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Students in California Without Vaccination Proof Being Sent Home on First Day of School

Loads of students in the Sacramento area were sent home at the start of the school year this week for not having proof of vaccination when they showed up to start either their kindergarten or seventh grade year, according to an article posted on The Sacramento Bee.

Due to a new state law that was implemented on July 1st of this year, families that had the option to avoid vaccinating their children due to religious or personal beliefs was eliminated. This new law requires that students entering two school checkpoints- kindergarten and seventh grade- have to show proof of proper vaccinations. This will also apply to any students that transfer into the district during the year.

The Folsom Cordova Unified School District reported that out of the 3,200 students starting both kindergarten and seventh grade, 145 of them were sent home for not having the proper vaccination records. Daniel Thigpen, a spokesman for the district, said that out of the students that were sent home Tuesday that 72 were from kindergarten and that 73 were from seventh grade. The Folsom Cordova District is hoping that the parents will take their children to the vaccination clinics to receive their shots so that they may return to class as soon as possible. The district is reporting that as of Friday, there were only 98 students that were still not in school, 37 from the kindergarten grade and 61 from seventh grade.

The Natomas Unified School District reported that no students were sent home on the first day of school due to their vaccination records not being up-to-date. Spokesman for the district Jim Sanders said that they had taken proactive measures to ensure that parents were informed about the necessary vaccinations. The district alerted parents over the summer about the regulation changes and held vaccination clinics. On the first day of school, 103 students arrived that were not vaccinated. Out of those 103 students, the parents either returned the same day with the proper paperwork or they took their child to a mobile clinic to get the proper shots the same day.