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A 9-Year-Old Raises $568.10 to Help Her Brother

Addison Witulski is a 9-year-old girl who lives in New Mexico, and what she does after learning that her brother needs heart surgery is simply amazing. At first, the girl’s family decided not to inform her of her brother’s condition so that she did not need to worry his safety. However, she overheard a conversation between her grandparents and was concerned they would not be able to raise the funds required for her brother’s upcoming surgery in time. Rather than giving up hope, she took it upon herself to help her brother by opening a lemonade stand on the side of the road, but she was not sure how much money she would be able to raise.

Luckily, it did not take long for the community to discover the reason behind Addison’s lemonade stand, and they quickly began showing their support. In a heartwarming turn of events, the New Mexico State Police stopped by to support her efforts to raise the money. Addison’s Grandmother, Kim Allred, expressed her amazement and gratitude for the young girl’s incredible act of kindness.

Although the $568.10 raised so far is not enough to cover all of her brother’s medical expenses, it’s a good start. In addition to scheduling a bake sale, the family has recently started a GoFundMe campaign so that they can raise the remaining funds needed for the young boy’s heart surgery, which will be performed July 19, 2016.

New York Counselor Ross Abelow Helping Animal Shelters Raise Money For Resources With GoFundMe Campaign

In a plea to sponsor homeless animals, New York lawyer, Ross Abelow, recently dedicated a GoFundMe fundraiser. With this, he hopes to raise $5000 or more in charity money, which will go towards buying animal shelter resources. The campaign which he started earlier this year (January 13) will strengthen financial support and care for strays roaming New York without a home. While there’s been countless accounts of the city lending shelter to strays, resources aren’t enough. Abelow gesture of compassion will definitely prevent animal death by cold or another misfortune.

Vulnerable animals wandering the streets of New York now have hope with this new campaign, counselor Ross Abelow has launched. With this sponsorship, Abelow hopes to help amass enough money to buy vaccines, food, medicine and blankets for a swollen animal shelter population at temporary rescue homes. He’s set the threshold to a reasonable $5000, which can gather some necessities for the city’s suffering animals. With food rations, limited accommodation and medical care, shelters are skeptical about new placements. Animals suffer during the harsh winter months. This campaign is a worthy cause to lighten the burden on shelters and strengthen their resources.

Certainly, the market for New York attorneys is chaotic as there’s an abundance of talent. An example of true expertise is Ross Abelow. With an incredibly long career practicing law on a multifaceted landscape, he’s became an influential candidate among his peers. Besides law, Abelow is an advocate for animal charity who’s recently dedicated a fundraiser to help shelters gather resources. Ross Abelow has injected himself into community development outreach in recent years. He’s passionate about improving the quality of life for residents, including vulnerable animals. Too often, strays die, get injured or sick because they’re without a home. Shelters are in place to prevent such tragedies, but without adequate supplies, these agents of compassion cannot do their part. Abelow attended SUNY-Albany (State University of New York at Albany) where he earned his BA and later entered Brooklyn Law School. He currently holds a J.D. from the said institution.

He has a specialization in entertainment law, matrimonial law, commercial law and family litigation. Additionally, he’s a regular contributor of legal writings shared via his official blog space. Throughout his years practicing law, Ross Abelow has maintained a fairly outstanding track record. He handles each case diligently and with extreme confidentiality. He’s a powerhouse lawyer who’s been practicing for 20+ years. Currently, Abelow serves the Abelow & Cassandro, LLP law office as an associate partner.