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Education that Over Promises, and Under Commits

Financial corruption is definitely not a new subject within the mainstream media, but recently California citizens have seen financial corruption on the rise within an previously unexpected candidate; their upper-level education. Ashford University has recently been getting heat from the public because they hired a large amount of recruiters and marketers to bring in a higher count of student enrollment, but slightly mislead this group of new students on what would be their actual cost of college. Not only did they mislead on costs, but also on available credit transfers.


According to  this Buzzfeed Article, 80,000 students are enrolled in online classes that they simply can’t afford. During the enrollment process, these students, many of them veterans getting their education with a G.I. bill, were heavily mislead on what the actual cost of there education would be. Therefore, they are now experiencing higher-than-expected bills and drowning in those exuberant costs.


Some of the students taking the biggest hits are those enrolled in teaching, social working, or nurse related majors. During enrollment, these students were told that their degrees would make them eligible for positions inside each of these careers, when they don’t actually have any state-approved certifications or programs in these fields. In addition, the majority of their credits in this high-demand areas aren’t even transferable to other colleges.


The unfortunate truth is that America is already suffering from an overeducated and underemployed population of graduates, and this sort of corruption is only going to hurt the already suffering generation. To make matters worse, Ashford University has hit some of our highest demand areas such as teaching and nurses. How are these fields supposed to obtain and sustain high-quality employees, when the education field is giving them difficult-to-overcome obstacles in the price tags?


This is not the first time that Ashford and its owner Bridgepoint Education has suffered these types of lawsuits. They had investigations completed in 2012 and 2016 as well.