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Warriors to Keep City Name

For the past 5 years, one of the most popular professional sports teams in the entire world has been the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors, who are in the Western Conference of the NBA, have been extremely successful and popular with fans do to their fast style of play, high winning percentage, and very marketable talent. While the Golden State Warriors have been very popular, there has been speculation that the team may be changing its name in the near future.

Prior to the start of the 2019 NBA season, the Warriors will be moving into a new home. Currently, the team plays in a stadium near Oakland but will be moving into a new high profile stadium located in the Mission Hill district of San Francisco. Due to the move, there was a lot of speculation that the team would be changing its name to the San Francisco Warriors to account for the move of the team. However, the team has debunked this rumor and will continue to operate as Golden State ( This, they feel, will continue to give a sense of unity in the northern California region.

It would not have been a huge surprise for the team to change their name. From the 1962 season until 1971, the team also played in the stadium in San Francisco and did call themselves the San Francisco Warriors. Regardless of what the team name is, the Warriors are bound to continue to be quite successful.

Over the past three years, the Warriors have won two NBA titles and have set many different NBA records in terms of scoring, shooting, and winning percentage. One of the main reasons why the team has continued to be very successful is that it has a lot of very talented players on their roster. Currently, the team is led by a variety of All Stars including Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. This has helped the team to be very good on both sides of the ball as the rest of the league has tried to keep up.

As the current season comes to a close, the Warriors look ready for the playoffs. They have had some injuries recently, but are expected to be near full health in the near future.

Warriors Look to Build Momentum

For the past several seasons, one of the most exciting teams in the NBA has continued to be the Golden State Warriors. The Golden State Warriors have won three straight western conference championships and have won the NBA title in two of those seasons. The team, which is led by a variety of dynamic offensive players including Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson, has continued to be dominant and break a variety of scoring records.

While the Warriors are once again poised to move on to the playoffs, the team looks like they may have more competition than ever before to make it back to the NBA Finals. With only about 10 games left in the regular season, the Warriors sit about 3 games back of the first-place Houston Rockets. The Rockets have been led all year by starting guard James Harden, who also looks like a favorite to win the NBA MVP award.

As the Warriors end the regular season, they will have a number of very challenging games. One of these games occurred earlier this week when they played in a very tough game against the San Antonio Spurs ( The Spurs, who have also been a top team in the conference for nearly 20 years, have continued to find ways to slow the Warriors down. This past game was no different as the Warriors ended up losing by a score of 83-75, which is one of the lowest point totals that the team has had in a very long time.

Part of the reason why the team struggled was due to the fact that the team was recovering from a lot of different injuries. Four of the typical starters on the team did not play, including Curry and Durant. This left players Draymond Green and Quinn Cook to try and carry the load. While they both put forth a lot of effort, they were outmatched the whole game.

While the game is not necessarily a great indication of how the team will perform down the stretch due to the amount of players that were out of the game, it does show that they may not be as deep as they were in prior years. The Warriors will need to continue to rely on their top stars in order to succeed in the playoffs

The Best Basketball Team Deserve To Have The Best Player

Sports fans will travel the country for the excitement of seeing their favorite team play. They sometimes go over board when it comes to the great showmanship and atheletic ability of their favorite player. They want silence when the games are on the television, with no voice being heard but theirs. You cannot interrupt them for any reason, unless the house is on fire. True sports fans keep up with all of the activities of their team, and they know all of the stats, and can predict the outcome of every game, down to the number of points the star player will score. There is nothing like a true sports enthusiast. They are as active in the game as the players are.

The fans of basketball great Kevin Durant are delighted of his decision to play for the Golden State Warriors. They feel like this franchise is getting the best of the best. Kevin is not really focused on the amount of money that he could receive, but more about the fact that he wants to be a part of this team. He is a young player who has proven himself to be among the greatest players of all times. He has captured the hearts of many fans with his skill of the game. Kevin is a hard player, and gives his all to his team. Now he wants to give that all to the Warriors. Your text to link… His reason for not seeking a large pay check is because he has accumulated much during his career.

This is a perfect example to set for those younger, and older, than he. Often times it is not all about the money as much as it is just doing something that you like to do. The one thing that Kevin wants to do is to play with this team. Much of the responses to his announcement have been very much in his favor. Fans would love to see him continue his career with one of the best teams in the basketball league. Not only does he deservs to play for the Warriors, but the team deserves to have him play with them. Here is wishing him the best in his venture to play with the Warriors.

Warriors Hold Off Clippers

Going into the 2017 NBA season, most people agreed that the Golden State Warriors would once again win the NBA championship. Through the first 60 games of the season, the Warriors appear to be headed in that direction. After winning two of the last three NBA championships, the team that is led by Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson, continues to look like the amazing offensive threat that it has been for the last several years.

The team currently has a record of 45 wins and 14 losses. This is good enough to have them tied for first place in the NBA based on record. While they have been far and away the best regular-season team for the last few years, they do have some new competition this year in the Houston Rockets. During the off-season, the Houston Rockets made one of the biggest moves in years by acquiring starting point guard Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers. This has helped to make the Rockets another very dominant team as Paul and James Harden continue to put up big points and win a lot of games.

