinides also has over 20 years experience in the medical field; she specializes in working with government programs. She’s also adept at developing clinical programs and overseeing healthcare processes.

Where she differs from Dr. Shinto is her primary focus: she’s more focused on the ins and outs of business and programs. All of her university degrees gives her an advantage over practicing physicians.



Innovative Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a Tulane Medical School graduate of 09’ who has ideas on coming out with a brand new innovative app for botox patients, called OVME releasing in 2018. For people who desire to have botox completed, using the OVME app, clients will be able have the procedure done on demand, by connecting with Freelance practitioners who will make house calls. This will operate thru a national chain of cosmetic medical offices, who comes to your location, which reminds you of the well-known company Uber. From starting out studying medicine, to branching off to this venture, its obvious Dr. Mark Mckenna chose business over medicine.

His reasons for finding something new besides becoming a doctor, was drawing a conclusion that it would be far from easy to become a wealthy doctor. In 2009, after graduation, Dr. Mark Mckenna put together a real estate business in New Orleans, Louisiana, after starting to invest in real estate even in High School. Building his real estate business was not easy though, when you take into account dealing with catastrophic Hurricane Katrina in 2005, as a result losing millions of dollars overnight. During the time period of being part of the real estate market, he was able to accumulate more than $500,000 a year, with the business worth around $5 milion.

Dr. Mark McKenna was able to bounce back after the natural disaster by dissolving the entire real estate business that he created, and decided to move to Atlanta, where he would open a chain of offices that offer various cosmetic treatments, such as, weight counseling, nutrition, laser hair removal, and injections. It was in the year 2015 that he let go of the cosmetic treatment business, bought by Lifetime Fitness, before coming up with OVME. What makes it such a catchy name is, it seems as though it all about the client and what they want when you pronounce the name, it sounds like “of me” denoting attention to you, the customer.

Exemplary Leadership from Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinedes Drives InnovaCare Health to Greater Heights

InnovaCare Health’s core thrust is to provide excellent care no only through Medicare Advantage plans but by making the services of highly qualified doctors available as well.


InnovaCare Health has two affiliates in Puerto Rico, MMM Healthcare Inc., and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., which provide healthcare services for the improvement of both the emotional and physical conditions of their members. These affiliates have consistently reported extremely high marks for customer satisfaction, and in 2011 were accredited by the NCQA—a distinction reserved for high quality providers of healthcare.


Spearheading InnovaCare Heath are CEO Dr. Richard Shinto and COO/CAO Penelope Kokkinedes. Dr. Shinto who hails from Southern California, is a pulmonologist by training, and has also been the chief executive of Medical Pathways Management Company, Cal Optima Health Plan in Orange County, and NAMM, a California healthcare company. During his term as President and CEO of Aveta Inc., Shinto was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young for his dedication to excellence in his field. In 2014 Shinto also received the “Access to Caring Award” from Western University Health Science at their yearly “Tribute to Caring” gala, to individuals who have made quality health care more available to underserved communities.


Penelope Kokkinedes, InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administrative Officer, has been in the healthcare industry for more than twenty years, and has focused on the managed care industry and government programs in her distinguished career. Previous to joining InnovaCare Health’s team, she has held executive positions at Centrelight Healthcare, Touchstone Health as well as Americhoice, where she served as Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management. Go To This Page for more information.


In July of last year, InnovaCare Inc., announced three additions to their leadership, namely Kokkinedes as CAO, and also Jonathan Meyers, formerly of Medicare and Medicaid for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, as Chief Actuary Officer and Mike Sortino as Chief Accounting Officer. Sortino had worked as controller of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Ltd.


As their name suggests, InnovaCare aims to innovate healthcare management to ensure that it suits the lifestyle needs of our world today. InnovaCare emphasizes that teamwork; communications and good workplace relationships have been pivotal to their success.

Meet Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides the Brains Behind InnovaCare Health’s Success

InnovaCare Health is the number one provider of healthcare programs to the less privileged in North America. CEO Rick Shinto propelled this great company to the success it is enjoying today. Rick always believed in teamwork and he attained all this success by working together with his staff.


About Rick Shinto


Dr. Rick is the current president and CEO of InnovaCare Health Inc. He also served as the president and CEO of Aveta Inc from 2008 to 2012 when the company was sold. Before that, he was in the team of management.


Rick used the vast experience to make InnovaCare Health the successful entity it is today. As the CEO, he started many projects that have seen many needy patients get quality health care. Under his leadership, more than two hundred thousand patients have joined its membership program that has over 7500 employees. According to Rick, the health care does not only treat their patients, but they also educate them to create awareness. In addition, they give support to their loved ones when the patients are recovering.




The gestures mentioned above earned Rick Shinto Access to Caring Award. The award was presented to him at Wester University of health sciences.


On July 2016, InnovaCare Health Announced Three Additions to Leadership Team. Rick achieved great success by having a talented team of management on his side. One of these talented faces that were brought is Penelope Kokkinides. Before joining InnovaCare, Ms. Kokkinides was the Vice President of Center Light Healthcare. She has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare solution. She played a significant role in introducing and formulating ideas that were successful in the corporate world.


Penelope Kokkinides’s interview on IdeaMensch


Penelope said that every day to her is different and thinking about what to do the next day is what made her successful. She stated that taking time to be informed on what is happening in the industry is what makes successful entrepreneurs. Penelope Kokkinides also added that being organized and structured played a significant role in her success. She also added how technology has transformed how people conduct business. See Related Link for more information.


