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A Student in California Is Arrested With 90 Magazines and 2 Assault Rifles

Two handguns, almost 100 magazines and two high-powered assault rifles were found in the residence of a young man in California. The youth was apprehended for issuing threats that he would open fire at a learning institution where he was a student. The teenager was reported to the law enforcement authorities by Marino Chavez who serves as a guard in the school. Mr Chavez overheard the student saying that he would shoot up the learning institution in the coming weeks. The young man made the threatening comments just two days after the Florida High School shooting which left 17 people dead. The young man issued the threat to El Camino High School.

According to Chavez, the student gave a confirmation that he had issued the threat though he did not mean it and was just kidding. The guard added that the student had allegedly been angered by his student’s decision to deprive him of the luxury to wear headphones in class. Mr Chavez told reporters that reporting such an incident should not make him a hero because he was merely doing his job. Though the young student made claims that his comments were a joke and there was no specific plot uncovered by investigators, the Sherriff Department in Los Angeles said that there was the need to take such threats seriously.

Jim McDonnell who is the County Sherriff in Los Angeles said that the discovery of the AR-15 assault rifles in the young man’s home was enough evidence that the threat was real. He added that if the action had not been taken, the boy could have opened fire killing tens of students and teachers in the school. The Sherriff said that after a thorough search of the boy’s home, law enforcement officers found two handguns, 90 high capacity magazines full of ammunition and two AR-15 high-powered automatic rifles. The student’s elder brother who is currently 28-years-old said that he had procured the guns when he served in the armed forces in Texas.

One of the automatic AR-15s had not undergone registration with the relevant authorities. The County Sherriff said that the possession of an automatic rifle in California without having the appropriate registration documents amounted to a felony. The brother is currently being charged with importing magazines and possessing an assault rifle among other violations.