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Former Heavy Metal Band Member Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a Brazilian-born entrepreneur who had an early career as a drummer in the heavy metal band known as Viper. The group rose to fame when their debut album Soldiers of Sunrise became a hit. All of the members of the group were teenagers when they formed the band, and were heavily influenced by British heavy metal bands such as one called Iron Maiden.After being with the group for several years in the 1980s, Cassio Audi suddenly left it just a year after they had achieved success with their initial album. He went on to attend Sao Paulo University , where he obtained an MBA degree, and Pontifical Catholic University, where he earned a BA degree in Business.

After completing college, he went into the fields of real estate and investment management, working at places like Brazil Real Estate Partners and JP Morgan Chase.He became an experienced financial expert who advises clients on how to use strategic planning when it comes to investing their money. Although this industry is much different from the one he started out in so many years ago when he was in Viper, Cassio Audi excelled at it. But he still stays connected to his former fellow band members by performing with them every year at a concert they put on in their home country for fans of the former band.

Over the years, Viper has had quite a few band members who have joined, and who have been replaced. The original members of the group included Cassio Audi, Felipe Machad, Andre Matos, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell and Renato Graccia. Other members were, Val Santos, Ricardo Bocci, Hugo Mariutti, Guilherme Martin and Sergio Facci. Most of the men who formed Viper have managed to stay in contact with each other and have remained friends.

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George Soros Warns Investors Of A Looming Financial Crisis

 The state of the financial markets around world is something each and every person should be concerned about, Bloomberg reports George Soros has warned as the markets of the world remain volatile in 2016. George Soros used his own appearance at an economic forum in Sri Lanka to reveal his gloomy prediction of what lies ahead for the global economy in the coming year and possibly longer into the future. The legendary hedge fund manager believes his own experiences as a refugee and philanthropist allow him the chance to enjoy a unique position in understanding just why the world sits at the brink of a global collapse to match that of 2008.

One of the areas George Soros has revealed as being of major importance to the future state of the global economy is the refugee crisis currently engulfing Europe. Soros himself spent a period of time as a refugee after his home country of Hungary was invaded by Nazi’s during World War II, and Soros was placed in a concentration camp. Over the first months of 2016, George Soros has explained his view that Russia is pushing for the collapse of the European Union by bombing civilian areas of Syria to add to the refugee problem; Russian officials have responded by banning the George Soros backed Open Society Foundations that have been promoting democracy in the country for a number of years, according to CNBC.

George Soros made sure those who witnessed his interview in Sri Lanka understood the major issue facing the world markets are the problems in China, which has struggled for a number of years to cope with a changing economy. Soros used his interview to reveal his belief that the global economy has been struggling under an indecisive policy from Chinese officials, who have yet to come to terms with the changing economy they are managing. The man credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992 stated investors should be wary of making new deals until the future of the Chinese economy has been assured and the volatile markets have stabilized once more.

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