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All About the Product Brokerage Market America

Market America is a product brokerage company that has been helping people become their own business owners since 1992. The company prides itself in being the “Unfranchise”, since it allows its distributors to sell company products online without the cost, hassle and startup requirements of routine franchises. Since the company’s inception, they have worked with well over half a million independent distributors who all own and operate their own websites. Distributors can market and advertise their own sites as they wish in order to provide a better revenue for themselves. The company is found in America and Canada, with plans to expand to Europe in the next few years. 650 people work for the company helping distributors get started and maintain their own sites. Distributors can make anywhere from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars each month for each sale that is made. Products are sold on a commission-basis, which means that you only get paid if a product is sold and kept by the customer.

Market America works with different affiliate manufacturing corporations to create and produce product lines that range from automotive care products to weight loss supplements and everything in between. These lines are known as Pet Health, Royal Spa, Isotonix and AutoWorks. Distributors can pick and choose the products they want to sell on their pre-purchased websites. The website package available by Market America includes a domain name, hosting and website builder to make it easy to design the site that you need to bring in a regular client flow. Purchasing the website package is part of the startup fee, and you will then need to pay Market America $100 a month to retain the rights to the products. Products can also be found on for resale if you’re interested in purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

Apart from paying a fee to maintain your site’s operation, you’ll also be required by Market America to attend conventions and seminars that are done both locally and online. The seminars can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 depending on the length and type of convention you’ll be attending. If you fail to make use of their seminars, you will lose the rights to the products and will have your website deactivated.

First Confirmed Death in California from E. Coli Bacteria

At the End of April, reports were coming in of E. coli due to consumption of contaminated romaine lettuce. This is passing quite the panic across the nation and is a hot topic and concern at this time. Reports began in Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Utah as the first to confirm the E. coli 0157: H7 bacteria. This is one of the worst bacteria to cause E. coli. It has been confirmed of hospitalizing 51% of the 121 total cases up to this point. Fourteen cases have been confirmed with hemolytic uremic syndrome. This is a kidney failure that affects five to ten percent of those diagnosed with the E. coli bacteria. It is also known to spike high blood pressure and cause neurological damage to those that have been contaminated with E. coli. Now just recently in California there is confirmation of its first death due to the E. coli bacteria. California Department of Health is not releasing any information on the death of the person at this time.
The reported romaine lettuce with the contaminated E. coli bacteria appears to be coming from a farm in Yuma, Arizona. The public is warned f they do not know where the romaine lettuce comes from, then they must get rid of it immediately! As well over half of the states in the US have been affected by this outbreak and more cases are still coming in. All these cases have been confirmed in a short amount of time and only in its second week. As this epidemic still continues to spread, everyone is advised to take note of the symptoms of this deadly bacteria and seek medical attention as soon as possible. The symptoms normally begin to show three to four days after consumption of the lettuce, so if anyone has the following symptoms please be very aware and cautious. These are the symptoms; fatigue, fever, bloody diarrhea, severe stomach cramps, decline in urination, out of the ordinary bruises and or bleeding and vomiting. If caught in time, hopefully the death toll will remain just one. One is still too many.

Hepatitis A Outbreak Hits San Diego

California was one of the first states in the nation to be hit with a huge hepatitis A outbreak, starting in September the state saw a huge spread of the preventable but potentially deadly disease. Now it seems they were just the beginning as similar outbreaks have begun popping up around the nation.

San Diego was the home of the original outbreak, hitting in fall of 2017 it came hard and swift. The city began washing streets that it believed were aiding to the spread with bleach and also began community initiatives to help spread the word about vaccinations that were available. Similar outbreaks have been popping up around the nation now, mostly in the homeless and drug using populations, but there seem to be few national headlines discussing the topic. In California alone it appears that from 2016 to 2017 there was a 48.7 percent spike in hepatitis A cases, a number that is unprecedented.

