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Actor Harrison Ford Not Blamed for February Plane Controversy

Following an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), actor Harrison Ford will not be fined, reprimanded or be in danger of losing his pilot’s license for an incident this past February 13 at John Wayne Airport in Orange County. In that circumstance, Ford landed his single-engine plane on the wrong runway.


Ford’s lawyer, Steven Hofer, announced the findings on April 3 since the FAA itself doesn’t offer any additional comment on any individual cases.


The FAA found that no one was ever placed at risk during the time he was landing and that had he chosen to land on his original runway, he was actually in danger of encountering wake turbulence. In addition, Ford’s Aviat Husky plane was dwarfed in size by an airbus that was in the process of taking off on a parallel runway.


Ford made the decision to use the taxiway after receiving warnings from the airport, with that adjustment creating the controversy. The most controversial aspect of the landing was when the Aviat Husky was directly above American Airlines Flight 1546 that was bound for Dallas with 116 people on board, including the six crew members.


The incident was so out of the ordinary that Ford was heard on recordings of the incident as asking the air traffic controller if Flight 1546 was supposed to be directly beneath his plane.


Other factors in the decision were the fact that Ford had never before been involved in an FAA inquiry and because of his more than 5,000 hours of flight time for more than two decades. He was the only person inside his plane at the time of the incident and he made no attempt at leaving the scene before airport officials arrived.


The incident was the second-plane related controversy to engulf the actor in the past two years. In March 2015, Ford sustained broken bones after being forced to crash land a PT-22 trainer plane that had just taken off from Santa Monica Airport. In that instance, Ford landed on the Penmar Golf Course, though no one else was injured.