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California Showcases Some of The Country’s Best Food Trucks

California has some of the most delicious food in the country, and the food trucks in the state help to showcase that. Fresh local ingredients are commonly used, and California residents have a reputation for eating light and healthy all year round. The food trucks help to celebrate the rich culture and diversity that California is known for, making many of these restaurants on wheels popular with locals and tourists alike.

Chomp Chomp Nation is a food truck that features cuisine from Singapore. The truck is in Orange County and run by chef Gina Galvan. When Food Network host Guy Fieri visited the food truck, he was especially impressed with the sweet and salty crab cake on the menu.

Kogi Korean BBQ has a taco that’s so delicious, Food Network voted it the Best Taco in California. The short rib taco, which sells for $2 is a favorite among Los Angeles residents.

Crepes Bonaparte is a food truck that only sells crepes, made to order. Both sweet and savory varieties are available, and options include bananas Foster and club sandwich. There are two crepe trucks–named Pierre and Gaston–which make their way through San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Finally, Don Chow Tacos makes the list for its delicious fusion of Chinese and Mexican cuisines. The “chimales” (a Chinese Mexican tamale) are a favorite dish from the truck. Don Chow also serves kung pao chicken tacos and Chinese BBQ pork burritos.