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How Market America Supports Its UnFranchise Owners

Market America, Inc. is a business which sells products through independent contractors who run UnFranchise businesses. Their products can also be found online at They have thousands of partner stores in where people can get great deals on many products which can’t be found anywhere else. JR Ridinger founded this company in 1992 and is its chairman and chief executive officer. It is based on Greensboro, North Carolina.

This company has a Linkedin account which is regularly updated. A recent posting the linked to on their website was designed to wish everyone in their UnFranchise network a happy Easter. This holiday is all about redemption, forgiving others, and the rebirth of Jesus. They wished everyone to have a happy Easter whether they were Christian, some other religion. or not religious at all. It is a day that everyone can celebrate with their families and friends while thinking about the concept of forgiving others. In these particularly trying times that is a good message to ponder upon.

Market America also posts blog updates about special offers that can be found through their many partners. They had a Direct Spotlight, for example, on one member store which is offering Puffs – Plus Lotion Facial Tissue, for $14.99, marked down from $18.00. Another store is offering buyers of Honey-Can-Do large tapered canvas bags for $3.01 since off plus an additional 5% cashback offer. Market America often offers cashback offers, some of up to 10% cashback.

Every week Market America has a GMTSS event. These help their UnFranchise partners get their companies going in the right direction. They greatly encourage people to attend these events so that they can increase their revenues and profits. The GMTSS events are held around the country. On 3/31/18, for instance, there was one in the City Of Industry, California, which showed the Unfranchise owners the Basic Five. Another two on that same date took place in Williamsville, New York. These were back to back events about general product training. These were both hosted by Shannon Goodberry and the speaker was Deedra Mason who has helped many people in the past.

Adam Milstein Is Raising His Voice To The Israeli-American Council

The Israeli-American Council is an organization made up of Jewish-Americans, Jews, and Americans who want to keep a constant peace between Israel, America, and the rest of the world. One of the leading members of the Israeli-American Council is Adam Milstein. Adam is an advocate for the United States helping Israel to defend itself against radical Muslims.

In addition to serving on the Israeli-American Council, Adam Milstein is also a writer for the Jewish News Syndicate, which is an online news platform that goes out to millions of people on a weekly basis. In his recently published article, Adam described the terror Israelis are facing in Israel due to Muslims. This article authenticated testimony from both radical Muslims and non-radical Muslims, which claimed that their common goal is to annihilate the Jewish people from the planet. Adam Milstein believes this is a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately.

Another eye-opener in Adam’s article was the fact that Jewish people are being targeted in America. Jewish people have written to Adam from all over America, claiming they are being oppressed because of keeping their history and religious beliefs alive. Adam believes the United States needs to do more to protect Jewish people. He is also calling on Jewish people to start organizations that exist solely to protect the rights of Jewish people in America. He is even forcing the Israeli-American Council to get involved in this.

Adam Milstein lived in Israel until he was married in the late 80s. Coming to the United States, he immediately went to college. He studied business at the University of South California. After graduating at the top of his class, he immediately opened a business that gained success even until today. Adam is currently one of the top entrepreneurs in America, and his goal is to see other Jewish college graduates become business owners in America, too.

How Troy McQuagge’s HOPE Initiative Has Made A Big Difference In People’s Lives

At USHEALTH Group, HOPE is the acronym for the mission of the company. It stands for Helping Other People Everyday. It’s a philosophy they take seriously at this company and it colors the actions the company, its executive, and its employees take every day.

HOPE was a philosophy that Troy McQuagge USHealth instituted at USHEALTH Group. He came up with it in 2010 just after becoming the president of the company. He is now also the chief executive officer and HOPE has helped the company flourish. He says that the company is executing at a much higher level now than back in 2010 and he gives a lot of credit to HOPE and how everyone at the company is eager to help each other and their customers.

The first HOPE project took place when Troy McQuagge decided that USHEALTH Group would help Phoenix of New Orleans. At the time Hurricane Katrina had just hit New Orleans which left much of the city in ruins. Along with other companies, USHEALTH Group and its employees helped in the reconstruction effort. They helped to rebuild homes in the areas that had been hardest hit by the hurricane. The employees of USHEALTH Group spent hundreds of hours helping to raze the homes that had been deemed a total loss and helped build new homes in their place.

Another nonprofit that has benefited from Troy McQuagge’s was HOPEKids Arizona. This nonprofit supports children who are facing life-threatening diseases such as cancer, as well as their families. The team at USHEALTH Advisors (the sales arm of USHEALTH Group) donated $25,000 to this charity in 2012. When HOPEKids opened another office in Texas the next year the team at USHEALTH Advisors again donated money, this time $45,000.