Hepatitis A is spread through contact with human feces as well as sexual transmission, and it is believed that the rise in the homeless population as well as the rise in illegal drug use has led to the uptick in the number of cases. Often times, homeless communities do not have access to public bathrooms, this leads to the rapid spread of the disease. In San Diego alone in the past year there were over 580 cases reported, 20 of those cases resulted in death. Not only are those numbers staggeringly high, but it has cost the San Diego County health department over $9.5 million. Michigan and Kansas are also seeing high numbers of hepatitis A cases being reported.

In the past, the United States saw an outbreak of hepatitis A from contaminated from strawberries in 2016 and another from pomegranate seeds in 2013. Europe has seen a surge in sexually transmitted hepatitis A recently, but the type that is popping up in the US, the type that is transmitted through fecal matter, is most often only seen in developing countries where the majority of the people do not have access to proper sanitation services. Cases like this haven’t been seen in the United States in the modern era until now.

It is important to note that hepatitis A can be spread as simply as touching a bathroom door handle after an infected person touched it then eating without washing your hands. Symptoms include nausea, yellow eyes and fatigue, but often these symptoms take weeks to appear. This illness can generally take a healthy person out of work or school for up to six or seven weeks as they recover. The good news is that there is a vaccine, which was approved in 1995, and is available to everyone. It is also required for school aged children before they begin public school. For more information on this topic, click here.

How Dr. Mark Mofid Became A Top Plastic Surgeon And Researcher

Dr. Mark Mofid is a practitioner of plastic surgery in the greater San Diego region. He also performs reconstructive surgery at a number of local area hospitals. He has his own practice in La Jolla and he is board certified. He is married and his wife also works at this clinic as a dermatologist. His practice contains a surgery center which is accredited AAAASF/Medicare. He also offers laser services using a Cutera laser. Other services he offers are dermabrasion and chemical peels.

He also performs a lot of research in addition to doing surgery. Dr. Mark Mofid says that when he started in the industry he saw things that he knew could be improved upon. His foremost concern is making these types of surgeries safer and more effective for patients, not just his but others plastic surgeons patients as well. He is one of America’s foremost authorities on gluteal augmentation. After several years of research, he came up with a new implant that replaced the older ones which would notoriously slip out of place and cause sagging. Other doctors who perform this type of surgery now use his patented implant.

As for the business side of running his practice, Dr. Mark Mofid says that he hired a fantastic office manager who has worked for him the past seven years. He credits her with putting together a good staff which includes four front office staff. He says he doesn’t advertise because he lets his results speak for his work. He gets a lot of referrals from past satisfied patients. He says he does have a website for his business but they don’t optimize it for search engines, as of yet anyway.

At Harvard University, Dr. Mark Mofid earned his bachelor’s degree magna cum laude. His education next took him to The John Hopkins School of Medicine. He earned his MD with the specialties of plastic surgery and general surgery. His fellowship was in advanced craniofacial research. In addition to performing reconstructive and plastic surgeries he also teaches these subjects at the University of California, San Diego.

A Story Of Resilience; Dr. Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna is a medical doctor licensed by the Florida and Georgia Board of Medical Examiners in surgery and medicine. He is natively from New Orleans, LA, and a graduate of Tulane University medical school. Dr. McKenna is also an outstanding and determined entrepreneur. After getting his medical degree, Dr. Mark McKenna began practicing with his father who was also a doctor. Meanwhile, he was also looking into the real estate industry which he considered his first passion. He launched McKenna Venture Investments and a few years later also founded Universal Mortgage and Lending Uptown Title. His companies offered real estate closing services, finance, and building services. He was happy to be practicing his first passion that is real estate.


In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna relocated to Atlanta and decided to move back into practicing medicine. He did not waste any time to come up with a new idea being the serial entrepreneur that he is. Dr. Mark McKenna came up with the idea of ShapeMed and quickly put it to practice that very year.


