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The Inspiring Business Career Path of Mina Ebrahim

Mina Ebrahim, the owner of Saint Germain Catering is of Iranian origin. However, due to the revolution in her home country in the year 1978, her family had to relocate to the United States but for Mina, it was a blessing in disguise. She was only seven years of age at that time.

Mina began working at Tiffany’s bakery at the age of 11. The bakery located in Seven Corners was purchased by her parents on arrival in the U.S. While working here, Mina gained high experience in customer service, a virtue that proved to be an invaluable asset in her business career.

Mina Ebrahim helped the bakery grow and on expansion, it relocated to Tyson’s Galleria as Saint Germain’s. After saving enough, she left her family’s cafe and established her own company, Saint Germain Catering.

Unlike her family’s style of operation, Mina intensified her business on corporate serving. Saint Germain Catering was hired to serve in corporate luncheons, weddings, private parties and company business meetings. With its delicious meals, the company gained popularity over time.

Mina Ebrahim currently has 32 full time and 8 part time highly skilled employees working under her. She has received several awards in her line of success. In the year 2014, she was accorded with the Enterprise Women of the Year Award. She was also the winner of Top 40 under 40 awards in 2010.

Mina Ebrahim is also a renowned philanthropist. She is recognized for her sponsorship of a cancer detection dog, McBaine of Penn Vet Working Dog Centre of the University of Pennsylvania. It is responsible for detecting early ovarian cancer in women.

She also channels most of the earnings realized from her company to aid in cancer research at the University of Pennsylvania. She was the brains behind the establishment of Jack-Ebrahim program, it boasts of being the only radiology veterinarian program in the country.

She established the Mina Ebrahim Foundation which empowers women entrepreneurs of all ages to grow their businesses. In addition, she is part of a group that helps disabled victims in war. She has attended many professional seminars dealing in cuisine and techniques.

LA is Where You Can Find Cambodians Serving Up Fried Chicken

Los Angeles has always been known as a melting pot, attracting people from across the world to its sunny shores. For the most part, different ethnic groups have tended to concentrate in specific areas. Asians have flocked to eastern areas like Arcadia and Monterey Park, Mexicans have put down roots in East LA, and African American families have clustered around Manchester Square and Crenshaw. What’s so special about the community as a whole, though, is how each of these groups can come together to create something special and unique.


You can see a perfect intermingling of people when you visit the Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken restaurant at 91st and Central Avenue in South Los Angeles. Serving up beans, sweet potatoes, and crispy fried foods to a mostly black clientele is a family that immigrated from Cambodia.


The owner of this particular establishment is Michael Eng. In 1992, he became a Cambodian refugee as his country was embroiled in a civil war. He, and about 50,000 other Cambodians, eventually made their way to Los Angeles. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he bought this restaurant right after the Rodney King riots took the city by storm.


A lifetime of hardworking paid off for Eng. He’s now the owner of the entire chain of Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken restaurants. There are almost 150 restaurants in the network, and 80% of them are owned by Cambodians.


Most of the owners are also refugees or have family members who were refugees, so they can empathize when they meet customers who may be struggling through tough times. A unique bond can form between the employees, the owners, and the patrons, and it’s clear that Eng’s original restaurant has become a staple in the LA community.



What OSI Group is Really About

If you’ve heard the name OSI Group, then you know that they are a food service company. In fact, their slogan is, “A World of Food Solutions”. OSI Group is a company known for its strong heritage and providing tremendous value. Value is often lost in the mix of other things that take priority for a business that is as large as OSI, but they don’t let it slow them down in working towards the greater good for their customers.

This full-service food company works on a global level, and OSI Group take their safety measures and quality control seriously. This is what makes them a top-notch company and far superior to their competitors on Getting results is what makes a business great or not great, and it’s getting results that drives success for OSI Group. If this company is dedicate to your success, doesn’t that make you feel good? It’s important that when working with a service provider that they are able to see your long-term goals and work as though their goals are your goals. This is the heartbeat of OSI Group and what they are all about.

