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The Story of CEO Whitney Wolfe And Her “Feminist Dating App” Bumble

The dating app Bumble has been helping couples get together for a few years now. Similar to Tinder, Bumble users can either express interest or disinterest in prospective partners by swiping left (“no”) or right (“yes”). Women have a distinct advantage on Bumble, since females are the only ones who can initiate a conversation once a match is made. If the woman doesn’t respond within 24-hours, the match disappears. The only power a man has is to extend the 24-hour window by one day, but a date can’t be set up until a woman starts texting the interested male.

Recent stats show Bumble is an extremely successful dating app. There are around 3.5 million active users on Bumble, and around 80 million matches have been made using this platform. Within only one hour, there are around 2 million swipes on Bumble.

The reason Bumble sounds so similar to Tinder is because Bumble’s co-founder and CEO, Whitney Wolfe, was actually Tinder’s co-creator and former VP of marketing sales. Wolfe left Tinder after two years due to what she perceived as a sexist work environment. Wolfe quickly teamed up with Andrey Andreev, creator of Badoo, to create a more female friendly app: Bumble.

Bumble is touted as the world’s first feminist-friendly dating app. Whitney Wolfe told reporters at Vanity Fair that putting the responsibility in the woman’s hands is a major step towards empowering women on the modern dating scene. Whitney Wolfe hopes Bumble will encourage men to be more respectful of women, as well as help boost the modern woman’s self-esteem.

In addition to finding romantic partners, Bumble is also developing side-companies to help people just looking for friends or business connections. Bumble also has numerous ways for homosexual couples to interact.

Whitney Wolfe grew up in both Salt Lake City and Paris. She attended SMU in Dallas and received her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. In college, Wolfe founded two companies, one of which was designed to clean the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill. After college, Whitney Wolfe went to Thailand and Cambodia to work with orphaned children. When she returned to the USA, she worked in marketing and sales for the company Cardify. She then went on to work with Tinder for two years, and then, finally, Bumble.

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