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Martavis Bryant’s Spot in The 2017 Fantasy Football Rankings

There has been recent debate, whether or not, Pittsburgh Steelers’ WR, Martavis Bryant, has the ability to make it to WR1 in the fantasy football rankings. Fantasy football fans all over the U.S. are wondering if Bryant would be a player worth picking in 2017.


In 2016, it was thought that Bryant would be one of the top WRs in fantasy football rankings. His perfect height and speed was going to make him one of players dominating the fantasy football field; however, this WR was not going to make it. After Bryant’s drug test failure, he was suspended from the 2016 season. The predictions of the fantasy football rankings were incorrect, and many fans were let down.


Making predictions for the 2017 football season has been, so far, very challenging. Award winning fantasy football podcast, The Fantasy Footballers, has been a great outlet for helping fans make their own predictions. The Fantasy Footballers have been praised in the most recent years, for their high accuracy in forecasting great picks in the fantasy football rankings.