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A Look At Brazlian Marketing Genius, Nizan Guanes

Marketing In Brazil Explained
Brazil is considered to be a country with much economic potential in the future. It is often grouped in the BRICS countries. These are developing countries that are expected to see their economies rapidly expand. For a company to successfully market a product in Brazil, they should keep the following in mind.

Brazil is a nation that is fanatical about the sport of soccer. Expect to see plenty of ads that feature or use the sport of soccer somehow. Everyone in Brazil is familiar with soccer and the sport can be used as a powerful marketing message tool. Expect major companies to sponsor soccer teams and tournaments throughout Brazil.

Another important thing to remember is that Brazilians like their samba and to express their sexuality freely. Marketing a product or service using sex appeal is a common and highly acceptable form of advertising. Soap operas are another big marketing opportunity for companies. Millions watch soap operas daily and regularly. They provide prime time opportunities for advertisers.

A Leading Advertising Figure In Brazil Is Nizan Guanes

Nizan Guanes is an entrepreneur who is best known for creating the conglomerate called Grupo ABC in 2002. The conglomerate controls numerous marketing and advertising firms in Brazil. Mr. Guanes began working as a copywriter for a local advertising firm in the city of Bahia. He later moved to work for companies such as Artplan in Rio de Janiero and DPZ in Sao Paulo.

One of Nizan Guanes‘ ads created in 1998, for the Brazilian daily newspaper, Folha de Sao Paulo, received an award at the Cannes Film Festival. The ad was so well received that it continues to be considered one of the top 100 ads of all time. Nizan Guanes was one of the founding members of the Association of Entrepreneurs Friends of UNESCO. The group directly supports UNESCO’s efforts at preservation cultural and historical landmarks around the world.