There is a district office of USHEALTH Advisors located in Palm Bay, Florida. They have also taken to heart Troy McQuagge’s HOPE initiative. The division leader there is Elizabeth Byrne. She and her team of agents decided to support one of their local charities. They eventually decided to support the Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project. The team at this divisional office donated their time helping to taking down an uninhabitable home and then building a new one in its place. Once the home was completed it was given to an Army Specialist who then owned the home outright with no mortgage. He and his family were very grateful to Elizabeth Byrne and the USHEALTH Advisor’s agents. Follow Troy McQuagge USHealth on Twitter.

Many people working for USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries have helped others since 2010, providing both funding and volunteering their time. This has happened both at its main office in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as across the country where USHEALTH Advisors has offices.

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OSI Group Meeting the Challenge of Food Market Based On Convenience

Officials with OSI Group say that customer desire for “convenience” in terms of what they eat in a fast-paced world continues to be a major driving factor in how meat products get from the farm to the end consumer.

OSI Group is one of the largest and oldest meat processing companies in America. It serves the retail food industry. The burger giant McDonald’s is among its major and long-term clients, for example. In addition to fast food retailers, OSI supplies meat products to hundreds of other retailers, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and more.

OSI Group is what is called a “concept-to-table” food producer. That means it creates processed items such as hot dogs, sausages, lunch meat, cook-in-bag items and more. It’s food that is basically ready to go — anywhere. So OSI might be supplying a fast food restaurant with raw beef patties that are cooked on site, but it also deals heavily in products that arrive fully cooked and ready to eat with a minimum of preparation, and which can be purchased just about anywhere.

More and more, people around the world are “eating on the go.” They rely on pre-prepared meals that can be ready for the dinner table with minimal cooking or preparation – or even more so, “grab-and-go” items purchased from, say a convenience store — just unwrap and eat!

A key factor with foods today is “portability.” Not only are customers looking for foods that are fast, easy and delicious, but they want something easy to carry as they drive, walk or bike to their destination.

Creating food products that meet the changing needs of the consumer doesn’t just happen. For example, engineering the process in which safe, healthy – and delicious — foods can also be transported with lighting speed to distribution locations is a major logistical achievement.

It’s also a perpetual moving target. The way people choose food products, and how and where they eat them, requires extreme attention to detail on the processing side. That’s where OSI Group excels.

OSI group is based in Aurora, Illinois, but has established a major international presence with 65 meat processing facilities located in 17 countries around the world. It employs more than 20,000 people.

Another defining factor of OSI is this company’s almost unique focus on sustainability and environmentally-friendly modes of operation. The company has won numerous awards for implementing innovative and advanced environmental procedures. Extreme food safety and safe working environments for employees is also a key characteristic of OSI Group company culture.

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George Soros’ Dedication to Supporting Various Humanitarian and Charity Causes

George Soros is a world celebrated philanthropist. Over the years he has made vast contributions to various humanitarian and charity causes. Judging from his charity works across the world, it is evident that most of George Soros’ charity works have an immense rooting on his past. George Soros spent his early boyhood life in the Nazi-occupied countryside of Hungary.

Years later, while a young adult, Soros decided to immigrate to London, England hoping to find greener pastures. After briefly staying in London, Soros finally immigrated to the United States of America and is currently an American citizen. After Immigrating to the United States, Soros started trading on Wall Street. He is considered to be one of the most successful American investors on Wall Street.

Back in 1992, George Soros made one of the biggest gambles of his career. The American Wall Street trader bet $1 billion against the United Kingdom’s currency, the Pound. The move made by Soros gained mainstream media coverage which resulted in him known globally, mostly within the business and financial circles.

After Soros waging against the pound, the British bank embarked on devaluing the pound which was achieved through aggressively selling the currency. The aftermath of the events from Soros’ waging against the pound, to the consequent devaluing of the money earned George Soros the nickname “the person who brought the bank of England to its knees.”

Through Wall Street, George Soros acquired vast amounts of wealth and had since been giving it back to communities by supporting both humanitarian and charitable causes across the world. One area Soros has been putting significant effort in is in the promotion of democracy on a worldwide scale.

1984 marked the year George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation in Hungary. In America, Soros has been supporting numerous Democrat candidates and their initiatives. In 2016, George Soros made significant donations to the Hillary Clinton campaign. He was also one of the vocal supporters of Hillary Clinton throughout the entire presidential election season.

Since starting the Open Society Foundation, George Soros has made it a trend to offer substantial donations to the Hungary based charity. The average amount of funds he donates to the Open Society amounts to $850 million on an average. Due to the changes made to his estate planning, Soros drastically changed the amount of the donations he makes to the Open Society. The aftermath of the changes made to Soros’ investment and estate planning saw him donate $18 billion to the Hungary based Open Society Foundation. The Wall Street Journal was the first media firm to break the news of the $18 billion donations.

