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College Makes it Easy to Get Degree

A college in California has recently found a way to create fake grades, allowing foreign students to easily make their way into the United States each year. The college in the Silicon Valley also takes in millions as a result of tuition that is paid by these students.

Northwestern Polytechnic University has about 90% of students who are from other countries. There are no qualifications in most instances for these students. They are simply accepted once the tuition is paid, and they are given an education. Even if they don’t have the grades to get through college, they are given passing grades so that they can live in the United States. Professors are not allowed to fail these students per the college administration. This is what is wrong with the country today. When students can simply go to a school and do nothing but pay money to get a passing grade in order to be a citizen, then it’s time to take a look at who is in charge of the country. These are people who might take courses that could lead to the destruction of the country after they learn about scientific elements and how various programs work in computers. They could use the education received to harm the country, leaving once the mission is completed because they already have the education that they need.