Due to the importance of having home-court advantage in the NBA playoffs, every game that the Warriors play is extremely important. This week, they had a very big game against the Los Angeles Clippers. While the Los Angeles Clippers have taken a step back this year, the team continues to be one of the most bitter rivals for the Warriors and always gives them a great game. While the Clippers once again were able to take the Warriors down to the wire, the Warriors once again were able to come out on top (

During a highly-contested game between the two teams, the Warriors ended up winning by a final score of 134-127. This was a very good game for the Warriors who looked fresh during the start of the game, which was the first game back after the All-Star break. The team held a lead that was as large as 18 points early on, but the persistence of the Clippers allowed them to chip back into the game and had the lead cut to under 10 with minutes to go and looked to be shooting very well at the end.

Vince Carter and the Warriors

Not too long ago Vince Carter was a rising star in the NBA, on par to become one of the greats. That was then, and this is now. Father time has never lost when it comes to aging sports stars. Vince Carter is and was a casualty of time. His skills diminished, along with his legacy. Unless you are an avid fan of the NBA, chances are you may have even thought that Vince Carter had already retired.

Carter has bounced around the NBA for a few years now, after a strong start with the Toronto Raptors. He has spent time in New Jersey, Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas, Memphis, and this year in Sacramento. With each of these teams, his role has diminished to where he comes in off the bench and provides a little scoring.

Recently Carter opened up open his free agency over the summer and his attempt to join the champion Golden State Warriors. Carter may be over-the-hill by NBA standards at 40 years of age, but he still wants to contribute. Going to a loaded team like the Warriors, Carter’s status as a bench warmer would almost have been certain. Even though his role has diminished with age, he still wants to come off the bench a provide a spark.

With the ideal in mind that Carter can still produce, he found a better offer with the Sacramento Kings, a $8 million deal for one year. He gets to come off the bench, provide some help, and still have a career in the NBA. Had he gone to the Warriors, he would have sat on the bench, made less money, and disappeared without a trace. There is still some spirit in the old-timer. In a recent game he had a break-a-way dunk that he even thought about turning into a reverse or windmill.

California Basketball Teams off to Strong Start

Heading into the 2017-18 NBA season, a lot of eyes were on the teams in the state of California as several of them seemed to have very intriguing storylines entering the season. One of the teams that seemed to be the most interesting were the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors previously won the NBA title the previous season, which was their second championship in just three seasons.

Through the first couple of weeks of the NBA season, the Warriors seem to be getting off to a little bit of a slower start thing many teams would have expected. After the first eight games, the Warriors have a record of five wins and three losses. Wow that is still pretty good, it is well behind the pace that they were running at the last couple of years.

Another team of intrigue were the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers have been a solid team for the past five years, which was due in part to the fact that the team had star point guard Chris Paul. However, the team was never able to get over the hump with Paul and the player ended up moving on to the Houston Rockets in the offseason. While the Clippers were thought to struggle without Paul, they seem to have found a groove and are playing well without him. Through the first seven games of the year, the Clippers have five wins and two losses. Much of this success was due to the fact that big men Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan are continuing to play well and put up some big numbers.

The other Los Angeles team that has been the focal point this year are the LA Lakers. The Lakers are one of the most storied franchises in sports history, but have struggled to gain a footing ever since the retirement of Kobe Bryant. However, the team seems like they have finally found a star in second overall pick Lonzo Ball. Through his first few games as a NBA player, Ball seems like he could live up to the hype as he is averaging over 10 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists per game. Overall, the Lakers have a record of 3 wins and 4 losses and look like they could compete for a playoff spot.

Golden State Warriors Win NBA Title

The Golden State Warriors captured their second NBA title in the past three years on Monday night as they defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, 129-120, at Oracle Arena in Oakland. The series had been seen as the rubber match between the two teams that were meeting in the Finals for the third consecutive year, the first time that had happened in league history.


The turning point in the game took place in the second quarter, with Cleveland leading by a 41-33 score. At that point, Golden State scored 28 of the next 32 points to take a 61-45 lead. At that point, a heated dispute between Golden State’s David West and the Cleveland duo of Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith resulted in technical fouls being assessed to all three players.


The Warriors held a 71-60 halftime advantage, with subsequent comeback attempts during the second half of action by the Cavaliers were never able to get the margin closer than three the rest of the game.


The Golden State duo of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry combined for 73 points on the night, with Durant’s 39 points cementing his award for Most Valuable Player in the series. While the victory for the Warriors was their second championship since 2015 and third in their history, it marks Durant’s first since he entered the NBA a decade ago.


Durant’s decision last year to leave his team, the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Warriors, caused much of the same criticism that the Cavaliers’ LeBron James had faced in 2010. That was when he left Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat, before returning to his hometown team four years later.


Despite the loss, James performed admirably in his seventh consecutive Finals appearance. He scored 41 points, grabbed 13 rebounds and handed out eight assists. He also made league history by becoming the first player in NBA history to average a triple-double, which are double-digit numbers in three different statistical categories.