Over the next few years, George Soros is expected to make additional donations to the Open Society Foundation that will amount to $2 billion. More details about the $18 billion contributions made by George Soros to the Open Society Foundation can be found in the New York Times. The Open Society Foundation is a reputable charity institution known worldwide for supporting various charitable causes across the world.

Felipe Montoro Jens Sees A Ray of hope for Brazilian business environment

Business in Brazil for the year 2017 has been blossoming. It has been successful by all standards. Amongst the most notable indicators of business is infrastructure. The government says that it should be able to launch 18 infrastructure auctions by the end of this year. According to sources in the government, the second half of 2017 has notably been quite busy. In the next couple months, there will be more projects launched.

The co-ordination secretary for investment partnerships says that there will be no calendar modifications to suit some projects next year. She says that the projects must be launched by the end of the year. This has been stated with a complete regard to the political temperatures in Brazil as well as. The secretary indicates that her commission will work for hand in hand with the private sector. She thereby welcomes any inputs that the private sector deems important. This is more so in cases where contractors are derived from the private sector. Felipe Montoros Jens encourages new players so as to ensure that the projects go on as required.

Associated challenges

The government takes this challenge positively. There is common ground that there will only be increased productivity if infrastructure and more so road construction is prioritized. Productivity and modernization will break the vicious cycle that has persistently driven investors away from Brazil. In addressing this challenge, the government will continually create inter-ministerial programs and launch projects that are attractive both to international investors and the private sector. These sentiments were passed during the launch of electricity transmission lines in April this year. This is one of the largest electricity projects in Brazil in its history.

Collectively, there is a beacon of hope for the assumed presidency by Michael Temer. There is an indication that over 50 projects will be launched by early next year. This will translate to an approximate R $23 Billion worth of investment in Brazil.

Sahm Adrangi takes part in various aspects of development in the company he founded

The founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi also is the Chief Investment Officer of the company. This is the guy who understands what it means by being a leader given that he participated in almost all the aspect of growing and developing Kerrisdale Capital Management with diligence. Since its inception in 2009, Kerrisdale had grown from a tinny startup with a skeleton team of employees to the current leader in the financial sector. More so, the firm’s worth had significantly risen from 1 million dollars since its formation to the present $ 150 million value as recorded on July 2017. This is one of the most significant achievement during the tenure of Sahm Adrangi, and more information click here.

It has always been known that the Kerrisdale Capital Management conducts a series of research programs which it is then shared with other companies as well as industries. In spite of the firm practicing that from time to time, Sahm Adrangi recently changed the trend and business was not going to be carried out as usual. In his directive, Sahm Adrangi noted that company should focus its attention on the specific segments which they had sufficient expertise. First and foremost, was the biotechnology segment which they had begun working on it. They would conduct a research program on development stages for corporations such as-as Pulse Biosciences, Unilife, Bavarian Nordic, Sage Therapeutics, Zafgen among others. Secondly, they would focus on the mining sector, and follow his Twitter.

We can identify Sahm Adrangi as someone who wears many huts from his diversity in not only displaying excellent leadership skills but also as an individual that is a talented speaker. A closer look at Adrangi’s speaking abilities reveals that he is a speaker person had has been invited an array of the conference to deliver his talks. Such conferences comprise of the Distressed Debt Investing Conference, Sohn Conference, the Value Investing Conference, the Activist Investor Conference, as well as Traders 4 a Cause just to mention a few. In his journey as a speaker, he was highlighted in leading publications in the country such as the Washington Post, BusinessWeek, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal among others. More significantly, he has participated in many interviews on CNBC and Bloomberg, and

Improve Your Earnings with Nick Vertucci’s NVREA

The NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA) was created and is led by Nick Vertucci. It is a success system ideally suited to master the art of renovating real estate and reselling it at a profit. Nick Vertucci’s classes teach complete novices how to start with no knowledge or experience and become successful creating as much wealth as the market bears. Start out by gathering more information at one of Nick’s free two hour seminars hosted across the country at a city near you. Register, attend and learn the elements needed to succeed.

When you know what’s needed, you’re ready to take the next step, which is the three day course. The three-day course is more comprehensive, offering infinitely more information about investment real estate opportunities. You’ll learn everything you need to know about wholesale real estate purchases. You’ll be taught the details of how to discern which properties are worth rehabbing and how to rehab in the quickest and most economical way. Most importantly, you’ll be taught all the various nuances to flipping properties with a profit. With everything combined, you’ll have a firm grasp of how to profit from your commercial investments. You’ll also learn how to raise capital from your IRA’s and 401K’s. And, lastly you’ll be shown very commonly known and little known ways to shelter your assets.

