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The Ubuntu Model that Andrew Rolfe Helped Create Will Change Lives

The Ubuntu Fund was established by current chief executive Jacob Lief. His goal with the Ubuntu Education Fund was to design a charity that could help out impoverished and at risk children in south Africa in order to get the education that they needed to find a better life. Lief is proud of his work but he had to wrestle with an unfortunate truth: his foundation wasn’t doing quite everything that it could. The reason? Donations were coming in from benefactors but they weren’t getting to where the fund needed them to go. There was an undercurrent of change needed and Jacob Lief was going to figure out how to make it all work.


Jacob Lief was speaking at the World Economic Forum when he came to the realization that even though the money was pouring in, changes weren’t happening fast enough. So much of the donations that the Ubuntu Fund were collecting would get caught up in all sorts of red tape. Their gracious benefactors were just too hands on for the Ubuntu Fund to operate smoothly. So Jacob Lief approached the board members, including Andrew Rolfe, in order to brainstorm a solution. The solution was to begin restricting donations to just high net worth individuals and solidified family foundations. Donations from these two sources quickly revealed to be more effective in the long run. These benefactors were more willing to stay hands off after they made their donation.


Jacob Lief and Andrew Rolfe know that there is a delicate balance between accepting any and all donations while also doing what is best for the Ubuntu Fund. The team did the research and analytics proved that the Ubuntu Model was proving to be more effective. Despite the Ubuntu Fund receiving fewer donations int he wake of this platform change, the Ubuntu Fund was actually getting more money to the right places than ever before. This change in team direction is thanks in large part to the work of Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief. Their hard work and development of the Ubuntu Model is going to be making a difference for years to come.