Last year, InnovaCare Health joined HHS initiative to reform payment models. They announced that they were pleased to work with Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN), which seeks to move the health system in the United States towards models that are based on quality and not quantity.




Healthy Sleep Takes More Than Just Lying Down And Closing Your Eyes

Millions of people struggle with trying to get a good night’s sleep. Much of the night is spent tossing and turning in hopes that sleep will eventually come before the sun rises. Being sleep deprived is a serious condition that affects many people, especially those whose job may be demanding. It can also be a problem for retired people who may have difficulty adapting to a life without work, and having very little to do during the day. What ever the situation, lack of sleep only presents other conditions. It can cause health issues, as well as mental health problems. Getting the proper amount of sleep is very essential for the body, and the mind.

There have been many suggested ways to improve the quality of sleep, and also to prepare you for a good night of sleep. A simple routine may be the answer to sleep deprivation. Even if you have a job that requires you to be active during the day, it is still helpful to try some form of exercise, or a simple activity right before bed time. Some people go to sleep with the television on. This is a major determent for sleep. Trying to sleep with the lights on can also be a sleep prevention decision. To ensure that you can get to sleep, turn everything off. Your text to link…

The body will respond better to darkness, and quietness. Often times, people will depend on sleeping aids, which may not work if you do not have a sleeping mood environment. The body is more receptive to sleep if it is tired and in need of rest. Get in the routine of doing a simple activity about an hour before you lie down. If you sleep with a partner, massages can be a relaxing way to get the body ready for sleep. Without the proper amount of sleep, the body will not function at full capacity. You will experience drowsiness throughout the day, and may even doze off at your place of employment. Allowing the body to get the sleep that it needs is of vital importance. Give a lot of attention to your sleep habits, and patterns. If you are deprived of sleep, consider some of the suggested ideas.

The Concepts of Matthew Autterson in the Sphere of Business

Matthew Autterson has set a new level of investment in the sphere of business. He developed the passion in the same arena while at the University of Michigan State. He then improved his ideas while serving in Trust Corporation. The dedication that he had made him combined concepts with other workmates. The factor that boosted his level in the niche of investment is the experience they had developed for a long time as a worker. Matthew Autterson remains at the forefront in crafting the directions of the company as the rest of the team bestowed trust in him. He then formulates all the measures that were essential to propel the business to the high position in the market. He then consulted the team of experts in every level of decision to make the company flow along the lane of expectation.


Matthew dedicated his matter in serving the company till he became the president. He integrated the current techniques in the system of the company to set the objectives on progress. The excellent skills of Matthew Autterson in the area of management made him address the issues and fixed the purposes to cope with the status of the firm. Matthew made a lot of moves in the company that registered positive changes in the body. The other organization in place that was working in partnership with Trust Corporation was Integrated Resources Inc. The primary area of operation was within the city of New York. Matthew as the leaders of the organization emphasized of the quality as the priority factor in the company. All the matter related to the objectives of the group were adjusted to fit the dictates of the regulations. Matthew Autterson established the company from the scratch till it picked up in the market. The quality of the services by the company won the trust of many clients in the city of New York and its surroundings. The company’s name was later changed after three years in the market to SunAmerica. The idea behind the move was to tighten the bond of the two merger companies.


Matthew Autterson acted as the Chairman of the company and advised the board of the firm. The inception of the CNS Bioscience in the field and its concept was started by Scott Falci M.D. The step of forming it was to kick out the neuropathic pain by developing the perfect drug. See Related Link for more information.


Matthew Autterson has featured in many programs aimed at boosting the confidence of the disabled in the community.

The Volcanic Water of Waiakea Water

Have you ever imaged drinking water that has been filtered by volcanic rocks? Well if you have your wish has come true with the bottled water Waiakea Water. This article discusses the unique properties behind the new craze in bottled water. This water is filtered and packaged in Hawaii which the author explained, how could a person not want water from Hawaii. Waiakea Water has a prime selling point with having their water created in Hawaii. The article starts off with the author explaining how the sale of bottled water was unheard of years ago because their faucet water was pretty clean and in today’s age, bottled water is a billion-dollar business. The author even jokingly compared selling bottled water to selling rays of sunshine and purified air. Both might seem weird but so would selling bottled water years ago. The article also touches on how plastic bottles are dangerously polluting our oceans and how some countries pour millions of plastic bottles in the ocean every year. That’s why the author is liking Waiakea Waters, they are one of the first companies to have biodegradable bottles and they only use recycled plastic to create their bottles.



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Waiakea Water is the brainchild of Ryan Emmons who saw an opportunity to bring the world something new and since it was created in 2012 the company has seen a lot of growth. The water that is sold is rain or snow water that runs down the volcano Mauna Loa located on the Big Island of Hawaii. This idea came to him when he finally realized that he has been drinking some of the purest water in the world and decided to share it.




The water goes through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock which it picks up nutrients. Some people have said that the purest filter water has an alkaline level of pH 7 whereas Waiakea Water has a natural alkaline level of pH 7.8 to 8. Waiakea Waters is a ten-million-dollar company and is protected to continue to grow since the world is loving their amazing pure water on earth. See This Page for related information.



Watch Waiakea Water on YouTube.