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Better Ways to Improve Farming in the West Coast USA

The West Coast parts of USA are a part and parcel of daily news. Many farmers in the parts of West coast are fretting on what climate change holds in store for them. Majority of the farmers in coastal region are wondering what hopes are there 25 years to come. California is one of the affected regions. Most of the farmers are contemplating how climate change must be handled for them to fulfill their fruit farming dreams.




You can imagine visiting your avocado farm and only finding all avocados stained black. Due to low temperatures, the thick avocado leaves had shriveled and fell later exposing the green fruits to sun. Most of the farmers who have experienced such situation claim to have lost most of their fruits. Others count themselves lucky as some parts of the west coast did not freeze as anticipated to lower degrees. Hence, they did not experience major damage and loss of their fruits.




Avocado trees are known to start dying when temperatures fall as low as 28F or exceed 100F. Cold weather during spring season does not allow bees to pollinate meaning that fruits will not develop. As climate changes, fruits will run out of water and dry. A lot of salt also accumulates into the soil leading to loss of plants. And growth of new pests will feed on the plants meaning farmers will have nothing to harvest. The West Coast weather has been irregular over the years. The people of California have experienced historic drought, unusually warm winter, massive wildfire and unseasonable cold temperature.




Down the east of Sacramento, the weather has been weird with some plants losing their leaves while others have completely sprouted leaves and fruits. Many farmers are wondering what to expect come 2050. Will temperatures have risen up to four degrees, massive droughts hit the west coast or sea levels rise? Many hope that planting trees will offer a way out 25 years to come.




The west coast is a big producer of tree crops. Nuts and fruits are a common produce among farmers in California. Majority feel that the region is quite sensitive to climate and actions should be taken. Despite such shortcomings farmers in the region are looking forward to planting more tree crops such as avocados. A bet that many hope will bear fruits and sustain their life for many years to come. They are even coming up with better ways of curbing climate change and hope this will allow farmers in the west coast USA keep on farming.


Fresh Food Options In California

A new farmer’s market program has been put in place in California. The program is meant to help low-income families get the vegetables and fruits that they need. Governor Jerry Brown wants to see people eat healthier, but if they don’t have the money to purchase the foods, then they rely on fast food or unhealthy options as they are less expensive.

The recent state budget includes money for the California Nutrition Incentives Act. There is federal money available as well. The bill allows for sellers at farmer’s markets to offer discounted produce. The program is easy to operate at most markets. When someone goes to shop, they will tell the manager of the market how much they want to spend in food stamps. Because of the federal program, that amount will be matched so that the family can spend twice as much on healthy foods. Tokens are given in the amount that the person wants to spend, which are then given to the sellers so that they can get paid. This will give people a way to get fresh foods that are nutritious while giving sellers money that they need for the produce they grow. It’s a situation where everyone wins. It’s an idea that should be brought into play across the country so that families can provide more than just TV dinners for their family.

Oil Prices and Farming


Crude oil prices impact all areas of the economy. Few people realize just how much crude oil affects farmers across the country. With lower fuel costs, farmers are able to earn higher profits on their products. There are a lot of farmers who are struggling financially right now. Commodity prices across the world have dropped, and this makes farming a difficult industry to be in right now. The good news is that crude oil prices will probably be down for a while. Over the long term, oil prices are a leading economic indicator.


Farming requires a lot of capital to get started. There are many people who have to borrow tens of thousands of dollars for a small farming operation. Farmers typically have to work long hours, and one bad season can wreck their finances. This is why so many people are getting out of farming and going into other businesses. Anyone who wants to sustain their lifestyle though farming must be prepared for all of the volatility that comes along with it. There are many people who are simply not prepared for all of the work that comes with farming. As farming continues to consolidate, many of the large farming corporations will increase their profits. Many small farmers get bought out by larger ones over time. The price of crude oil being low should help farmers across the country, but there are still many challenges ahead for this vital industry.