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California and Germany Sign Environmental Pact

Over the past few weeks, many organizations and governments across the world have reacted to the decision by the United States to back out of the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement, which was signed in 2015, essentially is an international effort to control global warming by reducing the use of fossil fuels. While the US was applauded by signing up two years ago, it was been heavily criticized for backing out. Today, the US is only one of three nations to not be a member.


While the federal government has backed out, many different local and state governments across the country have stated that they will continue to abide by the Paris Agreement. One of these states is California, which has officially teamed up with Germany to find ways to continue to stay compliant with the pact.


California, which has the largest economy in the United States, and Germany will form the Under 2 Coalition, which will look for ways to help improve the environment even after the US has pulled out of the Paris Agreement. Some of the ways that they will go about doing this is by continuing to education other state and local governments on what they could do to help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and reduce their overall carbon footprint. With California at the lead, the US could still have a major impact on the global environment.


This effort by the State of California is just the latest evidence that the state is a leading progressive and liberal state. While the 2016 Presidential Election, California was still an overwhelming supporter of the Democratic Party as it had several million more votes for Hillary Clinton than it did for Donald Trump. The state has also taken a variety of other liberal stances in the recent year, including legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and finding ways to continue to support Obamacare, even when it appears that it will be modified or rescinded.