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Kabbalist Rav Berg Explains the Basis of Stress and Provides a Conquering Solution

Medical researchers and physicians associate mental illnesses and bodily diseases to stress and depression. Without some form of treatment, whether spiritual guidance or care from a physician, it can result in people making the wrong decisions which can result in chaos. People of age have experienced depression and/or stress at some point in their lives. We blame our children, spouses, friends, relatives, co-workers and other individuals for the onset of stress and depression. Kabbalist Rav Berg recently posted an article on Living Wisdom discussing the basis of stress and provides an important solution to conquer various physical and mental illnesses.

Before elaborating on the origin of stress and Rav Berg’s conquering solution, let’s discuss Kabbalah and its meaning. Kabbalah is referred to wisdom and offers practical solutions for creating joy and fulfillment in our lives that last eternally. Its studies are based on ancient texts from Zohar and writings from Kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria. The practice of Kabbalah is dated back to more than 4,000 years and remains active around the world, today.

Rav Berg at Kabbalah Centre stated in the Living Wisdom article that kabbalists understanding of stress goes beyond the physical world. The basis of stress is traced to the nature of the Lightforce, according to Kabbalah teachings. It pressures human beings to remove chaos in their lives by allowing the Lightforce of God to enter their minds, bodies and environment. Once the true Light enters us, there is transformation of our way of thinking to defeat illnesses and diseases. We are able to handle stresses caused by worrying and anxiety.

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