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California Brown Issues First Statement In Wake Of Trump Winning Election

Trump may have won the election, but California isn’t ready to back down on some issues. While the state is home to protests, some peaceful and some turning bitter, Governor Jerry Brown of California states that while they should do their part to help unify the country, California will stay true to its principals.

The Governor only made the brief comment since Trump’s surprising win on Tuesday. The Governor hopes the nation can mend its fences and divisiveness following the emotional election. Brown is one of the Governors expected to spar with Trump, who opposes the Affordable Care Act that has led to a large growth of government-subsidized healthcare in California.

While some have vowed to lead a resistance against the new president, others have leaned towards a hope of working together over the next few years. Brown struck a conciliatory tone but pressed that he intends to protects the rights of his people and confront the devastating climate change problem. His statement can be read here.

Another area Brown is expected to clash with Trump is immigration. California includes sanctuary cities and is open to the idea of open borders, a plan pushed heavily by Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump has strongly opposed these views vowing to uphold immigration laws, deport those who have entered the US illegally, and even building a wall across the US southern border with Mexico. For now, the country continues to be in disbelief, skepticism, upheaval, and some celebrating. Brown ended his statement with the nation’s motto “E Pluribus Unum”, meaning out of many, one. This is the hope for the country as we all move forward. We are many, some unhappy, some celebrating, but together we need to move forward and become one. While it is most certain that those in government will not agree on everything, it is a time to come together and try to find common ground so that the people can prosper. No one will agree with everything that is done, but there is hope that we can heal and become a nation again.



Oregon State has Met its Mark – 2.5 Million Are Registered for Nov. 8 Elections

Although the Republican party is against bill HB 2177, the Democrats managed to influence Oregon state to adopt the bill. As a result, the voting numbers have risen for the next election in November. Chiefly, this kind of rise in attendees can change the outcome for local companies and communities by the millions of dollars.


The citizens of Oregon collected impressive numbers, by registering for the November 8 elections. Secretary of State, Jeanne P. Atkins claims that November 8th will be one of the most active elections in Oregon’s voting history. According to sources, the Oregon government is placing Measure 97 on the board for the next contingency; Measure 97 imposes a minimum tax on companies that bring in over @5 million in sales – a tax minimum of $30,001 plus 2.5% of the amount above $25 million. The voter registration deadline is Oct. 18, at midnight PST.


Arguably, the Republicans continue to point out that the government ‘shouldn’t’ try to register people because certain citizens attain religious beliefs that may hinder their need to vote. Furthermore, Rep. Knute Buehler, R-Bend comments, “Automatic voter registration replaces individual convenience with government coercion…” Thereafter, Bueler continues by expressing his dislike of the specific idea.


Last February 2015, a ‘sweeping’ voter registration bill moved closer to law, as the bill was approved by the House on a party-line vote, ultimately, giving Oregon the ‘most expansive’ voter registration law in the United States. This is considered a motor voter bill, which uses Oregon state drivers’ license data to automatically register voters – lobbied by the Democrats (took effect on January 1, 2016). In general, the bill supports HB 2177, which covers the usage of driver’s license data going back to 2013. Ideally, this particular information in sought after to automatically register voters who appear as citizens through the DMV. Then, those new voters are sent a postcard requesting for their attendance to vote or opt out of registration. However, if they didn’t respond, the assumed citizen would be registered as a non-affiliated voter. In the meantime, Oregon is showing additional numbers in the 110,000+ range.

The West Coast Is Changing From Red To Blue This Election Year

California has been a blue state for several years. Democrats win elections in California because of the liberal attitudes that keep getting more liberal with each generation. Even though West Coast Millennials are not feeling Hillary Clinton and her message for the next four years, California will still be Smurf-blue in November. But California’s neighbors haven’t completely warmed up to the liberalism that dominates SoCal and Northern California. States like Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado have always been red to the bone when election time rolls around.

But this year may be different, according to the recent polls that have been conducted by several organizations. The fact that Donald Trump has alienated Latinos, Blacks and Asians is making the Republican Party have nightmares as well as daymares. Trump’s insensitive style of campaigning is reshaping the political composition of the red states that make up the West Coast voting group, according to the New York Times.