Partnership is another driving force in the business world. If there isn’t a strong foundation for partnership, it seems that it would be impossible to push toward a common goal. Partnering with the right people makes a difference, and it’s the short-term and long-term vision of your partnership that will make or break your business. As a full-service global supply chain, OSI Group is committed to delivering food to the table that is on time, of the highest quality, and food that is checked with the highest quality standards before it arrives.

One of the most recent major changes OSI Group has made was an acquisition for their company. This acquisition included Baho Food, which means that the company can now take a greater market share in Europe. This took place in August 2016, and it’s exciting news as OSI continues to find ways to expand their business. This private Dutch company is an important name in meat products, and while the merger was still under approval at the time the announcement was made it’s a great move for both companies.

One of the greatest things about OSI is that they are regarded as an entrepreneurial company. This is because they have the spirit of creating and designing, and they are always seeking ways to partner on something. They believe that operating as a family is important although they have rules and regulations just like anyone else. OSI Group want freedom for those who work for them, and the family spirit fosters an attitude of confidence as well as a drive to always do more and be better. This is something that is so rare and unusual in a large company like OSI Group, but it’s incredible to see.

California Showcases Some of The Country’s Best Food Trucks

California has some of the most delicious food in the country, and the food trucks in the state help to showcase that. Fresh local ingredients are commonly used, and California residents have a reputation for eating light and healthy all year round. The food trucks help to celebrate the rich culture and diversity that California is known for, making many of these restaurants on wheels popular with locals and tourists alike.

Chomp Chomp Nation is a food truck that features cuisine from Singapore. The truck is in Orange County and run by chef Gina Galvan. When Food Network host Guy Fieri visited the food truck, he was especially impressed with the sweet and salty crab cake on the menu.

Kogi Korean BBQ has a taco that’s so delicious, Food Network voted it the Best Taco in California. The short rib taco, which sells for $2 is a favorite among Los Angeles residents.

Crepes Bonaparte is a food truck that only sells crepes, made to order. Both sweet and savory varieties are available, and options include bananas Foster and club sandwich. There are two crepe trucks–named Pierre and Gaston–which make their way through San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Finally, Don Chow Tacos makes the list for its delicious fusion of Chinese and Mexican cuisines. The “chimales” (a Chinese Mexican tamale) are a favorite dish from the truck. Don Chow also serves kung pao chicken tacos and Chinese BBQ pork burritos.

Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s Is A Top San Diego Restaurant

Brian Bonar is a person who works very hard at his many endeavors. One of his recent success stories is Bellamy’s, a restaurant in the southern California city of Escondido. San Diego Magazine recently did a feature on Bellamy’s. The article not only highlighted the restaurant, but the impact the eatery has on the local community. Bellamy’s fits right in with the style and culture of the city. This is one of many reasons why the venture draws in so many customers.
Bellamy’s was once a different restaurant under different ownership until Bonar took it over and oversaw the transformation to Bellamy’s. The trendy nature of the restaurant was not lost on the people in the San Diego county region. San Diego Magazine definitely noticed, which is why such a flattering portrait appeared.

Per the article, Bonar is building a restaurant empire of sorts. Bellamy’s remains a very significant part of this developing empire. The quality of the food combined with the ambiance adds to its success potential.

The description of the food truly makes anyone reading the review want to rush to Bellamy’s and get a table. Beet salad and mushroom-filled ravioli are truly special items. At Bellamy’s, they are a perfect example of the many unique and special foods sold on the premises.

Since the restaurant is a project of Brian Bonar, the establishment benefits from the guidance of a successful entrepreneur. Bonar has a great deal of experience running Trucept, Inc. Bonar brings a lot of enthusiasm to his endeavors. The enthusiasm should help Bellamy’s continue to make a splash in the San Diego region.

The review basically sums all that one needs to know about Bellamy’s by pointing out the food is great and the service is awesome. Bellamy’s does deliver what people want the most in a fine establishment. For many, the venue exceeds expectations.