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California Gov. Jerry Brown Vows To Fight Trumps Dismissal Of Global Warming

President-elect Trump has made a few enemies with his downplayed approach on climate change, and California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is one of them. During the campaign season, Trump seemed to mostly disavow the idea that global warming was a real thing. Now that the campaign is over, he has faltered a bit stating that maybe humans do have some connectivity to the changing climate, but he still has not stepped forward to actively agree that it is a real thing. A detailed list of his stance can be found here along with direct quotes from Trump himself.

Gov. Jerry Brown intends to do whatever it takes to protect climate change research conducted in his state. Brown recently addressed the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco stating “We’ve got the scientists, we’ve got the lawyers, and we’re ready to fight.” Brown also had plenty to say when it came to Trump’s idea to cut NASA’s climate research program in order to crack down on what Trump calls “politicized science”. Brown claims that if Trump turns off the satellites, he is prepared for his state to launch their own satellites and collect the data themselves.

There is even a fear that the Trump administration may try to alter or take down the federal government’s climate data found online and scientists are going to great lengths to copy the information onto private independent servers. Brown argued for them stating that his state already has a lot of databases, if necessary, California will take on even more. He even promised to protect any laboratories within the public University of California system that are preforming climate research, he is prepared to fight any political interference and promises that those labs will continue to output honest independent science.

Brown also expressed his displeasure at Trump’s new nomination to head the Department of Energy, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R). He criticized the Texas economy and went on to discuss how California has had a long history of embracing renewable energy and stressed how much his states economy has grown under the newer strict environmental regulations. He went on to state that California has more sun than Texas does oil and California is going to use that sun.

Brown may have beef with Perry on a more personal level, in 2013 a radio ad aired that had then Gov. Rick Perry encouraging California based businesses to move to Texas. Brown wasn’t happy and rather rudely lambasted the ad.

So far, Trump has not taken office and has not made any moves to remove any information from any databases. He has spent the majority of his time building his new cabinet and preparing to take office in the White House in January. When that time comes, everyone will wait and see if he is as big of a threat as Brown is making him out to be.