Nick Vertucci wants you to get rich through your education and skills learned at NVREA. He wants you to have the long term freedom that comes from real estate investing. Begin with a live free workshop. Call 1-800-328-6418 or go to to reserve a spot for you and a friend at the next workshop coming to a city near you. It’s an event you don’t want to miss. It could change the trajectory of your life. Go from spinning your wheels in the same spot to living your dreams.

If you enjoy the two hour free event, Nick Vertucci believes you’ll love the 3 day class. You’ll get much more information in the 3 day course. You’ll be taught the details of buying, managing and reselling wholesale properties. You’ll learn the best methods for rehabbing and flipping properties for a profit. You’ll learn how to spot a property bargain and how to negotiate a price. Nick Vertucci will teach you the many options for obtaining investment capital, including how to find investors. And, you learn the most important steps you’ll need to protect your plentiful wealth after you’ve worked hard to obtain it.

The three day class is worth the investment. It gives you all the tools you’ll need to get started in your career in investment real estate. Get started. Register by phone or internet today.

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Milestones Achieved by Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge works at the USHEALTH Group, Inc where he holds the position of the current Chief Executive Officer. USHEALTH Group is a company involved in the insurance industry whereby its specialty is in offering individual health insurance plans. The insurance company offers health coverage to its clients who are mainly people who are self-employed and small business entrepreneurs. The main offices of the company are located in Ft. Worth, Texas with regional offices located in different parts of the country. USHEALTH Group aims to offer the best quality customer service to its maximum level. Products offered by the insurance company include; individual health insurance, income and accident protection, and dental insurance among others. USHEALTH is known for its numerous innovative insurance products which are affordable to all their clients.

Troy McQuagge started working as the USHEALTH’s CEO in 2011. Before this, he used to serve as the President and CEO of the Health Markets Agency. Due to his exemplary leadership and management skills, Health Markets Agency was able to achieve over a billion dollars worth of gross volume sales. After joining USHEALTH, the company also managed to achieve tremendous success with him serving as the CEO. Since Troy McQuagge went to serve at the USHEALTH Group, he has been able to make a lot of competitive strategies which has made the insurance company a success. Troy has been in the insurance industry for over 33 years, and this has given him a lot of experience and expertise to thrive in the industry.

Troy McQuagge has earned a reputation as a leader who has a very innovative mind in matters concerning business. In the Year 2016, the successful USHEALTH Group’s CEO was honored with the coveted One Planet Awards which are named the CEO of the Year. Held every single year, the prestigious awards include the best in the world when it comes to innovation, new products and services, CEO case studies, organizational performance, leadership and corporate social responsibility. Troy McQuagge received the award and stated that he was much honored to have the award. He also gave thank to each member of staff at the USHEALTH Group for their hard work and contributions. Visit at Twitter.


Greg Secker’s Success in Forex Trading, Business, and Philanthropy

Greg Secker is among the top Forex Traders with impressive entrepreneurial skills. Through his venture, Greg Secker Foundation, he is overly committed to improving the lives of other people globally. Greg is using his foundation to ease fair education and other fundamental life skills.

Greg Secker Foundation has continually struggled to stick to its primary goal since 2010. A case in point is a “Build a House, Build a Home, Restore a Community Project” that Greg came up with to mitigate the damages that were recently caused by the Philippine typhoon. Greg Secker Foundation donated funds enough to complete 100 houses for the affected families.

Greg Secker began his career in finance at Thomas Cook Financial services. He later resolved to shift into foreign exchange market when he started working at Virtual Trading Desk. The company now prides as the first of its kind in presenting real-time figures and facts.

Greg Secker later joined Mellon Financial Corporation where he served as the Vice President. This role exposed Greg to several other professionals in the industry. When his personal account gained massive growth, Greg decided to launch his own trading platform. Greg finally left Mellon and launched Learn to Trade within three months. The company registered good performance and was able to explore international markets in South Africa, London, Australia, and the Philippines.

More than 200,000 people have directly benefitted from Greg Secker’s Trade strategies through seminars and workshops. Learn to Trade is a vital education tool, and was first published in 2012/13 by World Finance Magazine as the “Best Educator.” Similarly, Learn to Trade program also received exclusive recognition from Wealth and Finance Magazine.

Learn to Trade was honored as the Best Educator in South Africa, Australia, UK, and Europe. Besides their superior trading platform, the company team is well versed with several trading subjects. Forex indicators make use of charts to develop graphs, purposely to give traders a pictorial view of the market trends.

Greg Secker is a graduate of the University of Nottingham where he pursued Bachelor of Science degree. Greg is now a philanthropist and a successful business person with diverse knowledge and influence.