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Tiger Woods Comeback At The Farmers Insurance Open

One of the most recent news stories in the world of sports this past week was golf’s Farmers Insurance Open held in Torrey Pines. Much of the media coverage for this tournament was geared around the 2018 competitive golf “return” of Tiger Woods. Tiger, unfortunately, did not come out on top in that tournament, but he was still give proper media coverage throughout the tournament. However, many critics are asking the question, was it too much?

Tiger Woods came into our homes via TV screens across the country and into the hearts of many of us back in the late 1990s. He had not only the exceptional golfing skills, but a stellar amount of charisma that make him very likeable by both golf fans and non fans alike. He quickly became a household name–one that still is widely known by most adults to this day.

One thing that many are saying is that his past performances have earned him the right to a large amount of media coverage despite the outcomes. Tiger Woods has a lot of fans and media coverage of him is good for the game of golf. It brings more viewers and thus, more changes for larger revenue and exposure to the sport.

Despite the coverage that was surrounding Tiger’s “comeback”, as this recent Yahoo news article from Golf Digest stated, the media did do their part in turning the coverage to the prominent players who were in the tournament the final day. Jason Day was able to take home the trophy and fought a hard battle against close competitors, Alex Noren and Ryan Palmer. While Tiger Woods didn’t fare as well as he wanted to in the Farmers Insurance Open, the tournament was still a success for him. Perhaps the first success of many more, much better successes throughout the year.

One thing is for sure, love him or hate him, Tiger Woods is back and will get some significant media coverage, that’s for sure. He is, afterall, THE Tiger Woods.