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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin hold a fund for human rights everywhere. It’s called the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund. It champions local, national and international beliefs.

Human rights have never been as crucially important as they are now, and that’s perhaps an epic understatement as the fact of the matter is this: If people do not stand up to fight for what matters most to them in this life, then they may perhaps never get a second chance to do so anytime soon, and this is exactly what has happened with the Venezuelan people since 2013.

In 2013, the evil communist Nicolas Maduro cheated his way into the presidency and has happily remained there ever since, all to the very destruction of the country as a whole: There is no food; there is no water; there are no jobs or other resources; in fact, to be quite honest, mothers cannot even walk into a local drug store to purchase a diaper for their babies or a piece of bread to chew on. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter and Phoenix New Time

Let Venezuela be a lesson to us all: Human rights everywhere matter, and they are no less important at any time, even the people fail to vote or even to elect their own leaders; this, of course, is what gives rise to these dominating tyrants in the first place – the ignorance of the masses and their unwillingness to make a change to better their society.

When this happens, you can count on it – as a fact – that the nation is doomed to failure. It has been almost five years, and the people have still not been able to weed this evil man out of the office; their every attempt seems to only be thwarted by his military and their firepower.

North Korea faces quite a similar situation: It has been said and held as true that, after the recent passing of his father, the young dictator known as Kim Jong Un has only further increased the same tyranny and oppression within his own nation; it seems that evil people will only grow worse and worse these days, and that alone testifies to the fact that action must take place sooner rather than later.

This action may occur in the form of civil and human rights leaders, like the great JFK, or through foundations that appeal to such causes – such as the noble Frontera Fund. Either way, action needs to happen, and it needs to happen soon.

Major consensus have already argued that an outside intervention needs to occur immediately for both Venezuela and North Korea: If this does not happen, then both countries may become forever lost, never to rise again or show their banner.

We, as human beings, should never want to see this happen to any nation, culture, race, people group, religion or society as a whole – and that is why we must fight, if for no other reason. Remember that today’s worries become tomorrow’s problems. So engage.

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