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George Soros’ Dedication to Supporting Various Humanitarian and Charity Causes

George Soros is a world celebrated philanthropist. Over the years he has made vast contributions to various humanitarian and charity causes. Judging from his charity works across the world, it is evident that most of George Soros’ charity works have an immense rooting on his past. George Soros spent his early boyhood life in the Nazi-occupied countryside of Hungary.

Years later, while a young adult, Soros decided to immigrate to London, England hoping to find greener pastures. After briefly staying in London, Soros finally immigrated to the United States of America and is currently an American citizen. After Immigrating to the United States, Soros started trading on Wall Street. He is considered to be one of the most successful American investors on Wall Street.

Back in 1992, George Soros made one of the biggest gambles of his career. The American Wall Street trader bet $1 billion against the United Kingdom’s currency, the Pound. The move made by Soros gained mainstream media coverage which resulted in him known globally, mostly within the business and financial circles.

After Soros waging against the pound, the British bank embarked on devaluing the pound which was achieved through aggressively selling the currency. The aftermath of the events from Soros’ waging against the pound, to the consequent devaluing of the money earned George Soros the nickname “the person who brought the bank of England to its knees.”

Through Wall Street, George Soros acquired vast amounts of wealth and had since been giving it back to communities by supporting both humanitarian and charitable causes across the world. One area Soros has been putting significant effort in is in the promotion of democracy on a worldwide scale.

1984 marked the year George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation in Hungary. In America, Soros has been supporting numerous Democrat candidates and their initiatives. In 2016, George Soros made significant donations to the Hillary Clinton campaign. He was also one of the vocal supporters of Hillary Clinton throughout the entire presidential election season.

Since starting the Open Society Foundation, George Soros has made it a trend to offer substantial donations to the Hungary based charity. The average amount of funds he donates to the Open Society amounts to $850 million on an average. Due to the changes made to his estate planning, Soros drastically changed the amount of the donations he makes to the Open Society. The aftermath of the changes made to Soros’ investment and estate planning saw him donate $18 billion to the Hungary based Open Society Foundation. The Wall Street Journal was the first media firm to break the news of the $18 billion donations.

Over the next few years, George Soros is expected to make additional donations to the Open Society Foundation that will amount to $2 billion. More details about the $18 billion contributions made by George Soros to the Open Society Foundation can be found in the New York Times. The Open Society Foundation is a reputable charity institution known worldwide for supporting various charitable causes across the world.