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Woman Facing Eviction While Owning Apartment

An elderly woman is on the verge of being evicted from her apartment. This is a home that the 99-year-old woman owns with someone else. Iris Canada has plenty of supporters in her community as they recently held a vigil for her. She did win one court battle. It meant that she could live in the home. However, she still faces an eviction because of legal fees that are owed because of going to court. The other owner of the apartment has made comments about dropping the legal fees.

There are some people who believe the eviction is being staged. Peter Owens is the other person who owns the apartment with Iris. Other people who live in the apartment building want the woman to sign the paperwork to have the building turned into condos. Until she signs those papers, no one can buy or sell any of their units. Owens has been granted $164,000 in legal fees. He will waive those fees if Iris will sign the papers. She has requested to have more time so that she can look over the paperwork and make a reasonable decision. Owens is willing to giver her the time she needs to look over the documents. However, Iris’ family thinks that if she doesn’t sign the paperwork for her San Francisco apartment, she could be left with nothing but her belongings on the street.