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Fern the Toucan Has Been Captured

After the bird’s escape from a Fullerton aviary in May of 2016, Fern’s owner, Courtney Chapman, was informed that there was a good chance she would never find her pet toucan. However, recently, Fern the toucan was seen near an auto repair shop in Yorba Linda. An animal expert from Omar’s Exotic Birds was able to capture the bird, which ended a weeks-long search and social media posts from individuals from the area who had also seen the bird. All this attention made the colorful bird somewhat of a celebrity.


A Facebook page was created where locals were able to post comments and keep up with the search for Fern. Allison Howell, who saw the six-month-old toucan in December in Fullerton, told the Orange County Register that Fern was very striking. Howell admitted that she wasn’t much of an animal person, but the toucan’s bold colors and long beak were definitely a sight to see.


Shortly after, Chapman and her beloved pet were reunited. Chapman posted on Facebook that Fern was home safe and that she was preparing to move the bird into a new temporary home until the toucan’s primary residence is finished. Chapman also shared that the bird was already sneaking papaya to eat.


Fern is set to join an aviary where she’ll meet a breeding male named Fruity Loops.


Chapman also shared with the Register that it was great to see the city of Fullerton come together to track Fern down and constantly wishing her well. Chapman shares that it’s entertaining and rewarding to be able to talk to people in the city about Fern and learn more about their Fern the toucan sightings.