ShapeMed is a medical practice with several offices that offer aesthetic and wellness services like Botox injections, laser hair removal, nutrition and weight counseling. It was known as the clinic with the most comprehensive medical weight loss solutions. ShapeMed went on to do fairly well, and seven years later Dr. Mark McKenna sold it to Life Time Fitness Inc. he stayed put for a year and worked for Life Time Fitness Inc. as a Medical Director before moving on to launch OVME (pronounced as of me) in 2017. OVME is a medical aesthetic company that relies heavily on technology. His goal for this firm is to reinvent elective health care.


Dr. Mark McKenna’s success story is one of resilience, hard work, innovativeness, and perseverance. Dr. Mark is a voracious leader who rose from all his challenges and found out where his destiny lies and put even more effort which has led him to where he is. His level of creativity and innovativeness is unmatched, and the world cannot wait to see what he comes up with in the coming years.Get Related Information Here.


Healthy Sleep Takes More Than Just Lying Down And Closing Your Eyes

Millions of people struggle with trying to get a good night’s sleep. Much of the night is spent tossing and turning in hopes that sleep will eventually come before the sun rises. Being sleep deprived is a serious condition that affects many people, especially those whose job may be demanding. It can also be a problem for retired people who may have difficulty adapting to a life without work, and having very little to do during the day. What ever the situation, lack of sleep only presents other conditions. It can cause health issues, as well as mental health problems. Getting the proper amount of sleep is very essential for the body, and the mind.

There have been many suggested ways to improve the quality of sleep, and also to prepare you for a good night of sleep. A simple routine may be the answer to sleep deprivation. Even if you have a job that requires you to be active during the day, it is still helpful to try some form of exercise, or a simple activity right before bed time. Some people go to sleep with the television on. This is a major determent for sleep. Trying to sleep with the lights on can also be a sleep prevention decision. To ensure that you can get to sleep, turn everything off. Your text to link…

The body will respond better to darkness, and quietness. Often times, people will depend on sleeping aids, which may not work if you do not have a sleeping mood environment. The body is more receptive to sleep if it is tired and in need of rest. Get in the routine of doing a simple activity about an hour before you lie down. If you sleep with a partner, massages can be a relaxing way to get the body ready for sleep. Without the proper amount of sleep, the body will not function at full capacity. You will experience drowsiness throughout the day, and may even doze off at your place of employment. Allowing the body to get the sleep that it needs is of vital importance. Give a lot of attention to your sleep habits, and patterns. If you are deprived of sleep, consider some of the suggested ideas.

The Volcanic Water of Waiakea Water

Have you ever imaged drinking water that has been filtered by volcanic rocks? Well if you have your wish has come true with the bottled water Waiakea Water. This article discusses the unique properties behind the new craze in bottled water. This water is filtered and packaged in Hawaii which the author explained, how could a person not want water from Hawaii. Waiakea Water has a prime selling point with having their water created in Hawaii. The article starts off with the author explaining how the sale of bottled water was unheard of years ago because their faucet water was pretty clean and in today’s age, bottled water is a billion-dollar business. The author even jokingly compared selling bottled water to selling rays of sunshine and purified air. Both might seem weird but so would selling bottled water years ago. The article also touches on how plastic bottles are dangerously polluting our oceans and how some countries pour millions of plastic bottles in the ocean every year. That’s why the author is liking Waiakea Waters, they are one of the first companies to have biodegradable bottles and they only use recycled plastic to create their bottles.



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Waiakea Water is the brainchild of Ryan Emmons who saw an opportunity to bring the world something new and since it was created in 2012 the company has seen a lot of growth. The water that is sold is rain or snow water that runs down the volcano Mauna Loa located on the Big Island of Hawaii. This idea came to him when he finally realized that he has been drinking some of the purest water in the world and decided to share it.




The water goes through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock which it picks up nutrients. Some people have said that the purest filter water has an alkaline level of pH 7 whereas Waiakea Water has a natural alkaline level of pH 7.8 to 8. Waiakea Waters is a ten-million-dollar company and is protected to continue to grow since the world is loving their amazing pure water on earth. See This Page for related information.



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