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My Dog No Longer Gets Sick Now That I Feed Him Beneful

I wanted to get my dog to take him for a walk, but he just sat in the corner of the room and wouldn’t move. I went over and nudged him, but he still sat there the same way. He looked up at me as if something was wrong, and that’s when I noticed something gross in the corner. It turns out the dog had thrown up, and I had no idea that he was sick. The fact that he wouldn’t move made me worry, so I took him to the vet immediately. The dog had gotten sick from a dog food that I had chosen to buy for him the day before, and I didn’t take precautions. It wasn’t just that the dog food wasn’t fed to him gradually by mixing it with his past food, it turns out that the dog food had actually been recalled. I picked it up at a gas station when it was late at night because I knew I wouldn’t have time to buy food in the morning. The dog food company that had been selling that particular food had gone out of business because they were making food that was making dogs sick. I actually sat there in the vet’s office, and I con Walmart ried my eyes out. I was very naïve to think that all dog food companies would make sure that they only put good ingredients into their food, and I never thought that something like this would affect my pet. Even if the dog food company made bad food, I could have simply read the ingredients or even looked up the food on my smartphone when I went to buy dog food that night. The vet told me that it was a close call, but the dog would be okay. I asked her what food did she suggest I buy in the future, and she told me to buy Beneful. I wholeheartedly trust my veterinarian, and that’s why I’ve been bringing my dog to her for years. If my vet told me to put the dog on an escalator to get exercise, then I’d have no problem doing so because I trust her that much. I took the vet’s advice, and I went to the pet store and looked through the different brands of Beneful. Just in case, I chose to read the ingredients on the side of the bag of dog food, and I was very impressed with what I read. I know that dogs need to eat real meat, and Beneful has a lot of real meat in it. I bought the bag of Beneful dog food from Petco, and I even chose to pick up a few bowls of Beneful Wet Dog Food. I was nervous about feeding the dog something new again, but he had no problem transitioning to the new bag of Beneful dog food. Later in the evening I gave him a bowl of Beneful dog food, and it’s amazing how quickly he ate the food. I’ve learned a lesson from all this, and my best lesson is learning that Beneful is great food.