Arizona has only voted for a Democratic presidential candidate once in the last 68 years, but this year Hillary Clinton is tied with Trump, according to recent polls. Flipping Arizona to a blue state has been a Democratic dream for years, and this could be the year that dream becomes reality, according to Democratic leaders in Arizona. The reason is simple. Nonwhite voters are popping up on the West Coast faster than any other area of the country. In 2012, nonwhite voters accounted for 30 percent of the vote in Arizona, Alaska, and Nevada, and that percentage will be higher in 2016. Clinton is so sure she will carry the state of Colorado that she is not spending advertising money in the state before the election.

Montana, Idaho, and Alaska will still vote Republican in 2016, but the handwriting is on the wall for the Republican Party on the West Coast. The West Coast is adding new nonwhite voters in record numbers every year in all the states in the West, and that’s not good news going forward for Republicans. But there some people that say Trump voters will come out in record numbers in November in all of these West Coast states. Those voters are the people that are sick of the political debacle that has weakened the credibility of the U.S. around the world. Those people are not counted in election polls, but they will count on election day.

A Better Democracy for Los Angeles

You may have heard the recent news that some votes in California are being accused of manipulation by government officials based on party registration status of certain voters. This is scary, and this is something people of all backgrounds and political persuasions can agree is a terrible threat to the health of our democracy and the viability of our Constitution’s guarantee to each state a republican form of government.

That sounds dire, but let me explain. If we can’t trust the process by which voters choose their leaders, how can we trust the leaders who are elected therein? If we can’t trust them, how can we have faith in policies they advocate for and how can we possibly buy into the notion of nationalism?

Democracy is being threatened in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean things can’t change. First, we need to come together to decide we are going to publicly fund elections in this country at all levels of government, thereby creating an equal playing field for parties who can reach a high but reasonable bar. We need to make voter registration automatic so that voters can vote at any time, even if they choose to do so on Election Day. This also prevents voters from being abused by repressive voter ID laws. We need to consider limiting our political campaign season to six months by statute, as other countries have done with much popular support.

We can take steps to create a better democracy for cities like Los Angeles. We just have to have the courage to.

Staying Involved In The Election

Earlier last month, Huffington Post released an article on advice for people on the West Coast who want to stay involved, and for people who want to keep their communities involved and engaged too after the 2016 primary campaign.

This is an important issue because of what is at stake for the West Coast in this election. Many of us come from communities that are getting hotter and hotter every year, with less rain to quench the earth’s thirst. We live in water insecure areas, and many of the crops whose yields support our economy can’t be guaranteed to receive enough water years into the future, which makes it difficult for farmers to plan what to plant and what not to in order to make a certain amount of money in an insecure market.

Many of us live in communities that have been progressive in protecting the right to unionize, the right to have access to reproductive health care services, the right to have fair and comfortable employment, and the right to go to college regardless of financial need. These are all issues that presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle are talking about, and they’re issues that affect all of us.

We should all vote, but almost as important, we should all post on social media, knock on doors in our community, call voters, donate to campaigns, and otherwise give of ourselves to the causes we agree with. That’s the only way we are going to protect West Coast interests.

More Anti-Trump Protests

Now, the left-wing demonstrators have come to California. When the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, campaigned in San Diego, violence erupted outside the convention center. This isn’t the first time it happened at Trump’s rally.

Although the gathering started peacefully, soon the problems began. The protesters attempted to climb the fence and also threw items at the police. As CCBS News report, about three dozen people were arrested. The fights also broke out between the demonstrators and Trump supporters.

Last month, the anti-Trump camp burned an effigy of the candidate as well as an American flag. Why they burned the flag isn’t known.

“Honestly, folks, we have leadership right now in this country, especially at the top, that is grossly incompetent. They don’t know what the hell they’re doing,” Trump claimed during the rally.

While there, Donald Trump repeated his pledge to build a wall on the Mexican border. He also wants to deport millions of illegal immigrants. Among them are Mexicans, many of whom compose a large minority in California.

He also wants a ban on Muslims coming to America until things are “figured out.” In that comment, Trump referred to risks Muslim migrants could pose. Many find it xenophobic, but many Americans still remember 9/11 as well as other terrorist attacks on the American soil, or those involving Americans abroad.

It is expected that Trump’s rallies will continue to draw crowds, including the troublemakers.