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Arjun Kapur Succeeded In Creating An Advanced Platform With GoBuyside

Arjun Kapur founded GoBuyside in 2011. He received his education at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and graduated with his Masters in Business Administration. This was when he entered the world of high finance and discovered the increasing competition for top talent. The Employers and applicants were dealing with too much asymmetrical hiring information and diminishing transparency. He decided to create a more effective means of filling the need for human capital in the industry of finance. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

The result of Arjun Kapur’s efforts was GoBuyside. His platform is enabled by technology and changed the traditional process of hiring. GoBuyside is a closed end network using online job boards, artificial intelligence and an applicant tracking system to provide employers with talented financial professionals from across the globe. GoBuyside utilizes nuanced search parameters to locate and screen candidates meeting the requirements of their clients. The platform is continually growing and now encompasses 500 cities, 10,000 firms and 500 clients all over the world.

The transparence offered to employers and applicants is responsible for a lot of GoBuyside’s success. The users can access networks in their fields, compensation reviews and receive notification of available career opportunities. The vetting process identifies the best candidates for the clients. Arjun Kapur is the CEO of the company and offers professional experience and knowledge ensuring GoBuyside is different from traditional recruiting businesses. He believes every business should make superior client service their main goal. He said there are many options for consumers and clients to purchase services and goods so the quality of service is often the determining factor. Follow GoBuyside on


Arjun Kapur believes all potential opportunities should be researched prior to devoting capital and time. His focus is the sales and development available through the opportunity. He also gives a lot of thought to the execution process. He feels the feedback from potential customers is the driving force for development. If a service or product gets to a point where it no longer makes sense he will not invest any further. Arjun Kapur is additionally enthusiastic regarding artificial intelligence. He wants to see this technology receive more research and development. The new programs and software enable recruiters to produce a more enlightened view of the applicants. This improves the matches between potential employers and applicants by making certain the applicant is suited for the position. He believes the potential for artificial intelligence is still at the beginning stages .


Opening For Senior Research Managers Still Open With Wessex

The Senior Research Manager position in Chillworth is open until the 24th of January. This position will be held at Wessex’s affiliate, University of Southampton. This project will receive funding from The National Institute for Health Research Evaluation.


The research managers will be overseeing the work done by the research team in Chillworth. The senior managers are also expected to be able to present evidence from the project to other groups. They will also need to have a good grasp of the health care industry and how to read metrics and planning.


Management and strong interpersonal skills are the most important requirement. The ability to be self-motivated to reach deadlines is also expected from this position.


Salaries vary from £37,075 to £46,924 and these are full time permanent positions. Work schedules are flexible and will include holidays. There are many benefits included in this job arrangement as well. The working environment is pleasant and relatively low stress. Read more about this.


A Higher Minimum Wage in Los Angeles

If you haven’t heard the news, Los Angeles just increased its minimum wage for the first time in years, marking what is the first in a series of scheduled increases that will bring California’s minimum wage closer to what a living wage actually is in the state.

I think this is a great idea, and it’s an idea that both Republicans and Democrats tend to support time and time again when asked that question in polls. Higher minimum wages don’t generally mean fewer jobs, or at least they don’t mean fewer jobs to the extent some have predicted in apocalyptic terms. Providing a minimum wage frees up money in the economy for the lowest-income workers, who are statistically almost certain to reinvest all of that money directly into the economy if not pay off debt and then spend more into debt. This returns more into the economy that was put into it through mandated higher wages. More money in the economy and more demand for goods and services creates more jobs. It’s a beautiful cycle, really.

Having higher wages is also important as a means of reducing the size of government spending, something conservatives prioritize above all else and something liberals look at when deciding where to redirect social spending. More people earning a living wage means less working poor still applying for government benefits like food stamps and Medicaid. That means more government revenue is freed up, adding more years to government programs’ solvency or creating waste that the government could cut out.

Win win, right?