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Stream Energy helps build stronger communities across Dallas area

Stream Energy is quickly gaining recognition as one of the most important alternative energy firms operating in the Southwestern United States today. The company has been in existence for nearly 15 years. But it has only been recently that Stream Energy has begun receiving the attention it deserves for its revolutionary role in the promotion of green energy sources as a commercially viable means of energy provision.

As one of the first energy companies working on a multi-level-marketing paradigm, Stream Energy has been a surprise success. The highly flexible model that it offers consumers has proven to be an enormously successful means of supplying energy. Stream Energy gives customers, who may not have otherwise had the opportunity, the chance to obtain 100 percent of their energy from clean sources. The ability to allow customers in rural and other out-of-the-way areas to go with wind and solar-derived energy plans has been a strong selling point for the company, which often dumbfounds customers when it informs them that they can help save the planet while their air conditioner saves them from heat stroke.

But the company is making even bigger waves around its hometown of Dallas, Texas. It is there that Stream Energy has become one of the city’s most important drivers of charity and philanthropic giving. Stream first came on most Texas residents’ radar during the unfolding of the Hurricane Harvey disaster. The company was able to immediately donate tens of thousands of dollars to its neighbors in need in the Houston area. The company also sent an army of its own employees to the area to help in the rescue, cleanup and rebuilding efforts. When all was said and done, Stream employees had collectively donated thousands of hours of their personal time helping to rebuild the communities of their neighbors.

Stream has also been an active participant in local children’s charities. One of the most heartwarming stories is the company’s underwriting of local trips for homeless kids to zoos, waterparks and other entertainment venues. For many of these children, the Stream-sponsored junkets are the first time they have ever been able to enjoy an afternoon of carefree fun. These are just a few of the examples of Stream’s magnanimity.

Brazilian Administration Gets the Influence of E-governe to Drive Efficiency

E-governe, a major e-governance initiative for the Brazilian government, it departments, and private firms, are driving efficiency in its administration and gaining momentum in the recent years. E-governe solutions are modular, intelligent, and modern to provide greater integration among various public and government bodies. The solutions of the initiative are clearly designed to make the administration of both private and public sector in Brazil world-class with increased customer or public satisfaction. The initiative offers technology, support, data center, and safety to various services and industries. In reality, e-governe has solutions for various departments and government bodies according to their requirements.



The systems of e-governe are simplified, agile, and shows intuitive navigation. Additionally, it can be accessed from internet browsers both from PCs and smartphones. Also, it provides greater support with qualified and professional technical team to all the sectors of public management. For offering best safety solutions, all the services by e-governe are enabled with security modules which let total control over access per user. This includes checking the history of operations done and algorithms of access encryption. Lastly, the data center solutions which are part of the services include processing, hosting, storing information, and monitoring services in the environment of e-governe.



Many municipalities and departments have adopted the solutions offered by e-governe considering the hassle-free administration it offers. It includes many local government departments in the main cities like São Paulo, Teresina, Osasco, and more. While some municipalities are going for full implementation of e-governe across its departments, some are going for partial implementation by department wise. It gives better administration and efficiency in those particular departments. For instance, Osasco – one of the largest municipalities in Brazil – implemented the e-governe Education, and that covered as many as 138 schools in the city. The advantages of the system include proper insurance management and reports on time, ensure uniqueness and information security, and make sure the integrity.



E-governe has solutions for all the sections in public administration including health, education, financial, materials, trading floor, contracts, vehicles, constructions, tax and tribute systems, E-govern ISS, human resources, patrimony, protocol, attendance, indicators, and documents. Each of these solutions has a specific set of goals and benefits which make them unique from other offerings. For instance, e-governe health has benefits like controlling patient flow from other municipalities, maintains the agreement between different municipalities or between municipalities and states, ensures smooth financial transfers, manages the patient flow to different health units, and more. It regionalizes attendance and organizes work flow as well along with structuring of different programs for the proper attention to Health.



The e-governe solutions are also driving transparency in the public administration considering many of the processes are going online. Additionally, it also created a positive vibe about the government and its administration considering the essential services such as health, education, and financials are greatly improved its processes and turnaround times associated with it. The integration of various departments are effectively done in the e-governe solutions for centralized monitoring, and it offers a better governance for the people.